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This was the third time I visit Kansai Japanese Restaurant, and I’ve lost count of the number of times I visited Japanese restaurants for the past 2 months. Anyway, my colleague was craving for soft shell crabs after I showed her the post on my visit to Don Sushi previously. Then last Friday she said she was craving for it, hoping that I could bring her there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it because my meeting has delayed and it was too late for her to have lunch at that hour. Luckily, this time I was available and she would be able to leave early to go to Kansai to satisfy her cravings.

… Soft Kaniko Salad, ebiko with cucumber slice. What’s hidden underneath, soft shell crab pieces.

… seeing that this is going to be a soft shell crab only meal, I ordered this Soft Kani Maki. Too bad, it doesn’t come in a whole roll.

… something which can’t be missed, Soft Shell Crab Temaki.

… my mixture of green stuff.

… sweet soy sauce, upon request.

… she was laughing at me for snapping on the sweet soy sauce, hence she passed me the rest of the stuff for me to snap.

Rating: 8/10

I felt so crabby because our meal consists mainly of soft shell crabs. I rarely eat this little when I’m in a Japanese restaurant. It was a really light lunch because I’ve got plan for having dinner at Klang in the evening. Besides, it wouldn’t be nice to let her watch me eat while she chomps away her only soft shell crab temaki, right? So I made sure we’ve got stuff in a pair so we could split evenly and try to slow her down at the same time. The bill came up to RM32.00, including of 10% service charge. Every items were eligible for 10% discount. This was the first time I’m paying the bill in Kansai, after visiting the place for the third time.

I was told by a craving little missy that this steamboat place is very nice. I wondered how it fares against Plus One Shabu Shabu, as they are quite familiar in the concept, where each person has their own pot. So I decided to give it a try by going all the way to Jusco Bukit Tinggi.

… my name is Ton, BosTon.

… we were given metal chopsticks, ala Korean style. It looks nice but not quite practical in use due to its lacked of friction surface, where holding your food would be a PITA.

… iced lemon tea in a pretty cute looking glass cup. If you hold it in your hand, it felt like holding a horse dick. The girls would’ve loved this!

… 2 types of condiments, as opposed to thousands of condiments at Plus One Shabu Shabu. The top chili sauce was very nice, it’s sweetened though. The other was shallots and sesame seeds soaked in soy sauce.

I was told that it was like those chili used at chicken rice stalls. Apparently, I was being bluffed. Anyhow, this chili sauce would be more suitable because I was given a soy sauce already. Unfortunately, I was not given sesame oil though.

… set it to the MAX so that I could cook it faster. I was dead hungry at that time and having steamboat means, I could control the time I get to eat my food, rather than let my fate be at the hand of the chef.

… this was an additional RM2.95 to add flavour to the already nice plain soup base. It’s tom yam paste with celery leaves, spring onions and jalapeños, which were hidden underneath those harmless ingredients.

… baby corns which I rarely eat. Why is this on my table???

… my Slice Mutton Hotpot set. It’s like ordering a combo meals because the sliced mutton can be ordered separately as ala carte.

… Golden Mushroom Hotpot. Most of the ingredients were the same

… the golden needle mushrooms which came with the Golden Mushroom Hotpot set. For a moment there, I thought there was BKT soup based. How I wished the place does serve that. Then I’d be busy soaking my rice in the soup.

… glass noodle, not mine either.

… good thing about those ingredients given was, there is plenty of fish noodle on the plate. The amount of fish noodle given was as much as 2 persons portion. The rest of the stuff were quite standard, such as fried beancurd, various types of fishballs and a quail egg.

… fried tofu skin (腐竹) was nice, even better when soaked in the chili sauce.

… mutton was tasty and nicely sliced. Easy for cooking as well.

… the mushrooms were dancing in joy and tears my hotpot because of the excitement they get from the tom yam soup.

… the aftermath. I finished mine, but the other fella got some leftovers. I was told that those leftovers were not fresh. All the judgment was made based on 1 piece of not-so-fresh fried beancurd.

Rating: 6.5/10

The plain soup was good enough by itself, having the tom yam paste was a bonus. There were other flavouring as well, 1 of them was Herbs. Perhaps I’ll try that the next time I go there. There is nothing to comment about the food as the ingredients were rather standard. Somehow, my pot of soup turns out to be rather disaster. Due to the vaporization from the non-stop boiling of the soup, my hotpot finally dried off and I could see some tom yam sodium gathered at the bottom of the pot. Even the soup in my bowl was super salty that it made me shed tears.

It’s rare that a steamboat place is given the Halal certification and this is the 1 place that got certified with a Halal sticker. It’s not a place that doesn’t serve pork, but rather 100% compatible with Muslim’s diet. Having steamboat means that you’d be busy watching the soup and managing your food. I wasn’t good at this because usually when I go for steamboat, my friend would do the cooking and I’ll just take what I see floating on the soup. I’ve forgotten most of the stuff that I threw into the soup unless I see them floating on top. The fish fillet was overcooked and my quail egg’s yolk was lava hot when I eat it. Luckily my tongue didn’t get the same fate as those mutton.

DC just shifted to his new home in Bukit Jelutong, which also means he’s not staying with his parents anymore. What would a bachelor do at home all alone when it’s dinner time? Of course, go out and hunt for food. We went to Don Sushi tonight because he has got some cash vouchers he got from Don Sushi during lunch. Yes, this would be his 2nd visit of the day.

… we started off with Unagi Sushi. Each plate cost RM6.90, which is more expensive than Sushi King’s bigger unagi meat on purple plate, which is only RM6 per plate.

… this was the last plate on the kaiten belt. DC was hesitate at first because it was a black plate. I asked him to just grab it because the kitchen isn’t making anymore new sushi as they are closing soon. Black plate cost RM9.90 each.

… the kiasu us were busy hunting for any visible unagis on the belt before we even got time to mix our wasabi. The leftover wasabi in the container was split by us equally.

… yes, Don Sushi has runny sweet sauce. Though they serve that on a saucer only.

… a better look on the unagi sushi roll which was so expensive.

… I had so much wasabi soy sauce mix to spare, so I gotta get some other sushi to dip them. So I go with the Scallop Wings which cost RM3.90 each plate.

… 4 soft shell crab temakis, 2 for each of us. Each of these temaki cost only RM4.90, which is exactly 10cents cheaper than those in Sushi King. I guess the temakis here are the only food cheaper than Sushi King’s.

… soft shell crab maki for RM16.90

… we ordered another 2 more soft shell crab temaki. They were just so good. While waiting, I had some pickled ginger.

… this was also the first time I had Unagi Temaki, for only RM6.90 per plate. Notice the big crab pincer? *drool*

Rating: 7/10

The Unagi Sushis were nothing great for its price. I’d prefer Sushi King’s purple plates, which is cheaper by 90 cents for more unagi meat that you can get. For this portion of unagi on the sushi, it was equivalent to Sushi King’s red plate, which is RM5 each. The black plate’s unagi roll was spoiled by the little dollop of mayonnaise on it. I could hardly taste the unagi. The scallop wings sushis were normal. Fortunately, those sushis on the kaiten belt were 50% off. I guess it was closing period already, hence the discount. DC also found out that it only valid during weekdays.

On the other hand, the soft shell crab temakis were awesome. Not only they were cheaper than Sushi King’s equivalent temaki, but their soft shell crabs were enormous in size and crunchy too! They are to die for! As for the Unagi temaki, I think it was a bit too costly though. Being the first time having a temaki made out of unagi, I’ll let this hefty price pass this time around. The soft shell crab maki was ok, nothing special. Only that it was a bit too salty, due to the sauce they laid on the plate. The rice were a bit loose when you hold them up with chopsticks. Could have been better though!

Being the 2nd time visiting Don Sushi, I guess my experience here weren’t too bad. If I were to visit Don Sushi again, I’ll eat only soft shell crab temakis.

Lat: 3° 4’56.93″N
Long: 101°35’16.34″E

We, a bunch of colleagues and ex-colleagues, HL, GY, EL & gf AT, MSF & hubby, ALGJ and me had dinner at Gen Japanese Restaurant in Legend Hotel. It was supposedly planned to be on Sunday, but stupid DC has got work in office and afraid he might not finished on time, so we changed it to Saturday, where I’d have to sacrifice my time with my family to go for the dinner. Ended up, DC didn’t come for the dinner. Ish!

Anyhow, HL is a member of the Hotel and he has got this 30% discount voucher, which is valid per bill. That’s the reason why we would prefer to get as many people to go as possible, aside from trying our luck in booking a room in the restaurant. Little did we know, it was open fast hour the time we are having dinner, which means the place was packed with people. People whom are not Muslim. Most of them were Chinese! We were seated on the outside of the restaurant. We felt like patronizing a high class mamak stall in a hotel.

… I was the last to arrive, so I started off quickly with some sushi. The sushi counter was just on the left as you entered the restaurant.

… something you must have for eating sushis.

… someone took some sashimi, but I was busy eyeing on the unagi sushis.

… I’ve never had oysters on my 2 previous visits to this restaurant, as I didn’t know they have oysters. These oysters were huge and fat. Probably 1 of the biggest I’ve seen from eating place that I’ve been. They were all exclusively for MSF, since she loves oysters so much.

… MSF’s hubby asked me to try the potato paste. It was good, nicely smoked/toasted. The fragrance was great. Probably the best potato or mashed potato I’ve had.

… EL took these. The stingray reminded me of grilled fish. He should have really watch out on those tako (little octopus) consumptions, as it might seriously upset his high-blood pressure.

… El took more squids!

High-blood pressure: *boiling*

… I saw some unagi sushis left unattended in the sushi room. I took them immediately without 2nd thoughts.

… somehow, this patch of salmon was stinky. I think it has spoiled.

… I heard that the sushi counter has got soft shell crab ready. So I went in to queue for my soft shell crab temaki. There were already a couple of people queuing for their temakis, as for me, I ordered a total of 3 temakis from the chef behind the counter. He gave me a dissatisfied look. Well, I had to cater for the people on my table, right?

The piece of soft shell crab was so tiny, I think I need a microscope to discover it. Aside from that, after I was given the first temaki, there was another uncle ordered 1 temaki. The chef proudly said to the uncle, “I’ll give you first.” I’m ok with that, since I’m waiting for 2 more, but what the fuck was with that facial expression he was showing? I so wanted to slap him a couple of times to rub that smug off his face!

… GY then took something off the teppanyaki corner. She brought 2 unagis. They were probably for me *wink*. She said the little sausage was nice, because it was coated with honey.

… MSF’s hubby took a lot of chicken teriyaki. We were already so full that time, don’t think we could go on.

… I was deprived of longan drink the night before, because that place served me with black longan drink instead.

… I went in for another last round. Now it wasn’t so crowded, hence there were plenty of unagi sushis lying around. Took some cakes as well. The brownies was nice and the coffee cheese cake too.

Rating: 5.5/10

The food today wasn’t how I imagined it would be. Probably due to the crowd, the quality has degraded. Even big classy restaurant in hotels can’t escape from this fact. My favourite would be the teppanyaki squids, but the stupid teppanyaki counter was closed! How could they!?!? What’s the point of coming here when I can’t get my FRESHLY grilled squids? Disappointing. Aside from that, everything else weren’t that nice, even the soft shell crab temakis, the crab inside was so little. The unagi on the last batch of unagi sushi that I took was not properly cut. The chewy part was still sticking to the unagi, making the whole eating experience downright ugly.

With that kind of price I’m paying, I could eat my heart out in Sushi King, with a full quarter soft shell crab in their temakis and a nicely cut unagis on the sushi. Buffets nowadays just ain’t worth it anymore, unless you’d only hunt for oysters, lots of lots of oysters.

My mum came to my sister’s place for a visit. She arrived on Friday afternoon and going to stay until Monday. So today I went to my sister’s place. My eldest brother and family going to rendezvous with us at my sister’s place and we will go out for an outing. My brother suggested to have BKT for lunch at a nearby shop, but somehow, without his GPS, he lost his way. Then as he try to retrieve the locations from his GPS, he put in the wrong name, which pointed us all the way to Serdang. Since the place was so far away, we decided to have something else. As we travelled along, we reached Taman Connaught. It was then I recalled that many people told me about this place famous with roasted duck. Hence I suggested that we have lunch there.

… fortunately, my brother and sister know the place. As this was the first time I’m here, so I’ve got no idea where’s the shop exactly.

… people were seen queueing for their takeaway. Hey, watch out for the cholesterol.

… I ordered the umbra juice on the first sign I heard of it from the waiter.

… a whole duck.

… and some BBQ pork and sausages.

… you don’t really need that sauce, as the duck was nice on its own.

… vegetable lor. Doesn’t look tasty also.

… very sinful roasted skin.

… remember the place!

Rating: 7.5/10

The duck was nice, the skin was crispy as well. I missed the BBQ pork, as I was busy taking photographs of everything, none of them leave even a piece for me *sweat* As for the sausage, it was nice too. I never liked this kind of sausages, cause it gave me those weird fragrance. The first time I had it, I had a really bad impression on it, hence I’d usually steer clear from it. I’m not a duck lover mainly due to the sinewy nature of the duck meat, but I’d say the duck was nice because the skin was roasted till crisp. It was oily though, so don’t indulge yourself too much in it.

Breakfast @ Office

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My colleague, DC got this from the reception. It was courtesy of Maybank, for someone else in our office, which has the same name as him. Somehow, the receptionist mistaken that DL was DC, without knowing DC’s last name. I guess it was a blessing in disguise, as it would benefit us all in the IT room, as we get to eat!

… very nice packaging. Made by Equatorial Hotel and it’s halal.

… according to the reference manual, this was lotus paste with coffee flavour.

Rating: 6/10

I could only taste the lotus paste. I don’t even sense a hint of coffee in it. Even HL, coffee lover didn’t know it has coffee until he saw the manual. The good point was, it uses pure lotus paste, non-mixture, but it was also very sticky. My teeth were overwhelmed by the lotus paste. Very good snacks in small size.

Today, we have a total of 7 people go for lunch. Orignally, I though of bringing them to BBQ Chicken in NZX, but when we were there, the shop was half open. Only when we were seated, we were told that they are not opened yet. Then we adjourned to the nearby Japanese Restaurant, Kansai.

… miso soup from my bento set.

… I had really good experience with Black Dragon previously. So I can’t missed having it this time.

… the salad with crispy soft shell crab bits.

… my unagi bento set.

… the dessert that come with the bento.

… my colleagues were checking how did the chef made this cute looking dessert.

Rating: 7.5/10

It was a fun dinner, with the lot of us. We were all very full because we practically filled up the whole table with food. The boss even give us a complimentary bowl of snacks, made out of a lot of cucumbers and some fried flour stuff simmered with some sour sauce, which I had no idea what it was called. I was so full, I only had a piece and a few slices of cucumbers. It wasn’t exactly appetizing.

The moment I ordered the Black Dragon, they keep teasing me, saying that I couldn’t part with my unagi. But after I had a piece and put the plate on the centre. In less than a minute, the whole plate was gone! So we ordered a 2nd plate to compensate for my loss. Unfortunately, the Black Dragon’s unagi has shrunk compared to the last time I had it. Even on the 2nd plate, the amount of unagi on it was the same. The rice could be seen from the top as you look at it. My unagi on my bento was not as good either, because it has mud taste in it.

The bill came up to around RM310 for 7 pax, after discount.