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In the evening, we came to Prince Cafe at SS2. It was my first time dining here. This was also 1 of the places that I’ve been eyeing on for a while already.

… cham, a mix of HK style tea and coffee.

… my tall cup of soursop juice. Super sweet.

… I’ve fell in love with prawn salad when I was 13. That was the first time I had prawn salad and the prawns were so fresh. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give me the same experience that I had the first time. Though I still like those bits of fruits in it.

… my friend had a noodle which was similar to Maggi, but 10 times the price.

… and I had a pork chop rice.

Rating: 6/10

Aside from the overly sweet soursop, the pork chop rice was quite nice. Though the salad was a bit disappointing. I might go there again if given the chance, mainly because they provide free WiFi.

This is the first time I’m having bao (包) from Baoz – The Pau Specialist. I’ve been eyeing on this for a long time, but every time I didn’t take the initiative to try it. Since I was in Low Yat Plaza with my friend, I suggested to try it out to finally break the egg.

… the distilled water sold there.

… Shanghai beach with roasted crust.

… A-maize-ing Cheez.

… and my friend’s favourite, Melting Gold.

… he was showing me the liquid salted egg yolk.

… and my favourite milk cheese (奶油) with corns.

… don’t be fooled by the colour inside Shanghai beach. It was actually the best amongst the 3 types.

… each type of the bao came in this standard square wrapper.

Rating: 6.5/10

It’s a pretty good snacks for in between meals and if you are looking for something to chew. Unfortunately, being a franchise in Malaysia, they can’t make those bao with pork, otherwise the business would be very limited to the non-Muslim counterparts. Price was acceptable as they weren’t bad at all. But if you wanted something to fill your stomach, go for the real deal.

My friend brought me to this restaurant to try out their broth (燉湯). Since he’s a lover of broth and he’s been telling about how good the broth was. So, this weekend, he was “out-of-jail” (wife not around), so he brought me here for lunch.

… what would a chinese meals be without jalapeño?

… wheatgrass.

… I don’t think I wanna explain the names here, they are pretty tough names. See that sweet wolfberry there?

… this one is quite bitter.

… our set lunch comes with a plate of vegetable (生菜).

… my friend’s black pepper fish fillet.

… with rice as well, of course.

… and I ordered the milk butter chicken.

… dessert was guai ling gou with a piece of peach to counter the bitterness.

Rating: 7/10

A pretty decent set lunch, I’d say. Complete with rice, vegetable, meat and a dessert.The choice of broth was optional though and the set lunch’s price would varies according to the soup’s original price. Drinks were separately ordered.

The black pepper fish fillet was quite nice, but it was nothing compared to my milk butter chicken. Guess what would be the best? I mixed them both together. The milk butter sauce soothes the black pepper and it actually turns out quite good. I switched my broth with my friend’s coconut broth. His was actually rather sweet, while mine was bitter. I would’ve rate it lower if he doesn’t switch with me. Hehe.

Check out my friend’s photo gallery of the restaurant below:
My friend’s gallery.

We had lunch at Rooibos Cafe again…

… potato wedges with mayonnaise dipping sauce.

… spaghetti bolognaise, but it wasn’t mine.

Rating: 5/10

The potato wedges in Rooibos Cafe was in fact quite good. You should give it a try when you are there. The only problem was, sometimes the potato tend to be a bit powdery, but the fried portion is tasty though and the dipping sauce.

This was the second time I visited Novel Cafe at Ara Damansara. When the usual economy rice and noodles equivalent got bored. Unfortunately, if you are having lunch during office hour, it wouldn’t be the best place to be because you wouldn’t be able to fully utilize what they provide to you. Yes, magazines, books, comics, novels and more!

Fortunately, I’m not a bookworm. So, missing a few books is ok for me.

… my colleague ordered a spaghetti bolognaise, which topped with… what I’d deem most inappropriate for pasta, shallots. That’s surely weird.

… these were some condiments given for the food we ordered. I wasn’t sure if they were a good match for the pasta.

… I got myself a fish and chips.

… a cup of chinese tea. Just kidding, I think it was Jasmine tea.

… my half full (being optimistic) cup of lemon and ice.

… a nice looking teapot, but spoiled by the attached string.

Rating: 5.5/10

Food was below average, but if you are a book lover, you should pay the cafe a visit. Order a cup of Earl Grey tea and spend a few good hours on their books. I guess nothing would be more satisfying.

Tonight was my first time having dinner with my daughter. It was to celebrate my belated birthday. Fortunately, we don’t have to rush like during lunch hours, so I’ve suggested Japanese food and she has agreed on it. So I’ve decided that we would go for Sushi Zanmai at 1 Utama, because I still have the cash voucher I got from my previous visit there. Then probably try a couple of other places since we have all the time of the world.

Anyhow, we rushed (we did literally rushed out from office and toward 1 Utama) straight to 1 Utama after office hours…

While on the way there, I thought of the portobello mushroom with cheese and bacon from Jarrod & Rawlins. It was very delicious the last time I tried it. So I thought of bringing her there for a light snacks first, since she loves mushroom so much. Hence we head on to Jarrod & Rawlins first, before we proceed with the actual dinner as Sushi Zanmai.

… portobello mushroom with cheese.

… this was even better, portobello mushroom with cheese and bacon. Check out the liquidized cheese that the mushroom could hardly contains.

… can you see those bacon strips?

… cheese galore!

… this was what happened to my plate after eating half of each type of mushroom servings. Black, yes. Oily, yes. Tasty, definitely!

… that silly girl left a chunk of the best of the 2 for me, because she said she was already full and gave a lame excuse such as, “you love mushroom ma, so I kept this spare for you.” *faint*

Rating: 8.5/10

We were told to quickly eat them, rather than taking photographs of it. Because they taste best when served fresh from the oven. Yes, the waitress was right indeed. The cheese and bacon fragrance. Something which I wouldn’t forget. Somehow, the portobello mushroom with only cheese was not as nice, because the other one made it pales in comparison. Each of them cost around RM13 and RM17 for the plain cheese mushroom and the one with bacon, respectively. The price would varies based on the weight of the mushrooms they are selling on the day. So, bring more spare change.

It was still early after our little snack and the silly girl said she can’t eat anymore, so I suggested that we go for a drink first while waiting for the mushroom to move on to the big intestines. Mainly because we didn’t order any drinks when we were having our mushrooms. My throats were like freshly made tarmac at that time. I need cold water to smooth them out. The destination? It was only half a stone throw away. Yes, Oriental Cravings was just opposite of where we were. Yet another non-halal place. *evil grin*

… I’ve forgotten what it was called, but it comes with longan, cutlet of jellies and sago.

… notice the frog eggs?

Rating: 6/10

Aside from being too sweet, she loves the drink and was practically chewing on every single piece of sago and jellies (I think she just swallowed those longans. She probably can’t feel them, hehe). I couldn’t help myself too and was trying to do the same. It was not easy, but the cracking sound was worth it.

After we finished the drink, it was already dark, probably around 8:30pm. We took a short walk around to help digest the mushrooms we had earlier, hoping to make more space for our main course. Then we proceed to Sushi Zanmai when it was around 9:20pm. Fortunately, it wasn’t too pack. The place was usually packed, especially when it’s weekend and eve.

… we started off with 2 soft shell crab temaki. I told her she could have all the soft shell crab temaki that she could have, if she likes.

… unagi sushi. Somehow, they don’t look as good as Sushi Groove’s I Unagi Roll.

… forgotten what sushi was this, but it has soft shell crab in it.

Rating: 6/10

While we were still full from the UFO sized mushrooms, we had to force ourselves to eat more. I thought I could eat till my heart’s content. Perhaps we should have had ordered only 1 mushroom. The sushis were acceptable and it was the first time I actually see her picking up an unagi sushi and put in her mouth! I thought she never liked unagi sushi because of all the time we went for sushi, she would never eat the unagi sushi that I offered her. Besides, we had sushi for lunch as well and she didn’t take any unagi sushi as well, she said, “I’ll save it for dinner later tonight,” with an evil grin. *scary*

I was still doubtful that she would eat unagi sushi on her own initiative. Perhaps she was just entertaining me because it was my belated birthday celebration, after all. Nevertheless, it was a really wonderful night and I had a lot of fun. I hope we could have more dinners together in the near future.

Thank you for spending time with me and sorry for sending you back so late.

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Breakfast @ Office

Posted: 2008-06-06 by W in Breakfast, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

My birthday was 2 days ago and I was promised that I’d have garlic breads for breakfast. Somehow, my dear daughter said that she ran out of white bread, and coincidentally on my actual birthday itself, it was the first of the month on Lunar calendar. Meaning that, she would be serving her vegetarian duty, hence her mum didn’t buy any bread that was non-vegetarian friendly.

So, I finally get them 2 days after my birthday.

… surprised! I found some lollipops in the package that I received from her.

… ooooo, looks delicious. The fragrance was so good that it filled the room.

… the garlic butter has seeped 1/2 way into the bread. Yummy!

Rating: 13/10

Seriously, what more could I asked for? The efforts were priceless to me. Something which money couldn’t buy. She told me that she added some butter on the bread, on top of the original garlic butter spread. She was so worried that it would taste bad and keep asking if they were alright.

I’d give her a 12/10 for the garlic bread, efforts and the persistent after-sales service, another 1 for the little surprise, the lollis. Although, I did get a little sore on my tongue after eating 3 slices of them. Imagine how thick the garlic butter spread was.

Thank you very much for the lovely (愛心) breakfast! Really appreciate and love it! 🙂