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During my trip to Singapore, I seen a lot of New York New York chain restaurant scattered everywhere in the city. Then I doubled confirmed with a friend there that this chain restaurant isn’t so bad. So I decided to give it a try on my last night there.

… soft drink with a floating ice cream.

… my brother had a watermelon juice.

… buffalo wings with sour cream, that ain’t so buffalo-esque. They were skinny.

… this was the fried mushroom thing that I don’t have much impression on. The only thing could probably be, it was way too costly to order this there. Not having to take the conversion rates into considerations.

… I ordered the aglio olio spaghetti with chopped up garlic and basically nothing else.

… I think I actually found a bacon in my food. Yes, a real bacon, a pork. Unlike what we were served in my home country, beef bacons. Uweekkk.

… my brother had a bigger plate and more filling dinner. A 1/4 chicken with some fried shrimps.

Rating: 6.5/10

The food was rather nice, but I guess we ordered too much. Though the aglio olio spaghetti wasn’t that nice. Aside from the acceptable food, the price were a little steep, after taking in the conversion rates. Might give it another try the next time I’m going Singapore.

Lunch @ Singapore Zoo

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Had a short lunch break at the zoo before we proceed with our jungle journey.

… couldn’t remember what pizzas were those, but they were quite good, especially when I was so hungry at the time.

… nice serviette.

Rating: 6/10

The thin crust doesn’t made you feel too full, but it was rather charred though. Filling wise, they were just spot on.

Due to the Halal constitutions in my country, most of the franchise food chain restaurants are not serving pork. Namely Tony Roma’s, which is famous for their baby back pork ribs. In Singapore, the government didn’t force such stupid constitutions against the merchants, hence the locals there are lucky enough to enjoy a good baby back pork ribs.

I didn’t know anything about Tony Roma’s or its specialty until my friend keep telling me how good the baby back pork ribs was, when he tasted it in Singapore. This time, I finally had the chance to try it out.

… as labelled in front of their shop, FAMOUS FOR RIBS. I wonder if they can put that for Tony Roma’s in my country, since they don’t have any pork to serve.

… best ribs in America. Is it the best in Singapore?

… Caesar Salad with grilled chicken cutlets. I doubt it would be as good as the salmon’s one.

… this was the baby back pork ribs, and it was only half of it. I wonder how big would it be if it was in full size. There was a chicken breast as well by the side.

… after our savagery, these were what left of the pork ribs.

Rating: 6.5/10

The lunch was very filling. We only ordered a salad and a baby back pork ribs. There were 2 of us, adults, could barely finish all the stuff there. Unfortunately, I don’t find the baby back pork ribs that fantastic. The meat was barely marinated completely. The sauce could only be tasted on the outside, but the meat itself was rather tasteless. Our meals were served it in about 5 minutes after our orders were taken. Fast, because there aren’t anyone else there at the time. And lastly, the ribs were cold when it was served. Pretty disappointed seeing that the chef was lousy and lazy.

Tong Sui

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I’ve been walking whole day and it has been very tiring. I’d sit my sweat butt on any seats, bench, chair, or even tree branch (if I could find one) that I could see in my sight. While crossing over to Chinatown from Bugis, we stopped by a tong sui (糖水) shop in one of the complexes surrounding the area. Fortunately for me, it was properly air conditioned.

… my bowl of sweet mung bean soup (綠豆酸) filled with unexpected Chinese cruller (油條) on top of it.

tofu skin ginkgo barley (腐竹白果薏米).

… sweet potato in coconut milk (bubur cha cha – 莫莫茶茶).

Rating: 6/10

My 豆酸 was rather unexpected. I never had Chinese crullers with any other sweet drinks before except for kopi-o. I think my tong sui would fare better if without the Chinese crullers. As for the rest, they looked nice, but I didn’t try them.

Dinner @ Carl’s Jr.

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Stopped by Carl’s Jr. for my dinner with a friend before leaving the place. I’ve always wanted to try their Chili Cheese Fries, but most of the time I’d be too full with their burger already. This time, I wasn’t too hungry, so I decided to skip the burger and go with the fries instead.

… Chili Cheese Fries. I couldn’t recall if it was spicy, but it has a lot of minced meat and cheese on it. For only RM8+, I was really full eating it. In fact, I can’t even finish it.

… my friend had his burger and this was what left of his fries.

Rating: 6/10

The portions in Carl’s Jr were too much for my size. But that’s no reason to blow up the price triple or quadruple those of the likes like Burger King or McDonald’s. A big boo-boo to Carl’s Jr.

Longan Drink

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I believe many have heard of the infamous longan (龍眼) drink from Petaling Street. Now they have a branch in Mid Valley Megamall even. I’ve just recently found out about it, though I think they’ve been there for quite some time. Since I was early that day, I decided to give it a try, together with my friend.

… their logo is unique. It has a dragon on it. In fact, the name longan depicts as dragon’s eye. But the malay refers it to cat’s eye instead. No idea why is it so. Even when you ask for translation to malay for the word “heart” or “liver”, you might not get the correct answer to it.

… fancy looking cup. They serves in metal bowl with metal spoon back in Petaling Street. If takeaway, they’ll give you plastic bag. Now they distribute in polystyrene cups, with their own branding. How interesting.

Rating: 5/10

No matter how much I loved the longan drink from Petaling Street, this outlet of theirs just doesn’t cut it. The drink was not sweet enough and it was bitter. I wonder what’s got into them. Still, go back to Petaling Street if you want to get the original taste.

There were many rumours I’ve heard of regarding the stall at Petaling Street and their businesses. Don’t think I’d delve into that here though.

I missed my change to try out Tony Roma’s last week during lunch hour with my colleagues. This time around, I decided to stop by Tony Roma’s with my friend, for a tea break, or early dinner. Though I was still full from my pasta lunch.

… complimentary bread, with a paste. Not sure what paste is that. It kind of like mustard, with pepper of sort. The bread is ok, better if you put on the paste.

… Caeser salad, with half a slap of grilled salmon and some cheese flakes.

… the business card is where you can find the key to unlocking the free WiFi access.

… not sure if the soft drinks are bottomless. But these are iced lemon tea.

… two bottles of wines are placed on the side of the table. Probably for the patrons’ consumptions. Price tag was not shown though. Be careful.

Rating: 7/10

The grilled salmon is tasty and juicy. I’d love to have it again. The cheese aroma was strong though. A little too strong for my liking. There were even liquid cheese on the vegetables. Price wise, for the salad was ok, but the drinks were really steep. Too premium to my liking. Don’t go so often, else you’ll be blowing your credit cards. I liked the idea of providing free WiFi (with internet access, of course) to the patrons. A good time killer especially when the patrons have to wait very long for their food to be served.