Longan Drink

Posted: 2007-12-11 by W in Drink, Non-halal, Vegetarian

I believe many have heard of the infamous longan (龍眼) drink from Petaling Street. Now they have a branch in Mid Valley Megamall even. I’ve just recently found out about it, though I think they’ve been there for quite some time. Since I was early that day, I decided to give it a try, together with my friend.

… their logo is unique. It has a dragon on it. In fact, the name longan depicts as dragon’s eye. But the malay refers it to cat’s eye instead. No idea why is it so. Even when you ask for translation to malay for the word “heart” or “liver”, you might not get the correct answer to it.

… fancy looking cup. They serves in metal bowl with metal spoon back in Petaling Street. If takeaway, they’ll give you plastic bag. Now they distribute in polystyrene cups, with their own branding. How interesting.

Rating: 5/10

No matter how much I loved the longan drink from Petaling Street, this outlet of theirs just doesn’t cut it. The drink was not sweet enough and it was bitter. I wonder what’s got into them. Still, go back to Petaling Street if you want to get the original taste.

There were many rumours I’ve heard of regarding the stall at Petaling Street and their businesses. Don’t think I’d delve into that here though.


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