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Once I went into the shop right outside this restaurant. Unfortunately, at that time, I was very full, hence I didn’t stop by to try their restaurant food. Just shopped for some chocolates and left the place. I told my friend, we gotta try it out the next time we go 1 Utama again.

This time around, we marked the place for our dinner.

… the condiments include tabasco sauce, black pepper/sesame grind it yourself, salt (I think, no point giving sugar, ain’t it?) grind it yourself as well and chili powder. I forgotten to try out their chili powder.

… I wonder where did they source such chunky blocks of salt.

… deep fried prawns. They all looked so tired after getting fried, don’t they?

… some lala soup with some lala muis. I wonder where were the ah bengs.

… my friend ordered the burger, not quite. Cause it was missing the bun.

… but it can get really cheesy. As cheesy as you wanted it to be. Unfortunately, the cheese grinding girl doesn’t allow us to DIY. She just can’t part with her cheese and grinder.

… as usual, I’d order unagi without thinking twice. Despite they were being served on top of pasta accompanied by an egg with runny yolk.

… coffee with separate sugar syrup.

… you have had to add the sugar in. The coffee was tasteless.

… here you are! Ah beng was found soaking half of his body into the crab soup. According to my friend, this soup was so worth it because it was about the same price as the lala mui soup, but this has a whole big crab in… or on it.

… floaty iced mocha, I think. This was supposed to be my order, somehow I took the wrong thing and I drank the coffee my friend ordered.

Note to self: Never DO that again!

… the food was very filling, I guess it was because of the used of pasta.

… remember the logo. You might stop by someday

Rating: 6/10

I guess I wouldn’t frequent this restaurant much. The idea of having unagi, served on pasta with a half cooked egg with runny yolk just doesn’t suit my taste. I was basically cringing the whole time while trying to swallow the yolk.

I love unagis. I do like pasta, especially spaghetti. I love half boiled eggs. But never like them when they are being put together.

Lat: 3° 8’54.62″N
Long: 101°36’57.23″E

It was Friday night and my friend recommended this place to me. Some place groovy. And yeah, they serve sushis there.

… my friend had Gyu Tamago Don.

… I had my Spicy Hamburg Steak & Egg on Rice. Look at that patty man.

… watermelon juice.

… Godzilla Roll. I thought the name sounded funny, so we ordered this. It has mango on it.

… I Unagi Roll. I just can’t give up unagis.

… what’s inside the Godzilla Roll. Godzilla’s guts.

Notice how the rice were sticking together neatly?

Rating: 8/10

Despite a little bit steep in price, I think the place is a good place for dining. Their sushis were stuffed and packed nicely that the rice doesn’t shattered when you hold them with chopsticks, unlike most sushi restaurants out there. But the lacking of runny sweet soy sauce kinda put them a little bit behind Sushi King. But they do have thick (real thick, like phlegm) sweet soy sauce though.

Overall, the experience was wonderful. I SHALL go there again, whenever I have the chance.

Lat: 3° 8’54.62″N
Long: 101°36’57.23″E

Had lunch again at Rooibos Cafe. It was practically our refuge place to go whenever we can’t think of anything to eat, or when my colleague was on vegetarian day. Little did she knows, every time she ordered the potato wedges, the mayonnaise dipping sauce that came along with it contains egg. Basically, she broken her vegetarian day rules, almost every time.

… nasi goreng kampung with a piece of papadum. How stingy.

Rating: 4/10

The nasi goreng kampung was alright but the anchovies were as hard as you could ever chew. Make sure you’ve got a strong set or teeth, else be prepare to meet your maker… your dentures maker. The papadum was stingy, there was only 1 piece and it was soggy (漏風). But who in their right mind would demant more papadum from a cafe, right? Source them from your local nasi kandar eateries.