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This was my second time visiting Station 1 Cafe at my place. The previous time, I didn’t bring my camera along. Not that I get some good pictures this time. Anyhow, my previous experience with Stations 1 wasn’t a good one, but I heard that their salad chicken rice was good, so I gave it a try this time.

… some longan drink with shaved ice.

… my colleague had a hot honey, as usual. Totally kills off all the nutrition in the honey with hot water and metal spoon.

… salad chicken rice.

Rating: 5/10

The salad chicken rice was indeed good. I could managed to finish the whole plate without much trouble. Though the chicken was a bit cold and the rice was not fragrance. Anyhow, this could be the best salad combo compared to other type of rice meals.

Location: N3 06.865 E101 35.446

Breakfast @ Office

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The lucky me, I got another free breakfast in office today. It was the same sandwich which my colleague made the day before, which I had a looked and I told her that it smells nice. Then I told her that I wanted one too. She told me that she’d bring it over since she still got some extra ingredients left. How nice…

… it came in a purple container.

… ooo, it’s a sandwich.

… ok, I saw 2 slices of tomato, some minced eggs and yes, it smells of bacon fragrance!

Rating: 8/10

She really knows how to cook! The minced eggs were basically tasteless, but with some chopped up bacon strategically placed, it could spice up the somewhat bland eggs.

Lucky for her husband. I hope to have more in the future!

I got a call from my colleague, asking me to fetch her back to take her car. So we snake out from work for a while to send her back home. While on the way to her house, we passed by this mobile steamboat parked at SS19. At the same time, she was hungry as well, so we detoured over and parked by the roadside to have a quick bite. As for me, I don’t usually eat from mobile steamboat. I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I had it. Mainly due to the upbringing. My mum has been feeding me with info such steamboat (look-look) is very unhygienic.

Anyhow, to fuel my curiosity, I decided to take the risk this time.

… my mum said, “Don’t eat cockles! Hepatitis B!” Ever since, I’ve been like staying away from cockles. I’ve forgotten how good they were. Mildly boiled, half cooked, with the blood squirting out as you chew them. But I don’t eat much not, just some, once a long while.

… something you can’t miss if you go for steamboat. Quill eggs, if the normal chicken eggs were too much for you. Love them!

… some fish balls to further feed my tummy.

Rating: 5/10

I guess I was lucky for not being addicted to this, after not having it for so long. I guess the cold turkey really works. The cockles were so-so only, cause I cooked mine too long. My favourite item was not prepared, as the boss was still peeling away the egg shells. Yes, I was talking about century eggs. Oh, and the bill was around RM7+, for 2 persons. I guess we had only like 5 sticks added up. Kinda… not cheap.

Economy Rice

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Today’s lunch wasn’t filling enough, I got hungry really soon. So I ate the little cake complimentary from my colleague’s wedding to temporarily fill my stomach. Then went to SS2 to pack dinner from 1 of my favourite economy rice stall, while paying my car’s installment.

… looked like a pot of gold eh?

… the usual stuff, the milk butter chicken (奶油雞), sour vegetables and steamed egg.

Rating: 6/10

The cake was too sweet and the colour looks a bit menacing. I was so afraid that my whole stomach would turn gold in colour after eating it. But I was too hungry to contemplate any longer. Meanwhile, I was looking forward to my rice (more like, to the chicken). The rice stall opens from 7pm (if I’m not mistaken) until around 9pm. But to me, it closes at 8pm because by that time, the chicken would’ve already finished and my main objective of eating there is always for the chicken. The rest were just secondary.

I told my friend that the dessert at Chili’s was awesome and we oughta try it out someday. Today, while we were in Mid Valley, we had the chance. Though our lunch were only drinks, some light snacks and a dessert, but we were quite full from our heavy breakfast.

… I’d usually go for the bottomless guava juice, which was dilluted badly with water.


… my friend first ordered the guava. Later he asked for a mango on the refill. At least the mango juice tasted sweeter because the fragrance is stronger from mango compared to guava.

… I was tempted by this White Chocolate Molten Cake, but I’ve always had problems with eating white chocolate, which tends to make my throat sore. Really unpleasant experience.

… so I ended up ordering the usual Chocolate Molten Cake. Yummy~

… Classic Nachos, with slices of jalapeños.

Rating: 6.5/10

My greedy self had the better of me. Never ever go for food again when you are still full. This was what happened to me on that day. Being there ordering only drinks and a dessert seemed plain, so the nachos were sidetracked. I was curious as well as to how good would it be. The nachos were good and the dessert, excellent. But my stomach felt like it was gonna explodes. Mainly due to the few cups of juice that I had, I guess.

I thought the scrambled eggs salmon was nice the last time I had it. Hence this time I brought another friend of mine to FOGAL and let him try out the scrambled eggs salmon meal. Since he is a fish lover, I thought he might actually enjoyed it. On the other hand, I wanted to try the bacon meal for a long time already…

… all the expendable condiments are well placed on the table ready to be used.

… my friend’s scrambled eggs salmon.

… bacons omelette.

… sausage meal. We ordered a lamb and pork sausage. Somehow, we got 3 sausages instead. But I don’t know which was which sausage. Another friend came later and ordered the same sausage meal, but he only got 2 sausages for the same price. lol.

… pepper, but I don’t see any uncooked rice in it though. Odd.

Rating: 7/10

The bacons omelette was good, but like my friend’s previous order, it was really oily. You could basically see the oil leaking out from the omelette and be used for your car as lubricant oil. The sausages were nice, but 1 of them was smelling rather foul. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be sure if it was the pork or the lamb which has that bad smell. I still remembered the first time I ordered the lamb sausage, I immediately fell in love with it already. I guess it was the pork sausage that smells bad. Well, can’t complain much, since they gave us extra 1 sausage.

Breakfast @ Office

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Today was a rather special day, because I was told to retrieve something from a friend before going to office. Something which she promised to make for me which I actually joked of wanting it…

… stored in a cute square container.

… 3 pieces of handmade garlic bread.

Rating: 10/10

Although the breads were a little soft, unlike those crispy type that I preferred, but the fragrance was awesome. She was being silly and keep apologizing for the taste that wasn’t up to standard. To me, the hard works she put in were what really matter, because she had to wake up extra early in the morning to toast them.

If you are reading this and you know you were the one who made it,

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. 🙂