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This place is probably the nice BKT place which is close by, otherwise I’d have to travel all the way to Klang for something similar, if not better.

… this was probably the best vege you could have asked for in BKT place, because it was laden with fried pork lards. Heavenly!

… the standard soup based BKT, doesn’t look much, but definitely tasted better than it looks.

… sour and spicy vege. I don’t think the Klang’s BKT serves this kind of vege in their shops.

… something you can’t missed for BKT.

Rating: 6.5/10

The BKT lunch was a good one except there weren’t enough decent lean meat in it. The soup was barely enough, probably it was because there were 5 of us sharing this little pot.

Location: N3.07276 E101.59040

After our dinner, we adjourned to the nearby Coffee Bean outlet.

… a regular Americano coffee. It made the small Ultimate Mocha looks so microscopic.

Rating: 2/10

I was surprised when I saw the cup, even more surprised that it was my order. I wouldn’t expect it to be that BIG. I guess the cup itself holds about 1 litre of Americano coffee in it. I thought I’ve came to the place where they serve big-cup-drinks (大杯水). 2 sachet of brown sugar weren’t enough to tame the bitterness in the drink. I had to pour in the 3rd to make it drinkable. Boy, was I stuffed! I’d say this was the most expensive kopi-o I’ve ever had. Now, where are my Chinese cruller?

Location: N3.04950 E101.58358

Despite my bad experience on my maiden visit to BBQ Chicken, I decided to give it a go this time when my colleague suggested to go for BBQ Chicken as dinner. We called EL along and he called his gf as well. That made up to the 6 of us, including LGJ, whom rarely join us for dinner.

… I’ve scrutinized this cup of drink and its straw very carefully in order not to suck a whole colony of ants into my mouth.

… mango juice against a yellow shirt, EL’s gf.

… DC the potato lover, ordered 8 mashed potatoes. The so-called mashed potatoes weren’t that nice but the gravy was appetizing. Fortunately, they were really hungry and eat like vultures, hence we don’t have any mashed potatoes leftovers.

… Teri-Q fried chicken. I wanted to take a picture of the whole plate of 6 Teri-Q chicken, but those vultures were too fast handed. This was all I got.

… DC’s favourite, Korean Charbroiled.

… the not nice fries which we couldn’t get rid of when placing our orders.

… Jerk chicken. Similar to Korean Charbroiled but it has bones instead.

… I think this was called “Pat Su Bing” or something. Korean style ais kacang.

… lastly, an extra order of chicken strips. These were really nice, came with a bowl of mild mustard.

Rating: 7/10

Despite me telling DC that Teri-Q was nicer than Korean Charbroiled, he still insisted on ordering the 8-piece Korean Charbroiled Family set, while we only had 1 piece of Teri-Q chicken each. The Jerk Chicken was nothing to should about, it tasted the same as Korean Charbroiled, except it has bones in it. They all said that it was nicer than the charbroiled instead. Teri-Q chicken was fried till crisp but not charred. It remained crunchy despite being served for 10 minutes. I wonder did they user straw in their oil technique.

The dessert was being vultured by they rest of them as well. Fortunate enough, I don’t think I could finish it alone either. It contains abundance of red beans, which was my favourite part of the dessert. There were some nata de coco as well as slices of peach, if I’m not mistaken. Surprisingly, it even contains muachi! Not exactly the kind of stuff I’d want in my ais kacang.

I’d definitely want another 1 or 2 more of Teri-Q chicken! 2 more chicken strips wouldn’t hurt either. Since they were fried with olive oil, I don’t think it would be that bad. BTW, the bill came up to RM172+ inclusive of all the useless taxes.

Location: N3.04782 E101.58543

My SAP workshop session has ran overtime today, so I missed my lunch with the others. DC was together in my session. Initially we decided to join HL and the rest at the nearby nasi lemak place. While on the way there, DC reminded me about the nasi kandar place they went last time, as recommended by other colleague.

… Restoran Raihan, located in the heard of Glenmarie industrial area.

… the crowds were colossal. It consists of 2 shop lots adjoining to each other.

… variety of gravies, but the server was mixing the standard issue mixture of gravies for everyone.

… pots of gold, the fried chickens that everyone would want a piece or 2 of.

… standard issued including a fried chicken drumstick.

Rating: 5.5/10

The first time I heard from the rest was, the colleague whom recommended this said that this is a cheap place to have nasi kandar. They did let me in onto the price they were charging, wasn’t exactly cheap, but not too expensive either. Before I even started eating, DC has warned me a couple of times not to take too many chickens, mainly because they were very salty and the price wasn’t cheap. So, as advised, I took only one. The gravy mixed were acceptable but I still prefer Saji‘s gravy mix. As for the chicken, it was not the ordinary fried chicken, instead very little of frying flour was used. It was indeed true that the chicken was very salty, my tongue felt numb when consuming the chicken.

Location: N3.07991 E101.55651

This restaurant has been in running in NZX for quite some time already. But I’ve only noticed it about 2 months back when taking a walk in NZX. I’ve wanted to give this place a try but I can’t seem to find the right time. Finally, I came to this place today with my colleague.

… honey sea coconut drink, RM2.50.

… clam soup with lots of lots of claims in it, only for RM7.90. Choices of spicy or non-spicy. I could see 2 jalapeños on top of the soup for spicing up the flavour. Yummy!

… my colleague’s mushroom soup, RM7.90. Smooth and milky.

… I was eager to try out their garlic bread. 5 piece for RM3.20.

… finally, a bacon omelette. This would be our main course.

Rating: 7/10

The drink was nice for its price, with plenty of sea coconut. Garlic bread was mediocre, I couldn’t done better garlic breads. The soups were excellent. My colleague loved her mushroom soup, while my spicy clam soup was nice too, with hint of herbal in it. The omelette was nice, but my colleague said it was too salty. The eggs were salted and along with bacon strips, which were already salty, it made it even saltier. At least this omelette was a lot tastier and appetizing than Bamboo Cafe‘s and Cake Walk Cafe‘s counterparts, which were practically tasteless. Perhaps they should have put some cheese in it to balance out the salty taste. The bill came up to around RM33 for 2 pax, with less than filling food.

I would like to visit the place more often to try out other choices on the menu. There were just so many to choose from and I’

Location: N3.11497 E101.58972

Today EL invited me to go to Low Yat Plaza with him and his gf. We talked about the okonomiyaki we had last time and wonder if his gf has tried it before. Apparently, she doesn’t know what it was exactly, so we decided to stop by for… it was 5pm, too late for lunch and too early for dinner, so it has gotta be tea break.

… we ordered a green tea each. Surprisingly, it was sweetened.

… EL’s okonomiyaki with tuna.

… my okonomiyaki with corn.

… happy family.

Rating: 5.5/10

I felt like eating corn due to the corn stall located outside of Low Yat Plaza as I was walking toward LYP from Times Square. It was kinda weird having corn seeds topped the okonomiyaki but nevertheless, I managed to survive eating it. EL’s tuna okonomiyaki was similar to mine, in term of the ingredients used on the inside of the okonomiyaki. The only difference would be the topping. Tuna was used instead of corn seeds, as compared to mine.

I remembered there were variety of choices to pick from a couple of years back when I patronized this place. Currently, what they served was the different in toppings while the ingredients were the same. Soba, bean sprouts, porks (at least they served porks). Another option would be seafood, where squids would be used in place of porks. Anyway, with its increased price, I don’t think it would be listed in my favourite food any longer. At least the green tea was bottomless.

REFILL please!

Location: N3.14428 E101.71014

I noticed this pan mee stall in Ming Tien food court has innovated itself with more varieties of choices on my last visit here. This time, I decided to give it a shot because I saw a malat pan mee (麻辣板麵) on their menu board. Instead of soup based pan mee, this one is serving dried type.

… served with a saucer of chili, a bowl of soup with 2 slices of fish cake and there were plenty of shallots and sesame seeds.

Rating: 4.5/10

Initially, the first few bites were quite nice. Probably I was expecting too much, soon the bowl of noodle turns sour (not literally). There were only a little bit of malat sauce used while majority was the black soy sauce used to darken the noodle. It was very very oily which irks me quite a bit. For only RM4.50, it was really big bowl. Perhaps it would have tasted better if they don’t give so much of noodle because by the time I was finishing it, I felt stuffed.

Coordinates: N3.11424 E101.61169

One of the SAP consultants recommended this place to me, saying that their fried laksa was good. I’ve yet to have the chance to try it until today. Since I was in office earlier, I decided to stop by, seeing the smooth traffic and plenty of parking space.

… surprisingly, it opens even on Sunday.

… the ice barley was not sweet at all.

… the recommended fried laksa.

Rating: 8/10

I would’ve expected it to be nice with the kind of vege they put for asam laksa. But surprisingly, it tasted even better than I expected. Squeeze in the lemon and the noodle is a bit sourish, with the fragrance from lemon grass. It was much better probably due to the stir fried eggs they put in the whole recipe. From the menu picture, it looked big, but when it was served on my table, I was a bit surprised. It was quite small, I guess I could probably eat 2 of them. Worth a second visit. I’ll probably try the popia as well.

Opens daily: 12pm to 9pm

Location: N3.07275 E101.58971

I think I can keep doing this every Saturday, driving a few kilometres from my home to here to have my breakfast. Nothing like the good old nostalgic feeling of eating here, like 7 years back.

… foamy ice milk tea.

… roti telur banjir, nyum nyum~

… good ol’ classic Indomea goreng with jalapeño and egg.

Rating: 7/10

As usual, the milk tea was good, the roti telur was nothing off my expectations, but the curry a tad too salty though today. The Indomea was good, even better with jalapeño. Satisfactory.

Location: N3.11003 E101.60332

As I’ve planned with DC on our last visit to Don Sushi after noticing the discount board. Today we dragged along 6 other people to join us for the temaki eating galore. Yes, we practically ordered only temaki (handrolls) for our lunch, except for a few plates of sushi by the girls.

… our first batch of 8 unagi temaki. The wait for worthwhile.

… 4 salmon skin temaki. Crunchy as ever.

… 2 chicken teriyaki temaki.

… 4 soft shell crab temaki and 4 california roll.

… 2 salmon temaki

… 8 soft shell crab temaki.

… 4 more soft shell crab temaki.

… and lastly, 6 unagi temaki.

Rating: 8.8/10

It was an exciting lunch, paying only half the original price for each temaki we ordered, limitless of orders. We’ve had 38 temaki on our table. Everyone was happy. I’ve had around 6, average to RM3.40 each. Despite the quantity we ordered, which probably filled up their quota for a day’s worth, the quality and the service size was not compromised. I wished I could have it for lunch and dinner for these 2 days promotion! I wonder if I’d turn into Spider-man for having way too much spider handroll (soft shell crab temaki).

Location: N3.08248 E101.58787