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Our visit to Plus One Shabu-Shabu came to us with a surprise. On our previous attempt, we knew nothing about the place. This time, my friend found out something about them, that we could have 2 types of soup to go with. Besides, he tempted me with the spicy (麻辣) soup, knowing that I’m a sucker for spicy food. So I agreed to him without much objections.

… see that marble table?

… I asked him to make the decision, leave the calculative brain at home. I just wanted to eat. This was what we get in our set.

… the spicy (麻辣) soup. It was more oily than spicy actually.

… beef slice.

… 4 of the many condiments readily available to you. But you have to go get them from the condiment counter.

… I guess this must be lamb.

… fish meat, obviously. (I hope I guessed it right.)

… another type of fish… meat. *cringe*

… he wanted to try the meat ball. Little did he know, they were quite big in size. His excuse was, “I thought they are just like standard fish balls size.”

I had to unbuckle my pants already.

… he even ordered a Maggi noodle! *pengsan*

Rating: 5.5/10

My expectation was on the spicy soup, but it turns out to be really bad. The steam coming out from the soup could paralyze my nose already. I guess they put too much dried chilies in it and not enough salty. It was very oily though. Which reminds me of 咖喱油火鍋. Fortunately, the plain soup was better. So I was busy stealing my friend’s soup (because the pot was over his side) and ignoring mine. The meat were nicely cut up and cooked up easily, so there isn’t much waiting. The condiments were abundance.

I found my favourite sesame oil. I thought I’d have a blast of my lifetime, but it turns out to be the other way round. I do not understand why, the sesame oil was lacked of fragrance, and worse, it was bitter! It was the first time I pushed the sesame oil away in my life. In the end, it was fun eating there, if it weren’t for the over oily soup. The bills turns up to be around RM110 for the 2 of us. Pretty steep though. My friend can’t stop complaining about the heavy price tag. Perhaps I should do the ordering next time, and bring along my calculative brain. There are still plenty of soup types that yet to be tried.

Lat: 3° 8’54.62″N
Long: 101°36’57.23″E

This shop is opened nearby to my usual lunching place in Dataran Ara Damansara. I walked across it one day and got interested, because it has lots of lots of sausages meals. So I told my friend about it if he’s interested to give it a try. And so, my maiden visit to the shop starts today.

… I ordered the weird looking salmon fish cake sandwich.

… my friend just couldn’t part with his beef. He had the beef bacon sandwich.

… I was tempted to try out their sausages and so we made a deal to order a sausage each, so we could try their flavours. I ordered the jalapeño sausage.

… he got the chicken with cheese sausage.

Rating: 7/10

Our first experience was quite a pleasant one, albeit we were full like babies. It’s either we had only sausages or sandwiches, not both. Sandwiches pricing were similar to Subway’s, but I guess I’d prefer Subway for their custom choice of vegetables and sauces. If you are gonna order only sausages, each would cost you around RM4.50 onwards. They even have sausage set if you prefer a more meaty meal.

Location: N3 07.174 E101 34.784

Came to Secret Recipe (again! *groan*) for lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap my food cause I wasn’t fond of Secret Recipe.

… kid’s spaghetti bolognaise.

Rating: N/A

Today was an off day for me, my ex-colleague suddenly ask me to go Low Yat Plaza with him. We have not had anything yet before heading to KL, so we had to bear with the hungry and the minor traffic jams. Besides, we couldn’t decide on what to eat until we entered Low Yat Plaza from the basement parking. It was when I saw this shop, which I used to frequent with my gf back then.

… I think mine was the Hiroshima okonomiyaki, with a cheese on it.

… my ex-colleague, couldn’t bear with cheese, due to his high-blood pressure, so he ordered something spicy, sans the cheese.

Rating: 6/10

They were really good. It was so long ago since I last had them and sorta got scared with them, because I had it almost twice a month, at least. I haven’t had the real authentic okonomiyaki from Kansai before, so I can’t really judge if they were supposed to taste like these. But having it once a while would made you ask for more, rather than having it too often and causes you to loathe it later.

Location: N3.14428 E101.71014

This time around, we had our lunch on a hill. It was chilly there and felt very nice. Opposite the restaurant, there was a very huge lake.

… Mentari Restaurant at Tabanan, Bali.

… this hall was on the hill. Imagine you were so hungry and yet you still have to climb some steps before you reach for your food haven.

… it was buffet style and since they ran out of tomato, I took the last tomato on the plate, which was meant for decoration.

… fish meat on a stick.

… my very own recipe on banana fritter. Stuff with custard and red bean tong shui.

Rating: 6/10

The food was quite nice, especially the soup. I had 2 bowls. The weather there was nice and chilly, since it was on the hill.

Bintang Beers @ Bali

Posted: 2008-05-16 by W in Drink, Non-halal

On the 2nd night of our trip, I’ve decided to drink the local beers with my roommate. They were cheap there, due to the lower tax bracket for liquors, compared to my country. I’m not fond of beers myself, but what the heck. It wouldn’t kill me.

… Bintang beer. Drink it, and you become Captain Bali! (stolen from Captain America, cause it has a star there)

… 2 beers and a dick shaped bottle opener. No, it’s not for my ass. Ask my roommate.

Rating: N/A

I can’t really rate, since I don’t drink much beers. But it’s pretty decent beer, similar to Heineken. The fragrance was there, but Heineken tasted better, I think.

Dinner @ Santi Cafe, Bali

Posted: 2008-05-16 by W in Dinner, Eat, Halal, Non-vegetarian

Dinner on the 2nd day was at Santi Cafe. It was by the beach side. So, enjoy the sound of waves while having your dinner. As well as watching planes taking off and landing, as the airport was visible from where we were seated. Be wary about getting sand into your shoes though

… upon arrival, we were given a full coconut as welcome drink.

… each of us were given a plate of rice, they were rather sticky and not appetizing.

… yes, each of us have a plate of this seafood platter. It has fish, crab, some squids on it. I heard this is usually a costly dinner. Fortunately, it was part of the travel package.

… did they serve us alien crab? I never seen piece like this before.

Rating: 7.5/10

The food wasn’t that nice, especially the fish. It was tasteless. I had to scrape off the outer layer of the fish, which was the only essence of taste for the whole piece of fish meat. Otherwise, it’s worse than eating a slice of bread. We had to share our vegetable, because the seafood platter doesn’t include vegetable. About 2 adults shared a small plate of vege, which doesn’t taste good either. The reason it scored higher was because of the way the food was served. It made them looked premium. Imagine each has their own plate of seafood, with 1 whole crab (anorexic crab). It definitely scored on the fun factor.