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... mangoes sold by an Ah Neh.

... Sze Chuan style stir fried baby lettuce.

... my favourite and must have, fried little squids.

... these ugly beancurd was recommended by the staff there. Made with bamboo carbon.

... Chinese style clam chowder in claypot.

... the inside of the ugly beancurd. It's black even on the inside.

... 2 "ekor" of steamed crab. The pincers were almost as big as my palm.

... got the staff there to cut opened the mangoes that we bought earlier.

Rating: 7/10

Aside learning that there’s actually belacan style baby lettuce, now I realised that baby lettuce can be cooked in Sze Chuan style. It not surprising to find this out if it’s coming from Long Grilled Fish Seafood, because this place is known to have variety of choices on, or off their menu. Unfortunately, as I had high hopes on this Sze Chuan style vege, it turns out the belacan style was still better. Perhaps Sze Chuan style just wasn’t suited for me that much, but it was still good though.

As for the fried little squids, I need not say much. Just read from here:
2008-04-06 @ Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood, Jinjang Utara
2009-05-28 @ Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood, Jinjang Utara

We were introduced this charcoal bean curd. The lady call it the “醜樣豆腐” (ugly bean curd). Aside from the appearance, it tasted pretty much the same, if not exactly the same as ordinary bean curd. The style was pretty normal, tasted quite nice though. The clam soup was our first try. Nothing much to praise about it. I guess Lala Chong’s name is not there for show.

The crabs were exceptionally good. Aside from the giant size, they were quite fresh and the meat don’t stick to the shell as you pull it out. The soup underneath has some wine taste to it, which actually tasted not bad. Though I’d prefer crabs with more crab roe in it. Our dinner ended with the mangoes that we bought earlier. Though some were sweet, some were seriously sour. What a good way to keep the appetite running.

Overall, our dinner was a satisfactory one. I wished this restaurant would move into PJ area instead of so far from where I stay.

... store front of the cafe.

... Kuma's mango juice.

... I ordered a cappuccino.

... sugar water cup which looks like a golf ball.

... ALGJ ordered a chicken chop.

... a basket of fried chicken wings.

... I ordered a Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti.

... Kuma's Carbonara Spaghetti.

Rating: 6.5/10

I was told that the spaghetti here was nice, especially aglio olio. This time I finally remember to come here to give it a try. Brought a long Kuma, ALGJ and TSL. The pasta variety was quite different from other place. Firstly, choose your type of flavour, such as bolognaise, carbonara, aglio olio and etc. Then choose the fillings, such as vegetarian, beef, seafood, salmon and etc.

I wasn’t quite interested on the salmon, cause it’s the most expensive. Kuma ordered the beef carbonara hence I picked the seafood aglio olio. It tasted like most aglio olio, with dried chilis in it. Though the seafood was quite fresh. It cost around RM23 per plate, which was quite reasonable. Though I still prefer the aglio olio taste of Italiannies’. Kuma had a little complain though, as she preferred the carbonara spaghetti from Asia Cafe instead.

ALGJ ordered chicken chop, though that was like the n-th plate of chicken chop she had for the week. The taste was not bad, a lot better than most chicken chops in town. Our basket of chicken wings was mediocre though. And my cappuccino came with a cup of sugar which looks like a golf ball.

... shop front of the place recommended by CTSW.

... non halal, oink.

... a view of the menu.

...100 Plus as drink.

... cover of menu.

... marinated pork ribs.

... CTSW ordered the Sloppy Joe. It comes with a special dipping sauce.

... not sure if original meatloaf is like this, but this was quite nice, but very filling.

Rating: 7/10

This is my first time here despite it’s quite near to where I stay. Aside from that, I didn’t even know this place existed. CTSW whom has been here before, wasn’t being much of a help on what to have. He ordered something light, the Sloppy Joe, while he did mentioned that the meatloaf was nice. When I saw the pork ribs on the menu, I can’t help but ordered it so we could try more stuff.

His Sloppy Joe was not bad. The sauce was like bolognaise sauce used in pasta. Dip the bun, fries into the sauce, or laden the bun with sauce and fries, then eat like a burger.

The meatloaf was indeed quite nice. Despite being only 2-little piece, they were quite tasty and soft. Somehow, the mashed potato was overkilling.

The marinated pork ribs was quite nice. A little sweetened and they fell off the bones easily.

The food here was quite nice, but we were dead full. The price was reasonable. All these cost less than RM70. A good alternative if one has had too much Friday’s or Chili’s.


... I had this in Macau. Gonna try this Kim Gary's version of pork bun.

Rating: 1.5/10

The Macau’s pork bun I had was quite nice with rather heavy garlic aroma. Somehow, this one was just plain pork bun without any garlic aroma or taste in it. It was utterly yucky cause the pork patty isn’t that nice just to be eat as a burger.