Dinner @ New York New York, Singapore

Posted: 2007-12-28 by W in Dinner, Drink, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

During my trip to Singapore, I seen a lot of New York New York chain restaurant scattered everywhere in the city. Then I doubled confirmed with a friend there that this chain restaurant isn’t so bad. So I decided to give it a try on my last night there.

… soft drink with a floating ice cream.

… my brother had a watermelon juice.

… buffalo wings with sour cream, that ain’t so buffalo-esque. They were skinny.

… this was the fried mushroom thing that I don’t have much impression on. The only thing could probably be, it was way too costly to order this there. Not having to take the conversion rates into considerations.

… I ordered the aglio olio spaghetti with chopped up garlic and basically nothing else.

… I think I actually found a bacon in my food. Yes, a real bacon, a pork. Unlike what we were served in my home country, beef bacons. Uweekkk.

… my brother had a bigger plate and more filling dinner. A 1/4 chicken with some fried shrimps.

Rating: 6.5/10

The food was rather nice, but I guess we ordered too much. Though the aglio olio spaghetti wasn’t that nice. Aside from the acceptable food, the price were a little steep, after taking in the conversion rates. Might give it another try the next time I’m going Singapore.


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