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... we occupied 2 tables despite the place was packed with people. But 1 table was too small anyway for the 4 of us.

At first, I’ve got no idea where was this place when my sister told me about it. While on the way, I realised that I’ve came here before, but that was eons ago. Probably 7-8 years back. When we were there, I was thinking we probably can’t get a table cause it was already packed with people. Fortunately, there were 2 tables side by side which could fit the 4 of us, nicely. Though 1 table would do, but I don’t think the table would fit our dishes anyway.

Upon ordering, the lady boss said there are no chickens. They served only “魚、蝦、蟹” (fish, prawn, crab). It sounded funny because “魚蝦蟹” means “et cetera” in Cantonese term. Anyway, we proceed with our order of fried rice as my sister has been praising it. I requested for Tom Yam. What would it be like without Tom Yam when we were in a Thai restaurant, right?

... it was so long ago since I last had a Thai coconut. It was so refreshing and sweet.

... these Chinese crullers similar were little. Probably Thai style crullers. It came with green kaya as condiment, which wasn't too sweet. But the crullers were very oily.

These drink and snack were separately charged. RM4.50 for one coconut was very very costly. The crullers were RM3 per plate. There were only like 11 pieces of them on the place. If given RM3, I think I could have Chinese crullers to my heart’s content.

... condiments for the stuff that we are about to receive.

... there were only 2 choices of vegetables. Kailan and this mixed vegetable.

... this was only plain fried rice, not Thai style fried rice or anything that I was expecting from this place. But there were countless number of prawns in it. Only RM15 for 3 pax portions, very cheap.

... I wasn't too hungry yet, so I wanted something sour to boost my appetite for the dinner.

... this was probably the best tasting grilled squids I've had so far. I was expecting bland tasting grilled squids at first, like I used to have most of the time. But these came as a surprise.

... steamed tilapia. It was somehow prepared in Thai sauce, probably to negates the foul smelling meat of the fish.

Rating: 6/10

Frankly, the nice fried rice was an overstatement. There were a lot of prawns in it for the price of normal fried rice, which was commendable. I guess that’s the reason why most of the tables ordered fried rice, instead of white rice. At only RM5/pax of fried rice, I had at least 5-6 pieces of prawns, average. They were not small either. But in term of the taste department, it tasted like white rice fried in soya sauce. Yup, I could only taste the soya flavour in the rice, nothing else. The egg doesn’t produce any fragrance and the prawns don’t make the rice taste any sweeter either. Anyway, I guess there’s no complain as the portion was big. Mixed vegetables were nothing spectacular either.

The Tom Yam which was prepared in clay pot was acceptable. It was sour and quite thick. Plenty of squids in it and some prawns. Though I prefer a thinner soup base. Grilled squids were my favourite dish of the night. Unlike most grilled squids that I had, this actually tasted salty. And of course, it was best served hot. After it was cold, it no longer taste good anymore. Lastly, the tilapia which was fortunately enough, not very smelly. The meat was soft. Probably because it was prepared in Thai sauce, hence the foul smell was reduced to minimum. Anyway, the sourish and spicy sauce used was very appetizing. I found myself dipping my grilled squids in it and also mixing them into my fried rice.

Location: N3 08.515 E101 45.286

... Kuma wanted to try the vegetarian steamed glutinous rice.

... Kuma also wanted to try the nasi lemak with ayam rendang.

... ALGJ ordered the curry laksa.

... tea and coffee mixed.

Rating: 6/10

It’s my first time trying the vegetarian steamed glutinous rice. It looks unappetizing and the rice was too soft and sticky. The only ingredient in it other than the glutinous rice was the vegetarian BBQ pork. Kuma was complaining about the lacking of chicken meat. The curry laksa was acceptable, but not the best I’ve had. Today’s cham peng was quite nice with nice creamy foam.

Location: N3 02.879 E101 35.055

Asam Laksa

... asam laksa in yellow noodle. My favourite choice.

Kari Laksa

... DL's seafood kari laksa.

Rating: 5/10

Unlike the asam laksa I had the previous time, the soup in my asam laksa today was very salty today. The taste was not bad, especially I had mine in yellow noodle. DL commented that his seafood kari laksa was very well worth it, because there were 5 prawns in it, for only RM12.90.

Location: N3 09.424 E101 36.590


... cendol with gula melaka.

Hokkien Mee

... Hokkien mee ala Nyonya style.

Fried Kuey Teow

... fried kuey teow with sliced sausage and fried pork lard, even cuttlefish rings.

Kerabu Mangga

... kerabu mangga without crispy squid slice.

Rating: 6/10

PG and I came to The Strand, Kota Damansara to check out any appetizing restaurant. We came to The Wok as he first spotted it. At first, I wanted to order dishes and rice, but there were only 2 of us, so I dropped the idea. The cendol looks very similar to those from Malacca. The green jelly tastes pretty good, probably the most tasty I’ve had in KV. Unfortunately, the gula melaka doesn’t have the kind of fragrance I tasted in Malacca. Then the Hokkien mee which was soaked in soup came as a surprised to us. It reminds me of law mee. The taste was so so only and the condiment sambal was nothing to shout about. Fried kuey teow was pretty darn good. I’ve finally found a good enough replacement for SS5A‘s fried kuey teow, but came at a price. It cost RM8 per plate, which is more than double of that I had in SS5. It even has sausage slice and fried pork lard in it. The squid rings came as a bonus, though I don’t think it enhances the taste. Kerabu mangga was like rojak instead, as claimed by PG. I tasted some sugar in it and soaked in prawn paste. I missed the crispy squid slice from the kerabu mangga in my hometown, but this 1 tasted not bad too, not as sour.

I’ll probably come back for its fried kuey teow again, hopefully soon.

Location: N3 09.270 E101 35.572

Fried Kuey Teow

... I missed the fried kuey teow last time, so I must try it this time.

Roasted Chicken Wings

... roasted chicken wings, the same stall that has roasted pigeons.

Rating: 4/10

The previous time I came here, I had roasted pigeon and fried balitong. Before I left, I could smell the good fragrance coming from the fried kuey teow stall. I told myself, I have to try the fried kuey teow the next time I come. Hence, today I straight away went for the fried kuey teow. Unfortunately, it doesnt’ taste as good as the aroma. Then EL asked me to order the roasted chicken wings. I went to order for 4 pieces, but they delivered only 3. The chicken wings weren’t as good as the roasted pigeons. Aside from the lacking of cinnamon (not that I was expecting any), the honey glaze wasn’t as much as on the pigeons and the meat was a bit darkened. Very unappetizing.

Location: N3 02.277 E101 37.094

Beancurd Soup

... ALGJ's favourite beancurd soup.

Steamed Pomfret

... steamed pomfret, RM40.

Claypot Chicken Cooked In Dried Chilli

... this was recommended by the waiter there, claypot chicken cooked in dried chilli.

Yau Mak

... yau mak.

Rating: 5.5/10

Today we went to our favourite beancurd soup place to celebrate TSL’s belated birthday. ALGJ was jumping in joy and Kuma joined us for the very first time. The beancurd soup was as usual, very salty. Kuma likes the claypot chicken in dried chilli. She said the sauce was very nice. They don’t have cod fish on that day, hence we ordered the steamed pomfret out of many other choice. I thought the pomfret was more “luxurious” compared to the other choices. The fish was quite fresh, though Kuma said she could taste the smell in it. Somehow I don’t feel that. The yau mak cooked with preserved beancurd was a little devastating.

Location: N3 03.276 E101 27.936

Milo Shake

... the first time I had Milo shake here was many years ago, introduced by a friend whom stays in Setapak.

Special Porridge

... the famous special porridge. It was published on newspapers so many years ago.

Nasi Lemak

... nasi lemak bungkus. A brand that I've never had.

Nasi Lemak

... this nasi lemak has soggy anchovies, but the chili was very spicy.

Rating: 6/10

The porridge was pretty much the same as last time, except this time, the pepper was free. The last time I had it, it wasn’t as spicy. Then this time, where were carrot slice in it too. DL was complaining about porridge having carrot in it. The Milo shake kosong has added sugar in it. I dunno what’s wrong with the guy’s hearing. The nasi lemak was very ordinary. DL was chomping down 1 pack, I was licking my lips because I wanted to eat too, but trying hard not to, because he was having the one with “Jun” brand. The brand which I had once too many. Then I realised this was another brand, hence I… was tempted.

Location: N3 06.668 E101 36.680