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... raspberry & cranberry sparkling fruit juice.

... aglio olio spaghetti with grilled prawns.

... organic chicken which cost RM78 and it wasn't even a turkey!

... the stuffing made with potato, shredded, which tasted like rice.

... pizza with hams and smoked chicken slices.

Rating: 6/10

EL invited me over for the final dinner in 2009. I suggested Bumbu Bali at first then he said he would rather have Uno Pizza instead. Hence we met in Uno Pizza for dinner immediately. The menu was streamlined because the ala carte menu was not available for festive seasons.

The sparkling juice I had cost RM9. I saw there was passion fruit juice, which is not sparkling. Unfortunately, they don’t have the sparkling one like Esprit. The aglio olio spaghetti was acceptable with mild spiciness. But it was a tad too oily to my liking. The grilled prawns was nice though, though the prawn could’ve been fresher. There were 3 huge prawns just right for the 3 of us. It cost RM30 and I guess each prawn cost close to RM10 each? lol

The organic chicken was overrated. Though it was nice, least of fat but it cost RM78, which is rather too much. It comes with a sauce. The sauce was so nice that it made the chicken nice too. If not for the sauce, I guess the chicken would just be rather normal. The stuffing were rather special though as it tasted like rice.

Finally we had a pizza as EL was saying the more he ate, the hungrier he got. We ordered the Tropicana pizza which has pineapples cutlets which were rather sweet, ham and smoked chicken. The pizza was ok, but not that nice though.

Location: N3 03.009 E101 35.046 (est)

... a huge mural of RX-78-2 saying he loves Ninja Joe.

... 3 pork burgers in different flavours and pork shurikens.

... my sweet & sour pork burger.

Rating: 4/10

I’ve seen a few blog posts about Ninja Joe and finally I get my chance to try it out. It’s something special as opposed to the rest of the burgers we are getting here because it’s made with pork. Yes, P-O-R-K! It probably unique by itself because it’s something non-halal in a country which promotes halal food as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the uniqueness of the pork burger doesn’t cut it for its taste. I guess I’d rather go for BK’s beef burger or McD’s chicken burgers. I guess it’s because the pork patty was not freshly made. They were prepared very early in the morning, and when the orders came in, they were just soaked in the respective sauces, except for Original, which I guess it comes plain without any flavouring, rather than the original baked patty taste. The pork shurikens were unique in its way too. Tasted like potato nuggets you can get from supermarkets, except this one stuffed with minced pork. Though it wasn’t THAT nice.

... iced tea.

... found some leftover otak-otak, which is red in colour as opposed to orange-ish coloured otak-otak from Muar.

... nasi goreng paprik.

... my sister's Tom Yam noodle.

Rating: 3.5/10

After our dinner, we got hungry very soon cause there were quite some walking we had in the Cowboy Town. Went all the way to Alor Gajah for nasi lemak, unfortunately we can’t find any. Hence while on the way back to A’Famosa, we stopped by this Malay eatery by the roadside to have a quickie. I had the nasi goreng paprik, because I haven’t had that for so long.

The nasi goreng paprik was quite oily, though it doesn’t taste all bad. But the rice has weird taste in it. My sister said the rice grain wasn’t washed clean enough, hence the weird taste in it. I thought it was due to the sauce used in frying the rice. The otak-otak wasn’t all bad, but it was probably the most spicy otak-otak I’ve ever had. 2 sticks and I was blowing my tongue already. Talks about POWER. The iced tea was acceptable. I was expecting something very watery.

Location: N2 26.289 E102 11.281

... the ranch.

... the guava juice which has more portion of sugar than the guava itself.

... lamb chop which I do not want.

Rating: -10/10

This is probably the WORST place to have western food. If not because we haven’t any choice, we wouldn’t even want to step inside this place. Overpriced, lousy food. The lamb chop was basically tasteless. It was like microwave-tinged food. The only commendable thing was the sweetness in guava. It’s as if the sugar was FOC there. Anyway, the stupid meal cost over RM80 for 2 pax. Overpriced son of a bitch.

Location: N2 26.618 E102 12.505

... I'm back for Nancy's cendol again!

... the fragrance from the fried rice was killing me, because I was dead hungry already.

... the fragrance from the cincalok fried egg was good, but the taste was yucky.

... unlike last time, this time the popia has very little fried pork lard in it. Probably Nancy read my complaints on my blog.

... our dessert onde-onde, which came late.

Rating: 6/10

We were nearby Jonker Street and can’t think of anything to eat. So I recommended Nancy’s Kitchen to my sister. This was the first time I tried their fried rice and fried egg. The fried rice was quite nice especially the aroma of it, though a tad too salty. The fried egg was not as good as I thought. I thought the cincalok was served as condiment to be dipped in, but it was fried along with the egg. The taste was yucky and it was quite salty due to the cincalok. This time, the nyonya popiah has improved as it wasn’t stuffed with too much pork lard (I can’t believe I’m saying this). I only had 1 piece of the pork lard in my portion while my sister didn’t get any. The onde-onde were quite nice, the elasticity of the skin was just right. Though there aren’t any solid sugar in it like those I had in KV.

Location: N2 11.788 E102 14.767

... the store, a branch of the supposedly famous original store, which I don't know where.

... yeah, it's been a while since I included condiments shots into my post.

... my sister said the roasted pork here was nice... until I showed her the one in Pudu.

... the wanton noodle with glassy noodle.

... the soup that came along with it was filled with pepper. A tad too spicy.

Rating: 4.5/10

My sister said the wanton noodle here was a branch of the famous Hung Kee wanton noodle. She said the noodle here is nice and very springy. It reminds me of a wanton noodle stall in Taman Sea very very long ago, which has similar semi transparent looks on it. It was springy and crunchy too. Better than most wanton noodle I had. But that’s for the noodle’s texture. The sauce used was weird. I guess it has sesame oil in it, which doesn’t really go well with the black sauce. The BBQ pork was not nice and the roasted pork has soggy skin which no longer crispy. The soup was very pepperish, a tad spicy too. But I guess it’s nice since it’s salty enough. I was expecting the wanton to be made with prawn meat, but I was wrong. I guess the noodle would’ve been better if pork lard was used.

Location: N3 07.564 E101 44.110

... the shop front.

... the shop front.

... the stall.

... the stall.

\... the spicy pan mee.

... the spicy pan mee.

Rating: 2/10

This place serves the first pan mee with fried pork lard that I ever discovered. Hence I held a fond memory of it in my mind. Unfortunately, it has moved into the mass market as well. While I ordered for a dried pan mee, like I usually do. The boss prompted me whether to have it “spicy” or not. Without realising it, she was actually referring to the spicy pan mee style. When it was served, I was surprised. My ordinarily nice dried pan mee turns into a spicy pan mee. Anyway, I dived in real quick because I was hungry. It tasted quite bad actually, especially after I’ve mixed in the egg. The whole thing became a sticky chunk. The chilli sauce/paste was not significant either. The fried pork lards were hard like rocks today.

Location: N3 12.879 E101 38.327

... the stall's plate.

... fish balls and fried bean curd.

... Taiwan sausage? But this is a HK delights stall.

... fried brinjal.

... fried squids, nyum nyum.

Rating: 5/10

I’ve seen many patrons sat by the side walk to eat here, but today is the first time for me to try it out finally. The foods were similar to Penang lobak, but in HK style. The taste was acceptable but nothing spectacular, despite I was being very hungry during that time.

Location: N3 08.648 E101 42.631

... store front with rather plain fascia.

... metal grill with fire stove below.

... dancing fire under the grill.

... Kuma's hamburg set.

... my salmon set.

... salmon wrapped in aluminium foil.

... aluminium foil expanded and about to explodes.

... cut up the aluminium foil and revealed the salmon baked in cheese.

... watermelon as dessert.

Rating: 5/10

Today we went to a new Japanese BBQ restaurant in SS15. Though it has been there for quite some time but we’ve never had the thoughts of stopping by there due to the difficulty in finding a parking. Unlike most Japanese restaurant in the vicinity, this was BBQ style, somewhat like Korean BBQ meals. It was a place that serves mainly beef, beef to be grilled. Despite the shop’s name having the word “Kobe”, but I don’t think they serve genuine Kobe beef as the price doesn’t seem to indicate so.

Anyway, to make things simple, we ordered the lunch set each cost RM28. My salmon was rather special which needed to be grilled for 5 minutes. The salmon doesn’t have the usual fishy stink from salmon served in other Japanese restaurant. Probably because of the cheese and mushroom to negates the smell. Kuma’s hamburg beef was rather nice and the portion was big too. Perhaps something I’d try on next visit, or maybe I’ll just order the beef for grilling. SL’s chicken was mediocre. After the lunch, we were served with watermelon slices as dessert. I find that the watermelon has some weird taste in it, but I can’t point out what it was like.

Location: N3 04.515 E101 35.287 (est)