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... we stopped by for some snacks, fishballs!

... pick your own sauces.

Rating: 4/10

Mong Kok was indeed an interesting place. We found fish balls shop along the way. Something which we often see in HK movies and how the local residents tend to soak them in various sauces. Finally, I have my chance of being like them, to eat fish balls by the roadsides.

I must say, the fish balls tasted really bad by itself. It was hardly a fish ball or more like something solid and tasteless. It wasn’t springy at all. Though the curry sauce taste really good. I should have brought along my own fish balls from Malaysia and then soak them in their curry sauce.

... the place we stopped for "stewed milk" (燉奶).

... coffee flavour stewed milk.

... original flavour stewed milk.

... chocolate flavour stewed milk.

Rating: 6.5/10

HK was known for their “stewed milk” (燉奶) as seen from their serial dramas. It’s the 1 of my must-eat item for this trip. Though DC never knew where we could find it. It was fortunate for me for bumping into the shop while walking through the busy streets of Mong Kok, which DC was busy hanky panky-ing with his gf.

The stewed milk was frozen so that they were in solid form. They were like tofu pudding with flavour, with its smooth and silky texture. The taste were quite good, for the original flavour. While the variations weren’t that nice. But I don’t think it’s something that I can have 2nd serving because of the gluttony feeling of being too milky.

... Grilled Chicken Burger, something which is not offered here.

... the inside looks rather... McDonald's.

Rating: 5.5/10

After watching an event in Grand Century Place, HL said he wanted to try out the pork burger in McD, which was not available in Malaysia. Unfortunately, pork burgers only available for breakfast, hence we settled for grilled chicken burger because I told him that’s something which we don’t have in Malaysia as well, while the rest of the menu looked similar.

The grilled chicken patty doesn’t look as appetizing as the one from BK as it seemed marinated before grilling. The taste has a tad of sweetness in it, though not too bad. But I’d still stick with BK Broiler because it doesn’t kill my appetite with its apperance.

PS: I was warned from taking photograph within the vicinity of the shop. I was surprised to find that this particular outlet doesn’t allow patrons to use their camera in the shop’s area, even only for photographing the food.

... Pokka Cafe, reminds me of the coffee flavoured can drinks. I wonder if they are related.

... HL's coffee.

... dragonfruit juice with nata de coco in it.

... smoked duck wraps has good fragrance on it. But it keeps reminding me of my strict diet that I should be taking.

... escargots soaked in mashed potato.

Rating: 5.5/10

The drink was devastating, fortunately the smoked duck wraps were quite good. Though they were really cold. The mashed potato escargot was not as good as butter garlic escargot from San Francisco Steakhouse. I missed it very much.

The bill came up to around HKD188+ for only starters and drinks.

... arrived at our breakfast place, Federal Restaurant.

... yam ball with stuffing.

... I think these were siew mai.

... these fried saucer has a prawn in each of them.

... no idea what were these called, but there were variety of stuff in it.

... peach lookalike buns. It has lotus paste in it.

... finally, genuine HK's chee cheong fun. The sauce used was nicely matched with the food.

... extra prawn dumplings for us.

Rating: 5.5/10

As per our request to our tour guide, DC. Dim sum breakfast in HK is a must. Hence the 2nd day in HK, DC brought us to this chain restaurant, which he deemed as possibly the best dim sum in town, or city. Upon looking at the menu, I had the most puzzled face ever in human history. Aside from the chicken-intestines, the names of the dishes were in at least 4 – 5 letters words. Much like Chinese poetry. Even the Chinese educated guys like DC and EL have got no idea on what are those stuff. While LGJ was sitting quietly waiting for food to be served. Though this meal not gonna be free food is good food for him. Perhaps Taiwanese don’t read Hongkie’s Chinese?

Anyway, the food here weren’t that bad. But they aren’t spectacular either. Quite similar to most dim sum restaurant I can find in Malaysia, except maybe the meat used here were freshier while those in Malaysia’s lacked of consistency. The prawns, like earlier when we had wanton noodles, were still as equally crispy. I tried not to use the condiments as to fully savour the taste of the dim sum. Somehow, they still tasted rather bland for me. I guess I’ve been pampered with condiments my whole life. Wished I was bringing a bottle of Peri-Peri sauce with me that day.

... we went nearby for supper. DC and LGJ's treat because they didn't pay for the beers.

... HK was famous for their milk tea. Finally, my chance to have it.

... something light as supper's snack.

Rating: 2/10

Since the earlier rounds of beers were forked out by EL, HL and me. Hence the supper was covered by DC and LGJ. They were shouting seniority when we had to take turns to pay for the beers. And it finally stopped after my turn. Fortunately, the beers don’t cost as much as other food, if comparison by ratio over to the cost of food in Malaysia. I would say, after conversion, the beer was a tad cheaper than those found in Malaysia. Furthermore, we were having draft beers, which usually cost more than … gassed (?) beers.

I have to had the milk tea as HK was famous for it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to my liking. The milk was really heavy. It was really suitable for those milk lovers. The sweetness was non-existence, as we were given separate sugar. It was the patron’s choice of putting how much sugar as they like. I guess it’s healthier this way, rather than putting your fate in the hand of your macha (our local mamak guy that does the teh tarik).

The soya sauce chicken wings were really unappetizing. The skin was thick as if the chicken has never exercised. Nevertheless, I still manage to finish 1 piece but I wouldn’t want to have it again. Taste wasn’t nothing to shout about. It was basically soaking in those black soya sauce.

... we picked Beer Bar as our final stop for beersssss!

... Kilkenny draft on our first and second round.

... on our 3rd round, we had Hoegaarden. I'd want to try it because I never had it before.

Rating: 5/10

Kilkenny draft was great. A little bit of glistering taste like Heineken, which I like. As for Hoegaarden, which was my first time. It tasted like ginger ale without sugar and a tad sourish. HL said it’s the beer for ladies. I guess I’ll stick with Kilkenny, or Heineken if I want budget drink.

Oh, I almost forgot. I actually don’t fancy beers. So I don’t really drink.