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Had a light supper at Pao Loong tonight. My mom recommended me the mee goreng to me, cause we don’t usually order that dish.

… looks good, taste even better. It was comparable to many mamak stall’s mee goreng. In fact it’s even better than most mamak stall’s mee goreng in KV.

… Chinese tea for oily food.

… belacan fried yau mak. It’s even better than the kangkung counterpart.

… siam style bee hoon. My favourite!

Rating: 8/10

First time having the mee goreng. Boy, was it good? Yes, it was good. But not sure if I’d have it again, cause I just can’t give up eating my siam style bee hoon over the mee goreng. Unless I’ll be going there daily, so I can try different food all the time.

Location: N4.00098 E101.01590

Snacks @ Home

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Went to Ipoh for a little shopping, upon mother’s request. Bought some of these snacks back for my own pleasures.

… I’ve never seen Toblerone that comes in pieces. I think it’s good for snack breaks, cause you don’t have to open up the whole bar. As for the Lindt, I usually won’t buy that, but seeing that I rarely eat Lindt’s cocoa. I decided to give it a shot. Please ignore the rubber band and lens cap.

… there were 5 types of mini triangle inside the box in 5 different wrappers. They should have made 9 types to form the word T-O-B-L-E-R-O-N-E.

… strawberries for my the little monkey (niece).

… my favourite century old eggs, only if there are pickled gingers.

… taking a peek first. Gonna eat it the next morning.

Rating: N/A

As usual, whenever I balik kampung, I’ll get a taste of my favourite seafood at my favourite restaurant (only because they serve the dishes that I like).

… fried chicken salad with fruits cutlets.

water spinach (蕹菜) stir fried with shrimp paste (蝦醬).

… fried little squids. My favourite of them all… but…

… kam heong mantis shrimps.

With both the fried squids and kam heong mantis shrimps, it is really hard for me to decided which one I liked better. I’ll take them both anytime, just to go with my few plates of white rice! Yeah, they are indeed THAT good!

… sweet sour fried crab. Eating crabs wasn’t my forte. All the hard works for the little meats that you can get and the messy fingers, or worse, hands. Sometimes, you’ll even get stain on your shirt. Unfortunately, unlike most sweet sour, which the crabs were drowned in its gravy, this was only laden with some gravy and it tasted unlike most sweet sour crabs. It’s salty and sour.

… halfway through the dishes…

… my best combination. Fried little squids, kam heong mantis shrimps and a healthy pick of kangkung.

Rating: 9/10

Both the kam heong mantis shrimps and fried little squids were spot on. No charred taste in the squids. The vege was right on spot. Not so for the crabs though. This was the first time I tried the fried chicken fruits salad. It wasn’t all that bad, but it’s just odd. Usually fruits salad goes well with boiled shrimps. The sweetness in the prawns after it was boiled was god send.

Location: N4.00098 E101.01590

Little Cakes

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My niece loves cakes, so I bought these for that little monkey.

Rating: N/A

I didn’t eat them, though they looked kinda nice pretty.

Fried Pork Lards

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The best condiment, or some called it snack, that ever discovered. The crunchy outside, the juicy inside, the aroma of fried fats. Unbeatable! My mom specially made this for me as I pay my visit back to my hometown. You can basically mix them into almost any food. (except for desserts, as I haven’t try it before)

Rating: 10/10

My favourite nasi lemak since I was in primary. It was plain and simple, but filled with nostalgia.

… it was so plain that it has only 3 main combinations. Rice, nuts and the gravy.

… the gravy contains anchovies and the best of all, soft shelled prawns. You can just eat it without peeling the shell.

… yummy

… my cravings for Chinese cruller (油條) dipping into coffee has got heavier than before ever since I started working in KV. I used to have them quite often during weekends when I was still studying in school, back at hometown. Missed those tastes.

Rating: 8/10

We went to Jonker’s Street for some window shopping, and eye washing for the guys. Stopped by 1 of the food stall for cendol, cause I was craving for it since my last visit to Malacca. It was just so darn good when you put in gula melaka.

… this was how the standard cendol looked like.

… fortunately, we were given a bottle of melted gula melaka at the owner’s expenses. You can’t put in as much as you like.

Rating: 0/10

It managed to chilled me, but doesn’t quench my thirst. It was a total disappointment. The so-called gula melaka, doesn’t have the fragrance like the real gula melaka. In fact, it was a little bitter. I guess it doesn’t live up to its reputation of being a cendol in Malacca. I gave it a negative point, but since the boss gave us the bottle of fake gula melaka, I decided to give it a zero.

What a shame!

I’ve long heard of the infamous satay celup in Malacca, since March of 2006. But I missed my chance on my last trip to Malacca. That was a year ago. Now I’ve finally stepped into the shop. But before we step into the shop, we had to queue up in front of the shop for our turn, by the roadside.

… portion of food for 7 pax. But why were there only 6 pieces of mini sausages? Who ate 1 of them? Huh? Huh?

… I’ve always loved quill eggs on steamboat. Though this wasn’t steamboat, but it was similar. But these are century old quill egg! That’s double the happiness. Triple the cholesterol. Quadruple shortened your lifespan. Haha!

… these were those internal organs that I don’t eat. Lucky for the rest of them. But I do eat the meatballs though.

… each of us were given a plate of cutlet breads and cucumbers. I couldn’t have enough of them.

… soak them in the gravy, let the gravy find its place into the comfort zone of the bread, then lift up the stick and put them into your mouth. ~yummy~

… from time to time, the boss would personally attend to our table to add in extra gravy. I thought I heard someone shouted “Extra peanuts!!!”. Yes, the gravy and peanuts were manually mixed. Keep stirring so that the gravy won’t get burned at the bottom of the pot.

Rating: 6.5/10

The taste of the gravy was so-so only. I had tasted better satay gravy. At first when I heard of “satay celup”, I’d expect each of us would be given limitless supplies of satays, so that we could dip them into the satay gravy. But I was so wrong. I can’t even find anything that’s remotely resembles a satay, except for its stick form. But there was a fun factor in this, just like how fun it was to eat “luk-luk” by the roadside.

Location: N2.19476 E102.25209

We break for early lunch after leaving from DirectPhoto. I was recommended to this place for grilled fish (ikan bakar) behind Istana Negara. The place was really jam packed during the weekdays, as I was told. Luckily, we were early that morning, so there wasn’t any soul out there eating at that place, cause they serve lunch, rather than breakfast.

… 2 plates of rice with some anchovies fried peanuts, a grilled fish for each of us and 2 plates of cencaru and a bowl of sambal each.

… not sure what fish was that, but it tasted not that bad.

… look at those tasty anchovies and nuts. They are sweetened though.

… the fish a little charred though, but that’s the best part of it.

Rating: 7.5/10

The condiments, especially the anchovies peanuts were great, but the fish still lacking of of something. Probably part of the fish was not properly cooked.