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This place was introduced to me by a friend of mine from my car club. It was one morning that he called me and asked me to meet him there. He was already having breakfast with his other friends. And to make it quick, I ordered a sausage meal that morning. It was kinda good, and they serve pork!

… uncooked rice were used to prevent clogging in the holes.

… we get complimentary dish of roasted chicken. It was… so-so only, despite being free. It’s rather cold.

… a plain cappuccino.

… my friend ordered a bacon with sunny side up. These were real bacon, pork and very oily. Unlike those halal restaurant that serves only beef bacon.

The 2 sunny side up eggs looked like Xbox’s game controller. I was so tempted to… err… squeeze those yolks with my thumbs.

… I had a scrambled eggs with salmon.

Rating: 6/10

Despite how it seemed, my plate was definitely a filler. I was so full that I could barely walk. The food was acceptable, price was reasonable. The best would be the nice scenery. The balcony area was actually facing a mountain with greens, at the meantime. Because the place was developing. Sooner, it will be flooded with houses and bungalows, for the riches. And you’ll be having your breakfast looking at concrete.

Went for dinner with my colleague, MSF. It was rather impromptu, so we landed in Sunway Pyramid and walked around for a bit. Until this restaurant, it sort of intrigued me. The exaggerated mural on the reception sort of catch my eyes. Aside from that, the oysters were going for RM2 each. My colleague, being an oyster lover, she was practically shouting on top of her lungs, “IT’S CHEAP! IT’S SO CHEAP! I WANT OYSTERS! I WANT OYSTERS!”. Hence we got in. The place was rather quiet, not many patrons at that moment. Probably it was way passed dinner time.

… escargot for starter. Something which you can’t miss if you are having Italian food. Those crispy garlic bread stripes were nice.

… before I even started making choice on what to eat, I saw this flyer. I was already thinking to myself, could I possibly squeeze time out during lunch to eat here with my colleagues. The place seemed cozy, at the least.

… fresh oysters, ready to be consumed.

… my cup of cocktail. I’d give it a 10/10 for presentation wise.

… unfortunately, you have to stir in order to drink it in a balanced way. Taste, 6/10.

… my colleague had a seafood spaghetti bolognese.

… on the other hand, I ordered an aglio olio, with plenty of prawns.

… from the photo, I thought this would be something like the lava molten chocolate cake from Chili’s. I was too naive to believed that it was so cheap (RM12 vs RM25). Yes, I was wrong. This dessert sucked. The cake was as hard as rock and there ain’t any molten lava of chocolate syrup at all.

Rating: 5.5/10

The dinner was nice, company was great. It was the last dinner I had with my colleague before she has gotta move on to another company. I had only 3 oysters though, while my colleague had 3 from our first order and another 4 more from our second order. Such an oyster galore. The dessert somehow spoiled the whole scoring though. So, stay off the dessert. Italian was never famous for desserts anyway. You want good dessert, head on to Chili’s instead.

My colleague just got back from Cameron Highland and he brought these back for us, hand picked.

… fresh strawberries from the farm.

Rating: 4/10

I’ve never fancy Cameron Highland’s strawberries, because my past experience tells me that their strawberries, or at least those that were sold to the locals, were sour. It’s bloody sour. So, I’d never eat them. Though I’ve had imported strawberries that were really sweet. So I guess this applies to us as well. Those lucky countries gonna get those sweet strawberries from Cameron Highland. I have had to gave it a 4 for my colleague’s effort on picking them. Though, I wasn’t sure if he washed his hand prior to doing that.

Supper @ Bali

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My earlier dinner was not filling at all. I started to feel the hollowness in my tummy a couple of hours after my dinner. So on the way back to the hotel, I stopped by the M-mart to buy some snacks for supper, and a couple of beers.

… chicken sausages bun. Hmmm, how many sausages can they stuff in this little bun, I wonder.

… it’s hollow inside? WTF?

… you call that sausages? More like half of a half of a sausage!

… and it comes free with paper sticking to it as well! Who’s the QC man???

… luckily I have another secret weapon.

… at least the chocolate cake looks more promising.

… and to flush my throat, I had a bottle of Heineken and Mix Max.

Rating: 2/10

The sausage itself tasted ok, unfortunately, its umbilical cord still attached. *sweat* The Min Max beer was sweet. Kinda nice, berry flavour, if I wasn’t mistaken.

After trying both unique japanese restaurants, Sushi Groove and Pasta Zanmai, we still preferred Sushi Groove, despite the higher price tag. It was unfortunate that I don’t really approve of having pasta in my japanese dishes. It was just weird.

… I missed my change to try out the Unagi Don last time I visited Sushi Groove, hence I ordered it this time around.

… as usual, Soft Shell Crab Temakis can’t be missed. One for each of us.

… we ordered a Tempura + Chicken Teriyaki Box as side dish.

… my friend had the Spicy Hamburg Steak & Egg on Rice this time because he said it was nice the last time I had mine. Why does he seemed to follow my order whenever I had something?

… after finishing my food, I was NBTD.

Rating: 7.5/10

We didn’t order any snake-like sushi this time. Even the portions looked small, but they were really filling. I was bloody full, thanks to the extra bento set.

Lat: 3° 8’54.62″N
Long: 101°36’57.23″E

Had my dinner at PHOP with my friend. Despite many choices on the menu, it was really not easy to pick out your choice, especially when budget is a concern. Aside from that, getting a steak or lamb would be too much for my stomach. While browsing through, I was fortunate enough to find something which I could eat and don’t feel glutton.

… smoked salmon with pancakes.

… I’ve had the twin sausage pancakes. I recommended this to my friend this time.

Rating: 8/10

The smoked salmon was nice, the fragrance was good, despite it was a little cold. The way it was made into a rose-like shape was very, well, romantic for your partner. Only if you were bringing your girlfriend or wife there (provided if they do consume raw salmon), not a dude like my friend. The salmon was salted and the price was reasonable, at around RM20 for my plate. Pretty good discovery made on my side. My friend complimented on the twin sausage set as well, just that it wasn’t filling enough for him.

We we having appreciation dinner for our department, for the hard work of, err, people from other section, not us. Anyhow, I just enjoy the ride. Decent meals at TGIF complete with starter, main course and a dessert. Yes, we get to order the drink of our choice too, except for liquor content.

These were not the food that I ordered, neither did I snap these photos.

Rating: N/A