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Today was my lucky day, because I managed to gather enough people to join me for pizza at Canadian Pizza outlet at SS15. The usually Pizza Hut visits bored me to death and I wasn’t fond of Domino Pizza either. Fortunately, we had a 3rd choice, which came from Canada. Frankly, the first time I entered the shop, it smelled damn weird. Dare I say, it smelled like Indians. Anyhow, if you could withstand the smell, you might find yourself chewing on their pizzas which was quite nice compared to your usual franchise giants.

… onion rings and fried squids. Something you can’t find from Pizza Hut or Domino Pizza.

… ok, I’ve forgotten what were the pizzas that I’ve ordered, not being a regular and all. I don’t think I could recognize them even if I was a regular. If I remembered correctly, I ordered the Mexican, for the spiciness in it and a BBQ chicken. No beef pizza because 1 of my colleagues doesn’t take beef.

Rating: 6.5/10

Like most pizzas, as you gradually feed yourself with more and more flour crust, you’ll feel like vomiting. At least, at Canadian Pizza, the first bite was nice till the last. Remember to stop and not stuff yourself like a baby, then you still might want to look forward for your next visit. Besides, Canadian Pizza is the only pizza chain restaurants that serves really really spicy pizzas.

Location: N3.07369 E101.58836

Brought my mum and sister for a dinner in Dragon-i. Since my mother seldom come visit us, so I thought I’d let her try the local’s Shanghai dumplings (上海小籠包).

… the condiments. Soy sauce, vinegar and chili.

… the tong shui (糖水), longan and snow fungus (雪耳).

… sweet crunchy eels.

… some vege with wood ear (木耳).

… the chili condiment. Very good companion for most of the food.

… Shanghai dumplings. Make sure you don’t break the skin so that the soup would be retained inside.

… spicy and sour soup.

… pai kuat (排骨) with sweet and sour sauce.

Rating: 8/10

The food was good, but the price was steep. But for mommy to eat good food, it doesn’t matter how much I had to pay, as long as she enjoys it. I guess this place would satisfies many Chinese’s parents of current generations.

Location: N3 08.283 E101 36.604

I was brought to this roasted pork stall some time back by my housemate. On first bite, I fell in love with it. It was so crunchy that it actually tasted like fried pork lard. Though most of the time, it has signed of charred roasted skin.

… the BBQ pork (叉燒), not the best, but it was acceptable. Better than most BBQ pork that you can get in KV.

… the trophy of the day, the amazing roasted pork. *drool*

… our servings of the day.

… treasures on my plate of rice.

… this is the boss of the stall. I guess it tasted good because of all the sweat that drops onto the meat.

Rating: 8.5/10

I’d give the roasted pork a 9, but the rest, such as the roasted chicken, it failed miserably. So the score got to lower down. Unfortunately, such great food, you can’t take them very often. Do take only twice a year, in order to live longer, unless you don’t treasure your life.

Location: N3 05.277 E101 40.923

I drove my friend to DirectPhoto to buy a prime lens for her camera. In return, she bought me dinner at Chili’s Grill & Bar.

… bottomless guava juice. It tasted like those Peel Fresh’s guava, run down with water. Basically, it’s tasteless.

… my delicious grilled lamb shoulder. It’s as good as it can get. It reminds me of the grilled lamb chop from TGIF though. Unfortunately, TGIF no longer serving grilled lamb chops.

… my friend’s food, forgotten what it’s called. I know it has fish in it.

… molten lava dessert. It was 1 of the best dessert I’ve ever had! I keep thinking of it after I had it. It’s a must have!

… look at the molten… vanilla ice-cream.

… and it was decorated with caramel as well.

Rating: 8/10

Being a free meal, of course I’d rate it higher. Not that the food there was lousy, but the bottomless juice was really, bad. Others were really good. I could have the molten lava chocolate dessert all day long, only if my stomach was bigger, or at least stretchy.

Location: N3.15055 E101.61538

I was told that the nasi lemak here at Ampang was nice. So I went there 1 fine morning to try it out. My friend paid for it, so I can’t really complain. Next stop would be my sister’s place, since it’s nearby.

… mine, with egg and clams. The gravy’s colours look really delicious.

… my friend’s nasi lemak, with egg, clams and chicken.

… I could have ate both of it. The colour itself already made me drool.

Rating: 6.5/10

It was good, but not as good as the one nearby my office. Ended up, my friend purposely went all the way to Batu 3 for that nasi lemak, a couple of times. Totally ignoring this nasi lemak stall which was only walking distant from his house. Due to the fact that I had to travel so far for this, I have had my expectations set to an enormous height. So, any imperfects on the nasi lemak would render some negative point on it.