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... the hunt, is over.

... Extreme Mocha.

Rating: 7/10

Finally, I found a my favourite coffee place, which I can hangout during weekends. Though it’s not too near, but it was convenient, with plenty of parking space. Most importantly, the place is cozy and it has free Wifi Internet access.

Location: The Sphere

... set meal at ChicKing, fast food for less than RM10.

Rating: 6/10

An acceptable dinner per pax, with rather healthier taste, or how I felt, to conventional fast food fried chicken. First time there with ALGJ, after KLIMS 2010. Been wanting more ever since.

... my brother bought these sushi donuts from Big Apple.

Rating: 4/10

It tasted good on the first bite and the rest spelling s.w.e.e.t!

... Restoran Hafiz.

... rice with egg, okra, lamb, fried squids.

Rating: 6.5/10

My sister brought me here for late lunch. She said the rice here is very nice, but I forgotten what it was called. The rice was cooked with chicken meats in it. The rice has nice aroma to it with slight hints of spice in it. The fried squids were horrible, while the muttons were acceptable. Fortunately, the curry sauce was quite good.

Unfortunately, the staff there was very pushy and keep putting stuff on my place, I had to order him to remove them, harshly.

... iced lime, Thai style.

... one of Thai's usual delicacy, glutinous rice with mango, soak in coconut milk.

... I was craving for fried prawn crackers ever since AC told me we are gonna have dinner here.

... let's try the original Thai style fried rice, see if it's up to par with our local version.

... AC ordered the Pattaya fried rice.

Rating: 5.5/10

This time around, AC brought me to The Summit for some Thai food. I was having rather high expectation on the Thai-style fried rice cause the last good Thai-style fried rice I ever had was around 8-9 years ago, back in Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah. Unfortunately, this fried rice was mediocre. So I had to had it with the jalapeno, lots of it. Somehow, the soya sauce failed me as well. AC’s Pattaya fried rice was reddish in colour. Much like ketchup fried rice. His egg skin (:P) was quite nice though.

I had the glutinous rice mango as dessert, so wash down the not-so-nice Thai-style fried rice. My lime juice was exceptionally sourish. I had to cringe every time I suck it through my straw. By the time I had the prawn crackers, I was feeling quite full. The chilli sauce was so-so only. I was expecting much better ones.

... Smoked Chicken Foccacia still wrapped.

... it looks damn delicious cause I was dead hungry already.

Rating: 6/10

The last meal of the trip was on AirAsia. I ordered the Smoked Chicken Foccacia for the return trip. The air stewardess was very naughty. She told us that my name wasn’t on the list, meaning that we didn’t place any order for the Smoked Chicken Foccacia. When I was about to give up, she asked for my IC for verification. It was then I realised that she pulled a fast 1 on me. Luckily I have my sandwich, as I was really hungry that time, not knowing if there’s anything else to eat. Probably she afraid that I might swallow her up if she deprive me of my food.

Being so hungry, the sandwich tasted exceptionally good. After eating the whole thing, it felt like I haven’t had anything. I missed my Subway sandwiches.

... BBQ Bacon Burger which wasn't available in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the bacon was beef, not pork. Which made this place a halal fast-food restaurant.

... the inside of the burger, which has overflown BBQ sauce. Only 3 thin strips of bacon given.

Rating: 6.5/10

After our trip to Lantau Island, we went on straight to hill top via tram. There we visited Madame Tussauds’ wax museum. After that, we went to BK for dinner. Seeing that it’s in HK, we were so sure that the menu would be different from ours. The only thing was, we were all hoping there was at least 1 pork item on the menu. Unfortunately, it turns out to be pork free.

Anyway, I had the BBQ Bacon Burger, to deceived myself that I was actually having pork bacon. The BBQ sauce were too much, while the bacon were only few strips. I could barely taste the bacon in it. The meat patty tasted pretty much the same as usual BK’s burger. I order just an ala carte burger and it wasn’t cheap.

... the Amazing Hot Dog.

... unwrapping the Amazing Hot Dog.

... seems like a pale dog instead.

... tomato sauce, chilli sauce and honey mustard mayo. Honey mustard mayo got my attention.

... after smearing my dog with mustard.

Rating: 6.5/10

I was told that the hotdog buns served in AirAsia was supplied by 1901. Though it doesn’t show any sign, the size of the hotdog do looks similar. Somehow, I prefer this over conventional 1901’s hotdog and bun. The bun used here wasn’t as chewy as those from 1901 and the hotdog actually tasted salty, as compared to 1901’s which was rather tasteless. The honey mustard mayo was a plus.

... asam laksa with sweet tasting soup.

Rating: 3/10

The only asam laksa soup that would taste sweet was when I had too much of prawn paste mixed into it. This, even when the prawn paste was still on the spoon, already tasted sweet. Which is a bit scary if you ask me. Probably the worst asam laksa I’ve had so far.

... the name was Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato. Yup, it doesn't have a proper name. Mainly just named after the ingredients.

Rating: 6.5/10

My sandwich with added cheese was quite fulfilling. CTSW called for coffee break and I skipped my dinner, eagerly looking forward for a cup of my favourite XM. By the time I reach the place, I was already hungry and I can’t help by had to order 1 of the sandwiches there. I had the Club Sandwich before, which was quite good. Now I wanna try something different instead. Though the bacon was not sauteed until crisp as how I’d like it to be, it still taste good on itself. Reminds me of hams.

Next time I’ll try something different instead…