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... this 糯米雞 was recommended by SLYK. I liked it since then, though it has no mushroom in it.

... another recommendation by SLYK. Quite nice, though without hints of pork fats. Prepare to wait if you want it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Drink more water after the 糯米雞, cause it really kills your throat. If not yours, mine definitely fatal. But it tasted nice, sweet. Wanton mee was good, just that I don’t think it’s worth waiting that long, cause by the time the noodle was served, you are full with 糯米雞 already, cause you would keep eating it while waiting.

... bacons omelette, what else could you have asked for in a breakfast?

Rating: 7/10

Today, MSF wanted to go KL. So I proposed to eat at my favourite Western breakfast place. And yes, she was very very satisfied, so was I.

... the restaurant I'm having breakfast at.

... dried mixed noodle my hometown style.

Rating: 5.5/10

Went to visit my sister today because my niece was at her place. I suggested to eat here because the noodle stall owner originated from the same hometown as me. Missed this kind of dried noodle stirred in thick soy sauce. Though it wasn’t the best but this kind of noodle is not common in KV. What we could get here were mostly just curry noodle or prawn noodle, this kind of dried noodle is really rare, unless it’s wanton noodles. The curry paste was excellent though, brings back memories.

... my breakfast in McDonald's.

... pork patty in soup pasta.

Rating: 2/10

Pork patty was something new to me as this is the first time I tasted pork patty from McDonald’s. The patty was mildy peppered, though it has slightly pork smell in it, which was the kind of smell that I don’t like. The patty was served in a bowl full of pasta with soup.

My advice, NEVER EVER try this. It sucks!

... arrived at our breakfast place, Federal Restaurant.

... yam ball with stuffing.

... I think these were siew mai.

... these fried saucer has a prawn in each of them.

... no idea what were these called, but there were variety of stuff in it.

... peach lookalike buns. It has lotus paste in it.

... finally, genuine HK's chee cheong fun. The sauce used was nicely matched with the food.

... extra prawn dumplings for us.

Rating: 5.5/10

As per our request to our tour guide, DC. Dim sum breakfast in HK is a must. Hence the 2nd day in HK, DC brought us to this chain restaurant, which he deemed as possibly the best dim sum in town, or city. Upon looking at the menu, I had the most puzzled face ever in human history. Aside from the chicken-intestines, the names of the dishes were in at least 4 – 5 letters words. Much like Chinese poetry. Even the Chinese educated guys like DC and EL have got no idea on what are those stuff. While LGJ was sitting quietly waiting for food to be served. Though this meal not gonna be free food is good food for him. Perhaps Taiwanese don’t read Hongkie’s Chinese?

Anyway, the food here weren’t that bad. But they aren’t spectacular either. Quite similar to most dim sum restaurant I can find in Malaysia, except maybe the meat used here were freshier while those in Malaysia’s lacked of consistency. The prawns, like earlier when we had wanton noodles, were still as equally crispy. I tried not to use the condiments as to fully savour the taste of the dim sum. Somehow, they still tasted rather bland for me. I guess I’ve been pampered with condiments my whole life. Wished I was bringing a bottle of Peri-Peri sauce with me that day.

We were leaving Macau very early in the morning to take the 1st ferry ride to Hong Kong. Hence we don’t have any time to hunt for breakfast around the area where we stay. It was until after we’ve secured our ferry tickets, we went to look for food. There was a food court which was already in business early in the morning. We were left with around 10mins before the ferry depart. No time for anything luxurious, so we got a pork bun each. Seeing that pork bun was something recommended by AC as a must have in Macau, I went on ahead with the suggestion.

... finally, the infamous pork bun I heard from everyone. Or maybe just one fella.

... profile view of it.

... cross-section of the pork bun.

Rating: 6/10

I started ripping it apart when we were on the ferry. 1st bite was onto the crispy and crunchy bun. I was amazed at how crunchy it was as I was only expecting soft bun like normal burger. Then the pork patty was quite nice, with heavy garlic fragrance. It help dispels the stinking smell from the pork and it has a tad of crispiness on it. Overall, the whole pork bun experience was really good, but it left me with stinking after taste, thanks to the enormous amount of garlic used.

The bun cost me MOP17, which was about RM8 over here. Some serious bun it was.

... store front of the place.

... iced black coffee.

... fried dumplings with mushroom stuffing.

... soup dumplings with vege.

... meat dumplings in sesame sauce.

... steamed dumplings with prawn stuffing.

Rating: 4/10

Today, ALGJ and me had breakfast with MSF. MSF said she needed to go to nearby office for meeting so I recommended having breakfast in Glenmarie.We ordered 4 types of dumplings as I don’t want to have a heavy breakfast. Firstly, the fried dumpling hasn’t much mushrooms in it. The vege dumplings were plainly meaty as well. Then the prawn dumplings weren’t just plain prawns. Then the meat dumplings were… pretty meaty. I was expecting crunchy prawns meat in the prawn dumplings, but I was wrong. I guess I shouldn’t expect much from cheap food such as these.

Location: N3 04.872 E101 33.605 (est)