Dinner @ Don Sushi, Carrefour

Posted: 2008-09-24 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

DC just shifted to his new home in Bukit Jelutong, which also means he’s not staying with his parents anymore. What would a bachelor do at home all alone when it’s dinner time? Of course, go out and hunt for food. We went to Don Sushi tonight because he has got some cash vouchers he got from Don Sushi during lunch. Yes, this would be his 2nd visit of the day.

… we started off with Unagi Sushi. Each plate cost RM6.90, which is more expensive than Sushi King’s bigger unagi meat on purple plate, which is only RM6 per plate.

… this was the last plate on the kaiten belt. DC was hesitate at first because it was a black plate. I asked him to just grab it because the kitchen isn’t making anymore new sushi as they are closing soon. Black plate cost RM9.90 each.

… the kiasu us were busy hunting for any visible unagis on the belt before we even got time to mix our wasabi. The leftover wasabi in the container was split by us equally.

… yes, Don Sushi has runny sweet sauce. Though they serve that on a saucer only.

… a better look on the unagi sushi roll which was so expensive.

… I had so much wasabi soy sauce mix to spare, so I gotta get some other sushi to dip them. So I go with the Scallop Wings which cost RM3.90 each plate.

… 4 soft shell crab temakis, 2 for each of us. Each of these temaki cost only RM4.90, which is exactly 10cents cheaper than those in Sushi King. I guess the temakis here are the only food cheaper than Sushi King’s.

… soft shell crab maki for RM16.90

… we ordered another 2 more soft shell crab temaki. They were just so good. While waiting, I had some pickled ginger.

… this was also the first time I had Unagi Temaki, for only RM6.90 per plate. Notice the big crab pincer? *drool*

Rating: 7/10

The Unagi Sushis were nothing great for its price. I’d prefer Sushi King’s purple plates, which is cheaper by 90 cents for more unagi meat that you can get. For this portion of unagi on the sushi, it was equivalent to Sushi King’s red plate, which is RM5 each. The black plate’s unagi roll was spoiled by the little dollop of mayonnaise on it. I could hardly taste the unagi. The scallop wings sushis were normal. Fortunately, those sushis on the kaiten belt were 50% off. I guess it was closing period already, hence the discount. DC also found out that it only valid during weekdays.

On the other hand, the soft shell crab temakis were awesome. Not only they were cheaper than Sushi King’s equivalent temaki, but their soft shell crabs were enormous in size and crunchy too! They are to die for! As for the Unagi temaki, I think it was a bit too costly though. Being the first time having a temaki made out of unagi, I’ll let this hefty price pass this time around. The soft shell crab maki was ok, nothing special. Only that it was a bit too salty, due to the sauce they laid on the plate. The rice were a bit loose when you hold them up with chopsticks. Could have been better though!

Being the 2nd time visiting Don Sushi, I guess my experience here weren’t too bad. If I were to visit Don Sushi again, I’ll eat only soft shell crab temakis.

Lat: 3° 4’56.93″N
Long: 101°35’16.34″E

  1. […] Anyway, my colleague was craving for soft shell crabs after I showed her the post on my visit to Don Sushi previously. Then last Friday she said she was craving for it, hoping that I could bring her there. […]

  2. […] Don Sushi’s soft shell crab temaki remains the best of all. Senjyu’s temaki just too plain simple and boring, as Don Sushi’s temaki has ebiko in it aside from the generous piece of soft shell crab. As usual, the unagi sushi here is the best and most affordable, priced at only RM6/plate of 2 unagi sushi. The generous piece of unagi was basically shielding over the shy rice. It’s not something that you’d see from other sushi restaurants. This will remain the top unagi sushi place in my list (Sushi Groove would be the top Maki place. How ironic that it wasn’t called Maki Groove instead) until the Sushi King Bonanza which is starting next week, on 13th October, where sushi on the kaiten belt cost only RM2 per plate. That would mean the size of the unagi on Sushi King’s would turn three-fold the size at original’s price. […]

  3. […] somehow, the soft shell crab wasn’t as big as the last time I had it, but the ebiko is still […]

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