Breakfast @ Office

Posted: 2008-09-19 by W in Breakfast, Eat, Halal, Vegetarian

My colleague, DC got this from the reception. It was courtesy of Maybank, for someone else in our office, which has the same name as him. Somehow, the receptionist mistaken that DL was DC, without knowing DC’s last name. I guess it was a blessing in disguise, as it would benefit us all in the IT room, as we get to eat!

… very nice packaging. Made by Equatorial Hotel and it’s halal.

… according to the reference manual, this was lotus paste with coffee flavour.

Rating: 6/10

I could only taste the lotus paste. I don’t even sense a hint of coffee in it. Even HL, coffee lover didn’t know it has coffee until he saw the manual. The good point was, it uses pure lotus paste, non-mixture, but it was also very sticky. My teeth were overwhelmed by the lotus paste. Very good snacks in small size.


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