Lunch @ Kansai Japanese Restaurant, NZX

Posted: 2008-09-30 by W in Eat, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

This was the third time I visit Kansai Japanese Restaurant, and I’ve lost count of the number of times I visited Japanese restaurants for the past 2 months. Anyway, my colleague was craving for soft shell crabs after I showed her the post on my visit to Don Sushi previously. Then last Friday she said she was craving for it, hoping that I could bring her there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it because my meeting has delayed and it was too late for her to have lunch at that hour. Luckily, this time I was available and she would be able to leave early to go to Kansai to satisfy her cravings.

… Soft Kaniko Salad, ebiko with cucumber slice. What’s hidden underneath, soft shell crab pieces.

… seeing that this is going to be a soft shell crab only meal, I ordered this Soft Kani Maki. Too bad, it doesn’t come in a whole roll.

… something which can’t be missed, Soft Shell Crab Temaki.

… my mixture of green stuff.

… sweet soy sauce, upon request.

… she was laughing at me for snapping on the sweet soy sauce, hence she passed me the rest of the stuff for me to snap.

Rating: 8/10

I felt so crabby because our meal consists mainly of soft shell crabs. I rarely eat this little when I’m in a Japanese restaurant. It was a really light lunch because I’ve got plan for having dinner at Klang in the evening. Besides, it wouldn’t be nice to let her watch me eat while she chomps away her only soft shell crab temaki, right? So I made sure we’ve got stuff in a pair so we could split evenly and try to slow her down at the same time. The bill came up to RM32.00, including of 10% service charge. Every items were eligible for 10% discount. This was the first time I’m paying the bill in Kansai, after visiting the place for the third time.

  1. Shan Pei says:

    Im just back from lunch at Kansai Restaurant. Really..that restaurant should be named Kan*sai! First, they kept the set lunch menu and only gave to us when we asked for it (we spotted the menu at the entrance). I ordered set D – 1 chawanmushi, 7 pieces of sushi and 1 salad. And for that I paid RM15.99+. The sushi was dry and not fresh. I had a hard time swallowing the crabstick that tasted like styrofoam. I didnt touch the raw salmon sushi, didnt want to risk getting food poisoning. The 4 pieces of maki was filled with! My 2 frens’ chicken teppan was not really JAPANESE chicken teppan. More like oyster sauce chicken. Really FIRST and LAST time for us!

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