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Today, CTSW came looking for me for lunch. Since we don’t have anything to do, so I recommended that we head on to KL and have lunch in the foot court at Lot10. This time around, I get to try out the BKT, at last.

... a place not suited for certain ethnic of people.

... the bak kut teh looks delicious. I wonder how's the taste.

Rating: 8/10

Though I don’t really fancy Klang’s BKT, but this particular Mao San Gao (毛山稿) BKT really changed my mind. It tasted really really good. The soup was thick and black, with quite heavy scent of herbs, which I’ve never tasted before from Klang’s BKT. The meat was tender and the guy was nice enough to pick the leanest piece of meat for me. As such request was usually turned down. This BKT cost me around RM16 for a bowl of rice and a bowl of meat and soup. Steep, but it was really. I will definitely have this again when I’m back to Lot10 again for meals.

... suddenly I felt like eating bubur cha cha when I saw the picture on a stall. But this was lacking in sugar and coconut milk. Rather runny.

Rating: 3/10

Despite its look, this dessert tasted quite bad. Now I really wonder, did their quality dropped or the owner of the food court liked the plain runny taste of Bubur Cha Cha? Definitely not to my liking. It was quite runny as if they’ve mixed a lot of water in it to make a few more bowls to earn the quick bucks. Stay away from the dessert stall.

... this oysters omelette was so-so only.

Rating: 5/10

The oysters omelette was just mediocre, nothing to shout about. Though it was better than the one I had in HK, which was smaller and cost more than this.

On the very same day for dinner, I had the same Mao San Gao BKT again, at the Bandar Puteri Puchong’s outlet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste as good as the 1 I had in Lot10, though the price was cheaper. It lacks the herb flavour in it which I preferred.

Went to DoReMi for dinner with AC. This time he finally has the chance to try the fried flat noodle at the siu chao stall.

... honey sweet potato and normal sweet potato.

... both has yellowish inside with the honey one more yellowish.

Rating: 6/10

Coincidently, the fried chestnut and sweet potato little lorry was stopping right in front of DoReMi. I decided to try the sweet potatoes as I usually don’t eat these snacks. Since there’s an extra mouth to help eat them, I went ahead and bought a normal sweet potato and a honey sweet potato.

AC seems to like them as the sweet potato wasn’t dry, as he mentioned. As for me, I haven’t had them for ages. Pretty nice as the skin wasn’t too difficult to peel. Though most of the meat was sticking to the skin. The honey one was easier to peel. But it was no as moisture as the normal one. Though this was a little more sweet than the normal sweet potato. At the same time, I find it too sweet. So I’d rather go with the sweet potato next time.

... fried flat noodle with beef.

Rating: 7.5/10

The first time I had this, it was amazing. The steam was billowing up to my face and it has very good aroma. The fried flat noodle wasn’t too dry as well. Despite being dry fried, it was very moisture and rather oily. But it was nice. Nicer than the too dry fried flat noodle from Taman Paramount. Together with the jalapeno, it reminds me of the fried flat noodle from my hometown, which I missed very much.

This is probably the best fried flat noodle in town. Will keep my options opened for something better if I ever encounter any, while AC said, “just enjoy the best that you’ve found and don’t bother about hunting…”

AC said he gotta go pick up some buns that he ordered from a hair saloon. Yes, a hair saloon, selling buns, only a couple shops lot away from DoReMi. I was dead the hungry by the time we were heading there. So I told him there’s a Seafood Ler restaurant where it has pretty nice fu yong egg rice which I had a couple of days back. He agreed to have dinner there as well, after picking up the buns.

... first time having charcoal bun. Wasn't exactly sure what kind of taste I'd be expecting.

... first time having charcoal bun. Wasn't exactly sure what kind of taste I'd be expecting.

... it was sweet, not just the sweet potato, but the bun itself.

... it was sweet, not just the sweet potato, but the bun itself.

... half of the 32 buns with 2 non-charcoal buns.

... half of the 32 buns with 2 non-charcoal buns.

... 2nd half of the 32 buns. It was priced at RM1.80 each. Only RM50 for 32 pieces + 2 free sample.

... 2nd half of the 32 buns. It was priced at RM1.80 each. Only RM50 for 32 pieces + 2 free sample.

Rating: 6/10

My hand was practically shaking from the low sugar level in my bloodstream due to the hunger I was experiencing. I had to wait for him to pack all the stuff, then went outside to snap some photos of them. There were peanut butter filling, read bean, custard and sweet potatoes. I wanted the peanut butter but my strict diet said NO. So I settled with sweet potatoes. Should have opted for custard but it was already being packed nicely in the packaging of 4. We were given 2 extra samples by the lady boss, a peanut butter and a sweet potatoes. I guess I don’t have much choice.

The filling was rather generous. The bun itself was a little bit sweetened, which was pretty neat. Say bye bye to my strict diet because I just realised that I can’t take yeast as well, after having my 2nd bite. I would wanna try their custard bun next time. One was good enough to stop my shaky hand. I guess 2 would make me full already, not because of the size, but from the glutinous feeling of having the similar taste. For RM1.80 each, I find it rather costly, but the boss said outside were selling for RM2.50 each for charcoal buns.