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... Restoran Hafiz.

... rice with egg, okra, lamb, fried squids.

Rating: 6.5/10

My sister brought me here for late lunch. She said the rice here is very nice, but I forgotten what it was called. The rice was cooked with chicken meats in it. The rice has nice aroma to it with slight hints of spice in it. The fried squids were horrible, while the muttons were acceptable. Fortunately, the curry sauce was quite good.

Unfortunately, the staff there was very pushy and keep putting stuff on my place, I had to order him to remove them, harshly.


... vegetable.

... stir fried vermicelli with little clams.

... squids cooked in 2 flavours. Deep fried squids and my favourite fried little squids.

... 2 XL sized crabs cooked in 2 flavours.

Rating: 8/10

This is the place that I’ve been wanting to come very often, and at the same time, would like to introduce it to my fellow friends and colleagues. Because this is a seafood place that worth every penny. This time around, I brought along ALGJ and MSF. MSF said she wouldn’t have join us if it wasn’t for my birthday celebration. It was because Jinjang is just so far away from our office. The time we took to reach here was more than 1 hour, due to the after office hours jam.

As usual, the fried little squids that I won’t miss, while MSF said she has been craving for crabs all this long. Hence we ordered 2 XL sized crabs. A sweet and sour flavour and baked style. The crabs were magnificent because the size of the pincers were about the size of my palm. Sweet and sour flavoured crab was not a simple dish to make. So far, I haven’t had a good sweet and sour crab in KV before. The last best one was from my home town, which I think the place has closed down. Now, I have finally found a sweet and sour crab which I could put in my mouth. Not that I’m biased, but it was really good. As for the baked crab, it was very salty though, similar to what I had in Seremban.

Fortunately, both of them were quite satisfied with the food and find that the bill was reasonable. Before we left the place, MSF said she has to come again for crabs next time. Generally, all the food we had for the evening were quite good. This place has never disappoint me so far.

... the stall's plate.

... fish balls and fried bean curd.

... Taiwan sausage? But this is a HK delights stall.

... fried brinjal.

... fried squids, nyum nyum.

Rating: 5/10

I’ve seen many patrons sat by the side walk to eat here, but today is the first time for me to try it out finally. The foods were similar to Penang lobak, but in HK style. The taste was acceptable but nothing spectacular, despite I was being very hungry during that time.

Location: N3 08.648 E101 42.631

... we occupied 2 tables despite the place was packed with people. But 1 table was too small anyway for the 4 of us.

At first, I’ve got no idea where was this place when my sister told me about it. While on the way, I realised that I’ve came here before, but that was eons ago. Probably 7-8 years back. When we were there, I was thinking we probably can’t get a table cause it was already packed with people. Fortunately, there were 2 tables side by side which could fit the 4 of us, nicely. Though 1 table would do, but I don’t think the table would fit our dishes anyway.

Upon ordering, the lady boss said there are no chickens. They served only “魚、蝦、蟹” (fish, prawn, crab). It sounded funny because “魚蝦蟹” means “et cetera” in Cantonese term. Anyway, we proceed with our order of fried rice as my sister has been praising it. I requested for Tom Yam. What would it be like without Tom Yam when we were in a Thai restaurant, right?

... it was so long ago since I last had a Thai coconut. It was so refreshing and sweet.

... these Chinese crullers similar were little. Probably Thai style crullers. It came with green kaya as condiment, which wasn't too sweet. But the crullers were very oily.

These drink and snack were separately charged. RM4.50 for one coconut was very very costly. The crullers were RM3 per plate. There were only like 11 pieces of them on the place. If given RM3, I think I could have Chinese crullers to my heart’s content.

... condiments for the stuff that we are about to receive.

... there were only 2 choices of vegetables. Kailan and this mixed vegetable.

... this was only plain fried rice, not Thai style fried rice or anything that I was expecting from this place. But there were countless number of prawns in it. Only RM15 for 3 pax portions, very cheap.

... I wasn't too hungry yet, so I wanted something sour to boost my appetite for the dinner.

... this was probably the best tasting grilled squids I've had so far. I was expecting bland tasting grilled squids at first, like I used to have most of the time. But these came as a surprise.

... steamed tilapia. It was somehow prepared in Thai sauce, probably to negates the foul smelling meat of the fish.

Rating: 6/10

Frankly, the nice fried rice was an overstatement. There were a lot of prawns in it for the price of normal fried rice, which was commendable. I guess that’s the reason why most of the tables ordered fried rice, instead of white rice. At only RM5/pax of fried rice, I had at least 5-6 pieces of prawns, average. They were not small either. But in term of the taste department, it tasted like white rice fried in soya sauce. Yup, I could only taste the soya flavour in the rice, nothing else. The egg doesn’t produce any fragrance and the prawns don’t make the rice taste any sweeter either. Anyway, I guess there’s no complain as the portion was big. Mixed vegetables were nothing spectacular either.

The Tom Yam which was prepared in clay pot was acceptable. It was sour and quite thick. Plenty of squids in it and some prawns. Though I prefer a thinner soup base. Grilled squids were my favourite dish of the night. Unlike most grilled squids that I had, this actually tasted salty. And of course, it was best served hot. After it was cold, it no longer taste good anymore. Lastly, the tilapia which was fortunately enough, not very smelly. The meat was soft. Probably because it was prepared in Thai sauce, hence the foul smell was reduced to minimum. Anyway, the sourish and spicy sauce used was very appetizing. I found myself dipping my grilled squids in it and also mixing them into my fried rice.

Location: N3 08.515 E101 45.286


... lamb on left, chicken on right.

Fried chicken

... fried chicken.

Fried Fish Eggs and Squids

... fried fish eggs and squids


... fish cutlets.


... rice on banana leaf with limitless papadam.

Fried Bittergourd

... according to MSF, these were fried bittergourd. Though they weren't bitter at all.

Rating: 6/10

The place was packed with crowds. The people keep coming and going, throughout lunch hours. MSF told us that they don’t use MSG in their food, hence the mildly flavoured gravies and stuff. The lamb was like quite normal, though the curry chicken was nice and tender. The fried chicken was disappointing. Fried fish egg was something new to me, though I don’t really like it. As for my favourite fried squids, it was pretty… tastely. Not salted at all.

The bill came up to RM80 for the 4 of us. Seems pretty steep for the amount of food served.

Location: N3 06.099 E101 39.226

... utensils.

... utensils.

... green tea, but where's the third cup?

... green tea, but where's the third cup?

... soft shell crab temaki, wrapped in tortilla instead of seaweed.

... soft shell crab temaki, wrapped in tortilla instead of seaweed.

... squids on a stick.

... squids on a stick.

... Ebi to Ika no Spicy Pasta, yes, read it in English and you'll understand. From Ebi to Ika, there's no spicy in the pasta.

... Ebi to Ika no Spicy Pasta, yes, read it in English and you'll understand. From Ebi to Ika, there's no spicy in the pasta.

Rating: 5.5/10

The soft shell crab temaki got my jaw sored. Probably due to the tortilla being used instead of the usual crispy seaweed. The temakis were served in 3 different types of sauces. I could only make out 2 of them, which were curry sauce and mayonnaise. I’ve got no idea what the third sourish and little spicy sauce was. The grilled squids on a stick was nice. Despite it it was cold, the taste was good, probably glazed with salt water. Though I expected it to have better fragrance like most grilled squids. Finally, my not spicy was only mediocre. Not that I have a good impression on this place on my previous visit.

The service for the day was terrible. We had to wait for more than 30 minutes for our main course to be served. Not that the preparations for pasta would take that long. And despite all the time taken, our ingredients weren’t exactly better than usual. The squid rings on my pasta was rather hard, and the taste of the whole thing wasn’t that good either.

Went for a quick dinner nearby the place we stay. Yet again, I’m at the Fishing Village seafood restaurant for the second time.

... a few big prawns, enough for the few of us, especially when I was still on strict diet.

... a few big prawns, enough for the few of us, especially when I was still on strict diet.

... this plate of vege was very small portion and it was very salty.

... this plate of vege was very small portion and it was very salty.

... Teo Chew style steamed fish.

... Teo Chew style steamed fish.

... my favourite dish, black pepper fried squids.

... my favourite dish, black pepper fried squids.

... Tom Yam style vermicelli.

... Tom Yam style vermicelli.

Rating: 7.5/10

This time, the salted egg yolk prawns weren’t that good, despite I was comparing to the one I had the first time, which was already cold and slightly sweetened. The fish was acceptable with the soup right on spot. Fortunately, the soup wasn’t as devastating as the one we had in Yan Yan A One‘s. Then my favourite black pepper fried squids. This time, the squids was not fully deep fried, it was a tad less crunchy than those I had last time. Finally, the tom yam vermicelli was acceptable, but it was a bit sweet though which I find it rather odd.

Location: N5 27.595 E100 12.822