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... we went nearby for supper. DC and LGJ's treat because they didn't pay for the beers.

... HK was famous for their milk tea. Finally, my chance to have it.

... something light as supper's snack.

Rating: 2/10

Since the earlier rounds of beers were forked out by EL, HL and me. Hence the supper was covered by DC and LGJ. They were shouting seniority when we had to take turns to pay for the beers. And it finally stopped after my turn. Fortunately, the beers don’t cost as much as other food, if comparison by ratio over to the cost of food in Malaysia. I would say, after conversion, the beer was a tad cheaper than those found in Malaysia. Furthermore, we were having draft beers, which usually cost more than … gassed (?) beers.

I have to had the milk tea as HK was famous for it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to my liking. The milk was really heavy. It was really suitable for those milk lovers. The sweetness was non-existence, as we were given separate sugar. It was the patron’s choice of putting how much sugar as they like. I guess it’s healthier this way, rather than putting your fate in the hand of your macha (our local mamak guy that does the teh tarik).

The soya sauce chicken wings were really unappetizing. The skin was thick as if the chicken has never exercised. Nevertheless, I still manage to finish 1 piece but I wouldn’t want to have it again. Taste wasn’t nothing to shout about. It was basically soaking in those black soya sauce.