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... 4 different flavours of pork sausages.

... mixed pork platter.

Rating: 6/10

There were 4 flavoured sausages on that grilled sausage plater. They were quite nice cause they don’t have that kind of pungent smell from other pork sausages that I had. As for the mixed platter, the pork belly was acceptable cause the fats were not to thick. My piece of pork rib was easy to manage cause the meat fall off the rib bone easily, while EL’s piece was very stubborn though.

Location: 3.076803, 101.612611

... shared this roasted pork with BBQ sausage rice with HL. DC said the portion was very big and I was saving my stomach for HK's egg tart from day 1 of the trip.

Rating: 4/10

We stopped by here for a quick bite after leaving our bags at the inn. DC said the portion was big, hence I had to share it with HL. What I had in mind was that we were gonna eat all the way throughout HK, so it’s wise not to stuff ourselves and leave space for many other goodies we are about to meet. I was calling out for egg tarts the whole time while queuing up for the food.

The BBQ pork was so so and the sausage was a tad weird. Probably because I rarely have pork sausages. Fortunately it was laden with enough sauce, else the rice would be rather dry. Little did I know, this meal turns out to be the heaviest tasting meals I was gonna have throughout the whole trip in HK.

... the stall's plate.

... fish balls and fried bean curd.

... Taiwan sausage? But this is a HK delights stall.

... fried brinjal.

... fried squids, nyum nyum.

Rating: 5/10

I’ve seen many patrons sat by the side walk to eat here, but today is the first time for me to try it out finally. The foods were similar to Penang lobak, but in HK style. The taste was acceptable but nothing spectacular, despite I was being very hungry during that time.

Location: N3 08.648 E101 42.631

I was told about the new western food stall in DoReMi. I finally got the time to give it a try. The boss was recommending the Maryland chicken chop as he was selling it at a discounted price.

... this Maryland chicken chop was given a discount price, hence I decided to give it a try.

... this Maryland chicken chop was given a discount price, hence I decided to give it a try.

... the sausage's innard looks weird.

... the sausage's innard looks weird.

Rating: 1/10

The fries were quite good as well as the egg. The baked beans were right at how they should be. Unfortunately, it would be my last time eating from this stall. The sausages tasted weird and the black pepper sauce used tasted very very weird. It was like, engine oil. Not that I’ve tasted engine oil before, but you get the drift. The chicken patty was fried into crisp though. If without the sauce, everything would’ve tasted much more better.

Location: N3 07.192 E101 34.765