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... the restaurant I'm having breakfast at.

... dried mixed noodle my hometown style.

Rating: 5.5/10

Went to visit my sister today because my niece was at her place. I suggested to eat here because the noodle stall owner originated from the same hometown as me. Missed this kind of dried noodle stirred in thick soy sauce. Though it wasn’t the best but this kind of noodle is not common in KV. What we could get here were mostly just curry noodle or prawn noodle, this kind of dried noodle is really rare, unless it’s wanton noodles. The curry paste was excellent though, brings back memories.

... char cheong noodle.

... fish slice noodle soup.

... dumplings.

Rating: 4/10

First time having lunch here. Last time I came here was having breakfast and I tried the various flavours of the dumplings there. Today, I had something more filling. I ordered the char cheong noodle, which looks delicious, yet it wasn’t. The fish slice noodle was not bad though. Dumplings were nothing to shout about.

A place I’ll reserve when I ran out of stuff to eat and in desperate moment.

Location: N3 04.872 E101 33.605 (est)

... a typical eatery store by the roadside in Hong Kong.

... give it another chance, try the HK milk tea again.

... Nissin noodle with luncheon meat and sunny side up egg.

Rating: 5/10

Went to the back alley for a quickie breakfast before we go to Lantau Island. I ordered the milk tea to see if the taste would be more suitable for me. The taste was still the same, pretty consistent compared to the previous milk tea I had. The noodle was nissin noodle, very much like our instant noodle. This breakfast was a heavier flavoured meal I had in HK.

... DC gave us 2 options, Tsim Chui Kee or the shop beside. I wanted to try their 細蓉 (small) wanton noodle, hence we went to this.

... the so-called 細蓉 wanton noodle.

Rating: 5/10

Our first proper lunch was in Tsim Chui Kee. Though I’ve got no idea where it was located. I had the wanton noodle soup there as I wanted to try 細蓉 and snap some photos for KUMA to see. Unfortunately, their so-called 細蓉 was small sized wanton noodle, rather than what I watched on TVB HK’s serial drama, where the preparations method was rather unique.

Anyway, the taste was rather bland. Soup was light in taste. Hence I was walloping the condiments like made. Turning my wanton noodle into spicy wanton noodle, ala spicy panmee style. Somehow or rather, the condiment was very salty. The wanton has really big and crispy prawns in it, which was quite nice. The noodle was out of this world. I’ve never had such nice and crispy wanton noodles ever back in Malaysia. It’s a must have in HK, the wanton noodle. Just like Estabelecimento De Comidas Cheong Kei in Macau, probably the way they prepared the noodle was with huge ass bamboo stick.

... honourable recommendations by Chua Lam.

... even the name plate was placed inside the shop despite the cramped place.

... Coca-Cola served in bottle. Something difficult to find back in home country.

... DC's shrimp powder wanton noodle.

... it has crispy prawns wanton.

Rating: 5.5/10

This place was recommended by Chua Lam, though I’ve got no idea who he was. EL said he has white hair (白頭佬). Anyway, I should have ordered what DC ordered cause that was really nice. As for my plain wanton noodle, the prawns in the wanton were quite good, though the wanton skin was not that nice. The noodle was excellent. Something which I never tasted back in Malaysia. It was a tad crunchy unlike those wanton noodle in Malaysia which was soft and semi soggy.

... while waiting for food to be served. These classic China you won't see at the food court outlets.

... Qing Hai style noodle with chicken.

... stir fried mutton, which was quite spicy.

... Xin Jiang style noodle, which seemed more appetizing than the one I had last time @ Carrefour.

Rating: 5.5/10

Finally, today I managed to try the more “genuine” Xin Jiang style noodle. As opposed to the one I had in Carrefour, which turns out to be overly soupy. The gravy in this Xin Jiang style noodle was more toward sourish, nothing like padprik at all. I like this one better as the noodle was better too, not oily feel as I had from Carrefour outlet.

The stir fried mutton was quite disappointing. Aside from not tasting like mutton, it was damn sinewy as well. After a few chew, it tasted like there was bloody stink in it. I don’t like it.

As for the Qing Hai style noodle, the gravy used was different, though the colour was quite similar.

Location: N3 02.811 E101 35.227

The first time I tried this food was at the shop itself in USJ9. It was (highly) recommended by EL and AT. Instead of having beef noodle, I had the mutton soup noodle instead. EL recommend me to try the Xin Jiang’s style noodle, but it was cost RM10. I was reluctant at first. Later I found out that there were outlets in many other places, one of them being in Carrefour Subang Jaya.

Hence I recommended this to Kuma tonight, after our little shopping spree in Carrefour.

... Xin Jiang's style beef noodle. Soaked in gravy.

... Kuma's beef noodle soup.

Rating: 4.5/10

The gravy has a layer of oil on it, which sorta killed my appetite. I was reluctant on the taste of the gravy at first. Somehow, I find that it tasted like paprik’s gravy, except for the colour of it. The noodle was handmade, it has no hint of alkaline in it. Though I preferred the noodle from the shop, which was not as soft as the one here. The beef cutlets were very sinewy. I expected them to be much better. Along the way of eating, Kuma was complaining that her soup was very oily.

Perhaps I’ll give Xin Jiang’s style noodle another try at the shop. It might have been done much better.

PS: The whole food court was smelling rather foul. It was 1 of the reasons my appetite was killed.