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... mangoes sold by an Ah Neh.

... Sze Chuan style stir fried baby lettuce.

... my favourite and must have, fried little squids.

... these ugly beancurd was recommended by the staff there. Made with bamboo carbon.

... Chinese style clam chowder in claypot.

... the inside of the ugly beancurd. It's black even on the inside.

... 2 "ekor" of steamed crab. The pincers were almost as big as my palm.

... got the staff there to cut opened the mangoes that we bought earlier.

Rating: 7/10

Aside learning that there’s actually belacan style baby lettuce, now I realised that baby lettuce can be cooked in Sze Chuan style. It not surprising to find this out if it’s coming from Long Grilled Fish Seafood, because this place is known to have variety of choices on, or off their menu. Unfortunately, as I had high hopes on this Sze Chuan style vege, it turns out the belacan style was still better. Perhaps Sze Chuan style just wasn’t suited for me that much, but it was still good though.

As for the fried little squids, I need not say much. Just read from here:
2008-04-06 @ Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood, Jinjang Utara
2009-05-28 @ Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood, Jinjang Utara

We were introduced this charcoal bean curd. The lady call it the “醜樣豆腐” (ugly bean curd). Aside from the appearance, it tasted pretty much the same, if not exactly the same as ordinary bean curd. The style was pretty normal, tasted quite nice though. The clam soup was our first try. Nothing much to praise about it. I guess Lala Chong’s name is not there for show.

The crabs were exceptionally good. Aside from the giant size, they were quite fresh and the meat don’t stick to the shell as you pull it out. The soup underneath has some wine taste to it, which actually tasted not bad. Though I’d prefer crabs with more crab roe in it. Our dinner ended with the mangoes that we bought earlier. Though some were sweet, some were seriously sour. What a good way to keep the appetite running.

Overall, our dinner was a satisfactory one. I wished this restaurant would move into PJ area instead of so far from where I stay.

... iced lime, Thai style.

... one of Thai's usual delicacy, glutinous rice with mango, soak in coconut milk.

... I was craving for fried prawn crackers ever since AC told me we are gonna have dinner here.

... let's try the original Thai style fried rice, see if it's up to par with our local version.

... AC ordered the Pattaya fried rice.

Rating: 5.5/10

This time around, AC brought me to The Summit for some Thai food. I was having rather high expectation on the Thai-style fried rice cause the last good Thai-style fried rice I ever had was around 8-9 years ago, back in Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah. Unfortunately, this fried rice was mediocre. So I had to had it with the jalapeno, lots of it. Somehow, the soya sauce failed me as well. AC’s Pattaya fried rice was reddish in colour. Much like ketchup fried rice. His egg skin (:P) was quite nice though.

I had the glutinous rice mango as dessert, so wash down the not-so-nice Thai-style fried rice. My lime juice was exceptionally sourish. I had to cringe every time I suck it through my straw. By the time I had the prawn crackers, I was feeling quite full. The chilli sauce was so-so only. I was expecting much better ones.

... stopped by for a dessert after much walking in the mall.

... LGJ got these for us.

... HL bought these for us.

... I got HL to buy me the mango pomelo dessert.

... this fried oysters was so damn small. From the photo, it seems quite big. Photos can be deceiving or they actually shrank the size of it.

... BBQ pork and roasted goose rice.

Rating: 6/10

Some of the jellies were nice, though others were a little weird. Somehow, I’ve never seen similar stuff over here. The one with red beans were a nice touch as I like red beans. But their red beans were quite tasteless. Only if they were a little sweetened. My mango pomelo dessert were nice, with heavy enough mango flavour in it, despite the bitter taste of the pomelo.

The rice however, wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. I’d thought that every roasted rice would be nice in HK, being the last of roasters. I didn’t opt for the roasted pork because EL ordered roasted pork and I managed to try a piece. As for the roasted goose, it was a nice touch because it’s really difficult to find roasted goose in where I’m from. They don’t serve roasted chicken as well, which I believe that’s a delicacy by the Hailamese.

Mango Delight

... the last piece of Mango Delight in the counter. Yes, it was leftover from yesterday.

Set Lunch

... ALGJ's set lunch, chicken in BBQ sauce.

Flavoured Latte

... the aptly named flavoured latte. I went with hazelnut syrup.

Rating: 4/10

My Mango Delight cake was a mess when it was delivered to me. Instead of standing by itself, it was laid down sleeping like a lazy pig. What a way to serve your patron their precious slice cake! I had to flip it up to take photo of it, though the cake looked like it was just gutted by a robber. My latte was nothing to complain about, but for RM7.50 each, I prefer something more tasty.

ALGJ’s chicken set looks nice though, especially that sauce. I might have guessed it wrongly, it could’ve been sweet and sour sauce. Unfortunately, she was super hungry today as she cleaned the whole plate, without any leftover for me to try.

Location: N3 05.692 E101 35.231

Went for Ice Monster for some desserts before we left the place. I was telling him that the mango ice-cream here was superb, tasted like like a real mango. So AC was tempted to try it out.

... mango flavoured ice-cream on the front and passion fruits flavoured ice-cream on the back.

... mango flavoured ice-cream on the front and passion fruits flavoured ice-cream on the back.

Rating: 5.5/10

The mango ice-cream was indeed very mango-ish. There were even fibres in the ice-cream itself. Though I wonder how’s the mango sorbet would be like. AC had the passion fruits. Which was a tad sourish and very sweet. Tasted more like syrup ice-cream than authentic passion fruits ice-cream. I guess the one from Haagen Dazs was just so much better.

... instead of inside a shop, it was a makeshift stall.

... instead of inside a shop, it was a makeshift stall.

... the most expensive item on the menu, cost RM16. Forgotten the name though.

... the most expensive item on the menu, cost RM16. Forgotten the name though.

... my plain looking mango with sago and pomelo cost RM12. They even forgotten the mint on top of it, which was shown in the menu.

... my plain looking mango with sago and pomelo cost RM12. They even forgotten the mint on top of it, which was shown in the menu.

Rating: 4/10

I was dead hungry while waiting for my dessert to be served. Yes, I was served last as well, out of the 3 items. Being so hungry, I supposed everything would taste better. Aside from the slight bitterness in my pomelo, the dessert tasted very ordinary. Plenty of sago but mango wasn’t abundance though. Something which doesn’t warrant the price tag of RM12.

I told myself, I wouldn’t go back to the place again. Their desserts were way too overrated. Ambient wasn’t exactly romantic either. I guess I’d rather spend my money on Yogur Berry instead.


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DL was so reluctant to go home as he was desperate to shoot something with his new toy. In the end, we ended up in KTZ for a drink. The place was crowded, luckily not the same for the parking. We managed to park nearby and walked for about 1 minute to the shop. Anyway, parking our asses proved to be a challenge instead.

... DL's favourite mango flavoured sai mai lou.

... DL's favourite mango flavoured sai mai lou.

... while MH and me had kiwi flavoured one.

... while MH and me had kiwi flavoured one.

Rating: 5/10

As I was finishing my sai mai lou, the bottom part was very sweet. I guess the sugar water just sink down further and further.

Location: N3 07.114 E101 37.344