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... a typical eatery store by the roadside in Hong Kong.

... give it another chance, try the HK milk tea again.

... Nissin noodle with luncheon meat and sunny side up egg.

Rating: 5/10

Went to the back alley for a quickie breakfast before we go to Lantau Island. I ordered the milk tea to see if the taste would be more suitable for me. The taste was still the same, pretty consistent compared to the previous milk tea I had. The noodle was nissin noodle, very much like our instant noodle. This breakfast was a heavier flavoured meal I had in HK.


... the Amazing Hot Dog.

... unwrapping the Amazing Hot Dog.

... seems like a pale dog instead.

... tomato sauce, chilli sauce and honey mustard mayo. Honey mustard mayo got my attention.

... after smearing my dog with mustard.

Rating: 6.5/10

I was told that the hotdog buns served in AirAsia was supplied by 1901. Though it doesn’t show any sign, the size of the hotdog do looks similar. Somehow, I prefer this over conventional 1901’s hotdog and bun. The bun used here wasn’t as chewy as those from 1901 and the hotdog actually tasted salty, as compared to 1901’s which was rather tasteless. The honey mustard mayo was a plus.