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... Grilled Chicken Burger, something which is not offered here.

... the inside looks rather... McDonald's.

Rating: 5.5/10

After watching an event in Grand Century Place, HL said he wanted to try out the pork burger in McD, which was not available in Malaysia. Unfortunately, pork burgers only available for breakfast, hence we settled for grilled chicken burger because I told him that’s something which we don’t have in Malaysia as well, while the rest of the menu looked similar.

The grilled chicken patty doesn’t look as appetizing as the one from BK as it seemed marinated before grilling. The taste has a tad of sweetness in it, though not too bad. But I’d still stick with BK Broiler because it doesn’t kill my appetite with its apperance.

PS: I was warned from taking photograph within the vicinity of the shop. I was surprised to find that this particular outlet doesn’t allow patrons to use their camera in the shop’s area, even only for photographing the food.