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... I'm back for Nancy's cendol again!

... the fragrance from the fried rice was killing me, because I was dead hungry already.

... the fragrance from the cincalok fried egg was good, but the taste was yucky.

... unlike last time, this time the popia has very little fried pork lard in it. Probably Nancy read my complaints on my blog.

... our dessert onde-onde, which came late.

Rating: 6/10

We were nearby Jonker Street and can’t think of anything to eat. So I recommended Nancy’s Kitchen to my sister. This was the first time I tried their fried rice and fried egg. The fried rice was quite nice especially the aroma of it, though a tad too salty. The fried egg was not as good as I thought. I thought the cincalok was served as condiment to be dipped in, but it was fried along with the egg. The taste was yucky and it was quite salty due to the cincalok. This time, the nyonya popiah has improved as it wasn’t stuffed with too much pork lard (I can’t believe I’m saying this). I only had 1 piece of the pork lard in my portion while my sister didn’t get any. The onde-onde were quite nice, the elasticity of the skin was just right. Though there aren’t any solid sugar in it like those I had in KV.

Location: N2 11.788 E102 14.767

... been craving for it since the start of my stric diet days.

... been craving for it since the start of my stric diet days.

Rating: 5.5/10

Despite having nasi lemak for breakfast, it wasn’t such a complete nasi lemak at all. Mainly due to my strict diet, I had to discard those anchovies and the nuts. So I was left with just the rice, eggs and the chili. Nevertheless, it was a good breakfast, especially good when you were monk (on food) for so long. The egg yolk gone bad on me on the last bite though, which was rather yucky.