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... fried chicken, highly recommended by DL.

... stir fried Maggi noodles.

Rating: 5/10

Running out of stuff to eat, DL brought us to his regular hangout place. He said it’s a low cost dinner and the fried chicken was nice. To me, the fried chicken was fresh, freshly fried. Which also means that it was soaked in cooking oil and animal fats. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the kind of chicken that I like. I would still vouch for the ayam goreng sempalit at DoReMi.

... this 糯米雞 was recommended by SLYK. I liked it since then, though it has no mushroom in it.

... another recommendation by SLYK. Quite nice, though without hints of pork fats. Prepare to wait if you want it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Drink more water after the 糯米雞, cause it really kills your throat. If not yours, mine definitely fatal. But it tasted nice, sweet. Wanton mee was good, just that I don’t think it’s worth waiting that long, cause by the time the noodle was served, you are full with 糯米雞 already, cause you would keep eating it while waiting.

... bottomless iced lemon tea.

... a rather costly Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Quesadillas as appetizer.

... close up on Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Quesadillas.

... grilled beef ribs.

... it falls off from the bone easily. Nicely done.

... close up on the beef ribs meat.

... the Brownie Obsession was something new. Decided to give it a scoop.

Rating: 6.5/10

PG was enjoying the view of The Curve Boulevard yesterday when we were at Italiannies. He wanted to experience the same thing again today, hence we went next door of Italiannies, the brother company, TGI Friday’s. PG ordered the ribs while I picked the appetizer.

The appetizer was quite good, though the price was not cheap. While the ribs was interesting, but it was a bit charred/dried. Anyway, I’ve never had beef ribs for eons, I guess once a while makes no harm to my strict diet. The dessert was very sweet though. I thought I could substitute Chili’s molten chocolate cake with this brownies, but I guess I was wrong. Both of use could barely finish it.

... complimentary bread with olive oil and vinegar.

... bottomless iced lemon tea.

... it was so long ago since I last had stuffed mushrooms.

... close up on the stuffed mushroom.

... recommended this prawn aglio olio to PG for his 1st time.

Rating: 6.5/10

I found out from PG that he has never tried Italiannies’ Aglio Olio pasta before, hence I suggested that we go there for early dinner. It’s been a while since I last had pasta there as well. This time, I ordered my favourite stuffed mushrooms as well. I wasn’t sure if it was because I never had stuffed mushrooms for too long, I find that the taste was different, just wasn’t as good as the 1st few times I had it.

As for the pasta, PG was very satisfied with it. He said he never expected it to be that good. I was very satisfied with the pasta as well, as it was consistent all of the time I patronise Italiannies.

... store front of the cafe.

... Kuma's mango juice.

... I ordered a cappuccino.

... sugar water cup which looks like a golf ball.

... ALGJ ordered a chicken chop.

... a basket of fried chicken wings.

... I ordered a Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti.

... Kuma's Carbonara Spaghetti.

Rating: 6.5/10

I was told that the spaghetti here was nice, especially aglio olio. This time I finally remember to come here to give it a try. Brought a long Kuma, ALGJ and TSL. The pasta variety was quite different from other place. Firstly, choose your type of flavour, such as bolognaise, carbonara, aglio olio and etc. Then choose the fillings, such as vegetarian, beef, seafood, salmon and etc.

I wasn’t quite interested on the salmon, cause it’s the most expensive. Kuma ordered the beef carbonara hence I picked the seafood aglio olio. It tasted like most aglio olio, with dried chilis in it. Though the seafood was quite fresh. It cost around RM23 per plate, which was quite reasonable. Though I still prefer the aglio olio taste of Italiannies’. Kuma had a little complain though, as she preferred the carbonara spaghetti from Asia Cafe instead.

ALGJ ordered chicken chop, though that was like the n-th plate of chicken chop she had for the week. The taste was not bad, a lot better than most chicken chops in town. Our basket of chicken wings was mediocre though. And my cappuccino came with a cup of sugar which looks like a golf ball.

... steamed nuts, not as sweet and juicy as Tai Thong's nuts.

... sweet and sour fish fillet rice.

... Kung Pao Chicken Rice.

... the bill. Seems like the steamed nuts were free of charge.

Rating: 4/10

First time patronising this restaurant. Our set cost us only RM9/pax. Apparently, the steamed peanuts were complimentary. The taste were mediocre, but for such cheap price, you have a plate of rice with 2 types of vegetables and 1 meat as main course. Then you have a choice of hot or cold Chinese tea, bottomless. It’s really no complain if you are looking for a budget meal.

The sweet & sour sauce on fish fillet was acceptable, but the fish fillet was rather foul. I guess the fish was not as fresh as it could be. As for the Kung Pow chicken, it was nothing Kung Pow at all. Avoid the Kung Pow chicken set at all cost.

In the end, you’ll end up with a rather farty lunch.

... Smoked Chicken Foccacia still wrapped.

... it looks damn delicious cause I was dead hungry already.

Rating: 6/10

The last meal of the trip was on AirAsia. I ordered the Smoked Chicken Foccacia for the return trip. The air stewardess was very naughty. She told us that my name wasn’t on the list, meaning that we didn’t place any order for the Smoked Chicken Foccacia. When I was about to give up, she asked for my IC for verification. It was then I realised that she pulled a fast 1 on me. Luckily I have my sandwich, as I was really hungry that time, not knowing if there’s anything else to eat. Probably she afraid that I might swallow her up if she deprive me of my food.

Being so hungry, the sandwich tasted exceptionally good. After eating the whole thing, it felt like I haven’t had anything. I missed my Subway sandwiches.