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... finally, a Mos Burger outlet located inside a mall in Mong Kok.

... I was recommended the Octopus Burger, 1st item on the menu.

... the first MOS Burger I had was back in Singapore and it was unagi with rice. But that was very small. Fortunately, this was bigger than KFC's Colonel Burger

Rating: 6.5/10

HL was complaining that he hasn’t seen any MOS Burger in HK no our 3rd day here. While I was strolling alone in the busy street of Mong Kok, they all went ahead to somewhere else. When it was over lunch time, I decided to take a break in the nearby shopping mall, while chilling myself and dry my sweat with the aircond there. Unsure of what to have for lunch, suddenly I stumbled upon MOS Burger hidden in the mall a few floors above ground. Without hesitation, I went ahead to have my lunch there.

The menu was different from what I saw on my last visit to MOS Burger in Singapore. I guess there were probably new items being introduced. I wasn’t sure what I should pick, hence I asked for recommendations. The waitress at the counter recommended the 1st item on the menu, which was an octopus burger. Hence I went on ahead with it.

Despite being made into a patty, it still contains actual octopus flavour in it. I guess the patty was made purely from octopus meat, except for the outer layer which was mildly fried. The taste was pretty good and the size of the burger was bigger than what I expected. As my first MOS Burger was the unagi burger with rice, and the size was really tiny.

It was a worthwhile experience after all.


... BBQ Bacon Burger which wasn't available in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the bacon was beef, not pork. Which made this place a halal fast-food restaurant.

... the inside of the burger, which has overflown BBQ sauce. Only 3 thin strips of bacon given.

Rating: 6.5/10

After our trip to Lantau Island, we went on straight to hill top via tram. There we visited Madame Tussauds’ wax museum. After that, we went to BK for dinner. Seeing that it’s in HK, we were so sure that the menu would be different from ours. The only thing was, we were all hoping there was at least 1 pork item on the menu. Unfortunately, it turns out to be pork free.

Anyway, I had the BBQ Bacon Burger, to deceived myself that I was actually having pork bacon. The BBQ sauce were too much, while the bacon were only few strips. I could barely taste the bacon in it. The meat patty tasted pretty much the same as usual BK’s burger. I order just an ala carte burger and it wasn’t cheap.

... Grilled Chicken Burger, something which is not offered here.

... the inside looks rather... McDonald's.

Rating: 5.5/10

After watching an event in Grand Century Place, HL said he wanted to try out the pork burger in McD, which was not available in Malaysia. Unfortunately, pork burgers only available for breakfast, hence we settled for grilled chicken burger because I told him that’s something which we don’t have in Malaysia as well, while the rest of the menu looked similar.

The grilled chicken patty doesn’t look as appetizing as the one from BK as it seemed marinated before grilling. The taste has a tad of sweetness in it, though not too bad. But I’d still stick with BK Broiler because it doesn’t kill my appetite with its apperance.

PS: I was warned from taking photograph within the vicinity of the shop. I was surprised to find that this particular outlet doesn’t allow patrons to use their camera in the shop’s area, even only for photographing the food.