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... hot plate bean curd. It has the best tasting sauce ever!

... pork stir fried with bitter gourd in thick soya bean sauce. A tad too salty, but it's different from what I usually have.

... sour vegetables soup, pretty normal.

... stir fried water spinach in belacan.

Rating: 7/10

This was a place recommended by a fellow friend whom home town is in Kluang, if we got the place correct from his ad-lib instructions to the location. We haven’t had anything for lunch since we departed from Tioman island, all the way drive from Mersing to Kluang. This late lunch has turned into a dinner instead.

As I stated above, the sauce from the hotplate bean curd was excellent. Those weren’t sauce per se, it was more like the mixed substance of cooked oil with ingredients which leak out from your food when you grilled them hard. In another word, the ESSENCE of the food! Just great! I wished I could find something similar back in KV. I wasn’t good with bitter gourd, as I don’t like the bitterness in them. Nevertheless, this plate of stir fried pork with bitter gourd was quite good. Bitter gourd wasn’t too bitter and the pork was nice. Though the chef was a little heavy handed, it was a tad too salty, but would be perfect if you had them with rice. While the soup and water spinach was just ordinary.

Couldn’t remember how much was the dinner, but it was a good one, aside from us being too hungry from skipping our lunch.

After our impromptu hike up the hills in Taman Tun, we went to my residence nearby restaurant to replenish our energy.

... fried belacan yau mak.

... fried belacan yau mak.

... Teochew style red snapper. Still not sour enough.

... Teochew style red snapper. Still not sour enough.

... my sudden cravings prompted me to order this hot plate bean curd.

... my sudden cravings prompted me to order this hot plate bean curd.

Rating: 5/10

The fried belacan yau mak was bitter. Something is very wrong with the vege itself. There weren’t any sign of little shrimps either. I wonder what would DL say about it. The fish was ok, though the soup was not sour enough, but it was still better than the one in Soon Kee. The hot plate bean curd was so-so only. Doesn’t cause me to crave for more.

The dinner was full, I guess mainly due to the lacked of taste in the food. Somehow, I whacked quite a lot of the fish though, cause that’s the best amongst the 3.

Location: N3 07.237 E101 34.748