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The last time we came here, the place was sold out. This time we were here a lot earlier. It was DL’s 3rd attempt though, after 2 failures.

While waiting for DL to park his car and order for food, these are the eye candies from the place.

... Old Master Q (老夫子) as mural for the washrooms. Classic!

... wine rack? Not really, but rather empty bottles.

... instead of leaving business cards, they keep umbrellas.

Now, the good stuff begins…

... zhup fan? This was nice, the taste was just right.

... pot of gold, basically formed with seafood of various species.

... I call this the mommy's fried egg.

... finally, a dish which the place was meant for, BBQ grilled lamb.

... it looked like a slice from a roasted duck.

... the leftover soup from pot of seafood was turned into a vegetable mushrooms soup.

And all good stuffs come at a price…



... shared this roasted pork with BBQ sausage rice with HL. DC said the portion was very big and I was saving my stomach for HK's egg tart from day 1 of the trip.

Rating: 4/10

We stopped by here for a quick bite after leaving our bags at the inn. DC said the portion was big, hence I had to share it with HL. What I had in mind was that we were gonna eat all the way throughout HK, so it’s wise not to stuff ourselves and leave space for many other goodies we are about to meet. I was calling out for egg tarts the whole time while queuing up for the food.

The BBQ pork was so so and the sausage was a tad weird. Probably because I rarely have pork sausages. Fortunately it was laden with enough sauce, else the rice would be rather dry. Little did I know, this meal turns out to be the heaviest tasting meals I was gonna have throughout the whole trip in HK.