... this 糯米雞 was recommended by SLYK. I liked it since then, though it has no mushroom in it.

... another recommendation by SLYK. Quite nice, though without hints of pork fats. Prepare to wait if you want it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Drink more water after the 糯米雞, cause it really kills your throat. If not yours, mine definitely fatal. But it tasted nice, sweet. Wanton mee was good, just that I don’t think it’s worth waiting that long, cause by the time the noodle was served, you are full with 糯米雞 already, cause you would keep eating it while waiting.


... set meal at ChicKing, fast food for less than RM10.

Rating: 6/10

An acceptable dinner per pax, with rather healthier taste, or how I felt, to conventional fast food fried chicken. First time there with ALGJ, after KLIMS 2010. Been wanting more ever since.

... bacons omelette, what else could you have asked for in a breakfast?

Rating: 7/10

Today, MSF wanted to go KL. So I proposed to eat at my favourite Western breakfast place. And yes, she was very very satisfied, so was I.

... the famous grilled fish in Petaling Street.

... smells damn good, worth the wait.

... smells good too and the squids actually tasted salty. Very nice!

Rating: 7.5/10

The grilled fish and squids were really good. Though the wait was really long, if you can stand it. Took us around 1 hour to have our grilled seafood served.

... a famous Hokkien styled noodle in Petaling Street, with snobbish and fucked up staffs.

Rating: 2/10

The Hokkien Mee was acceptable only, nothing to shout about. But you do really get shouted at if you didn’t order enough while waiting for grilled fish at their tables. So ended up, they chased you away to the grilled fish tables area. If only they would pay more attention at cooking the food than scrutinizing which customers to stay or leave, it would have been a much more better food tasting experience.

Yeah, UP YOURS. Your Fukking Mee don’t taste that great to permits you to shout at customers.

... arrived at dinner place, finally.

... forgotten what fish we had. I was busy with my new phone.

... curry wild boar meat. I was still busy with my new phone.

... recommended pork cutlets with yam (胡桃扣肉). I was too busy with my new phone.

... some vege with plenty of leftovers. I wasn't really that busy with my new phone, but the vege was not nice at all.

... mushrooms with fishballs. Tasted not bad actually, especially the sauce. Finally not busy with phone, cause ...

Rating: 4/10

… my phone ran out of battery. 😛

Another secret was … Read the rest of this entry »

... some 3 layered from your friendly pork.

... boil the oil until it is bubbly.

... start deep frying those pork.

... looking good.

... unfortunately, the inside looked raw.

I really don’t want to give it any ratings cause this experience was pretty much failed. Got the recipe from 阿蘇 2nd season. She said (from my best memory):

  • put some salt into some cold water, mix it until the salt dissolved.
  • add some garlic into the cold water as well.
  • soak the raw pork into the cold water for like 5 – 10 minutes.
  • take out the porky and wrap it dry with a piece of dry cloth. It has to be very dry in order to avoid armageddon when try to fry it.
  • boil oil until hot and dancing bubbles are seen.
  • put the salty garlicky porky into the oil and fry.
Here comes the interesting part:
  • leave the pork in the oil and close the pan.
  • lift the pan a little to let the air out.
  • when the explosions subsided over time, open it a little and shakes some water droplets into the wok. QUICKLY shut the lid and let the explosions continue.
  • repeat the steps above until the porky meat looks nice, like a piece of golden bar.
Guess what? The inside was quite cold.

... my brother bought these sushi donuts from Big Apple.

Rating: 4/10

It tasted good on the first bite and the rest spelling s.w.e.e.t!