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... the hunt, is over.

... Extreme Mocha.

Rating: 7/10

Finally, I found a my favourite coffee place, which I can hangout during weekends. Though it’s not too near, but it was convenient, with plenty of parking space. Most importantly, the place is cozy and it has free Wifi Internet access.

Location: The Sphere


... red bean shaved ice.

... durian shaved ice.

... close up on the red bean shaved ice.

... close up on the durian shaved ice.

Rating: 6.5/10

After our lunch at Win Soon Cafe, we went to KL for a walk. We wanted to stop by for a drink and PG remembered about this food court in Lot10, which specializes in gathering all the best food from all over KV. When we were there, the place was quite packed and seats were quite scarce. While we were seated by the BKT counter, I went ahead and ordered us 2 bowls of shaved ice from Snow Ice counter.

Out of both the flavours, durian and red beans. I must say I prefer durian more than red bean. I guess the heavy taste on durian is just right to be made into shaved ice. The ice were shaved so finely that they immediately melts in the mouth as you put them in, while remained solid on the outside at room temperate, only slowly melting away.

It was a good experience being there as I’ve never seen such food in KV before. At least now I know where to find them whenever I have cravings for them. Price wise, it was a bit steep for such dessert, but it saves you the convenient, and I bet the rent there isn’t cheap either for the furnishing that Lot10 has put in for the tenants.

... I had this in Macau. Gonna try this Kim Gary's version of pork bun.

Rating: 1.5/10

The Macau’s pork bun I had was quite nice with rather heavy garlic aroma. Somehow, this one was just plain pork bun without any garlic aroma or taste in it. It was utterly yucky cause the pork patty isn’t that nice just to be eat as a burger.

... Pokka Cafe, reminds me of the coffee flavoured can drinks. I wonder if they are related.

... HL's coffee.

... dragonfruit juice with nata de coco in it.

... smoked duck wraps has good fragrance on it. But it keeps reminding me of my strict diet that I should be taking.

... escargots soaked in mashed potato.

Rating: 5.5/10

The drink was devastating, fortunately the smoked duck wraps were quite good. Though they were really cold. The mashed potato escargot was not as good as butter garlic escargot from San Francisco Steakhouse. I missed it very much.

The bill came up to around HKD188+ for only starters and drinks.

... Mr. Brown's Arabica coffee.

Rating: 5.5/10

The walking was taking a toll on me, better stop by for a drink. Grabbed this bottle of mocha, which seemed the most convincing to me on the shelf of 7-11. Tasted pretty ok. Mildy sweetened and not bitter at all. HL said it was the must have in HK/Taiwan. I guess it’s because we don’t get it here in Malaysia. What we have were just Pokai (Pokka) coffee.

... the Amazing Hot Dog.

... unwrapping the Amazing Hot Dog.

... seems like a pale dog instead.

... tomato sauce, chilli sauce and honey mustard mayo. Honey mustard mayo got my attention.

... after smearing my dog with mustard.

Rating: 6.5/10

I was told that the hotdog buns served in AirAsia was supplied by 1901. Though it doesn’t show any sign, the size of the hotdog do looks similar. Somehow, I prefer this over conventional 1901’s hotdog and bun. The bun used here wasn’t as chewy as those from 1901 and the hotdog actually tasted salty, as compared to 1901’s which was rather tasteless. The honey mustard mayo was a plus.

... the stall's plate.

... fish balls and fried bean curd.

... Taiwan sausage? But this is a HK delights stall.

... fried brinjal.

... fried squids, nyum nyum.

Rating: 5/10

I’ve seen many patrons sat by the side walk to eat here, but today is the first time for me to try it out finally. The foods were similar to Penang lobak, but in HK style. The taste was acceptable but nothing spectacular, despite I was being very hungry during that time.

Location: N3 08.648 E101 42.631