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... we went nearby for supper. DC and LGJ's treat because they didn't pay for the beers.

... HK was famous for their milk tea. Finally, my chance to have it.

... something light as supper's snack.

Rating: 2/10

Since the earlier rounds of beers were forked out by EL, HL and me. Hence the supper was covered by DC and LGJ. They were shouting seniority when we had to take turns to pay for the beers. And it finally stopped after my turn. Fortunately, the beers don’t cost as much as other food, if comparison by ratio over to the cost of food in Malaysia. I would say, after conversion, the beer was a tad cheaper than those found in Malaysia. Furthermore, we were having draft beers, which usually cost more than … gassed (?) beers.

I have to had the milk tea as HK was famous for it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to my liking. The milk was really heavy. It was really suitable for those milk lovers. The sweetness was non-existence, as we were given separate sugar. It was the patron’s choice of putting how much sugar as they like. I guess it’s healthier this way, rather than putting your fate in the hand of your macha (our local mamak guy that does the teh tarik).

The soya sauce chicken wings were really unappetizing. The skin was thick as if the chicken has never exercised. Nevertheless, I still manage to finish 1 piece but I wouldn’t want to have it again. Taste wasn’t nothing to shout about. It was basically soaking in those black soya sauce.

... we picked Beer Bar as our final stop for beersssss!

... Kilkenny draft on our first and second round.

... on our 3rd round, we had Hoegaarden. I'd want to try it because I never had it before.

Rating: 5/10

Kilkenny draft was great. A little bit of glistering taste like Heineken, which I like. As for Hoegaarden, which was my first time. It tasted like ginger ale without sugar and a tad sourish. HL said it’s the beer for ladies. I guess I’ll stick with Kilkenny, or Heineken if I want budget drink.

Oh, I almost forgot. I actually don’t fancy beers. So I don’t really drink.

... beef rice.

Rating: 5.5/10

DC said the Yoshinoya’s beef noodle was excellent here. Unfortunately, we ended up with only beef rice because it was already late and rice was all that’s left for us to eat. Anyway, it wasn’t all that bad. At least the bowl of rice was steaming hot. The beef was nicely cooked with little hint of beef smell and they are definitely not sinewy. Although the looks of it seem unappetizing.

I ended up with a very full stomach and it was already late. But we have plan of going for drinks. So I guess better go full stomached rather than empty and get drunk easily. Hope the alcohol wouldn’t affect much on my preservations of strict diet (though I’ve forgotten that I should practise this already, long ago.)

... honourable recommendations by Chua Lam.

... even the name plate was placed inside the shop despite the cramped place.

... Coca-Cola served in bottle. Something difficult to find back in home country.

... DC's shrimp powder wanton noodle.

... it has crispy prawns wanton.

Rating: 5.5/10

This place was recommended by Chua Lam, though I’ve got no idea who he was. EL said he has white hair (白頭佬). Anyway, I should have ordered what DC ordered cause that was really nice. As for my plain wanton noodle, the prawns in the wanton were quite good, though the wanton skin was not that nice. The noodle was excellent. Something which I never tasted back in Malaysia. It was a tad crunchy unlike those wanton noodle in Malaysia which was soft and semi soggy.

... iced tea.

... found some leftover otak-otak, which is red in colour as opposed to orange-ish coloured otak-otak from Muar.

... nasi goreng paprik.

... my sister's Tom Yam noodle.

Rating: 3.5/10

After our dinner, we got hungry very soon cause there were quite some walking we had in the Cowboy Town. Went all the way to Alor Gajah for nasi lemak, unfortunately we can’t find any. Hence while on the way back to A’Famosa, we stopped by this Malay eatery by the roadside to have a quickie. I had the nasi goreng paprik, because I haven’t had that for so long.

The nasi goreng paprik was quite oily, though it doesn’t taste all bad. But the rice has weird taste in it. My sister said the rice grain wasn’t washed clean enough, hence the weird taste in it. I thought it was due to the sauce used in frying the rice. The otak-otak wasn’t all bad, but it was probably the most spicy otak-otak I’ve ever had. 2 sticks and I was blowing my tongue already. Talks about POWER. The iced tea was acceptable. I was expecting something very watery.

Location: N2 26.289 E102 11.281

Fried Kuey Teow

... I missed the fried kuey teow last time, so I must try it this time.

Roasted Chicken Wings

... roasted chicken wings, the same stall that has roasted pigeons.

Rating: 4/10

The previous time I came here, I had roasted pigeon and fried balitong. Before I left, I could smell the good fragrance coming from the fried kuey teow stall. I told myself, I have to try the fried kuey teow the next time I come. Hence, today I straight away went for the fried kuey teow. Unfortunately, it doesnt’ taste as good as the aroma. Then EL asked me to order the roasted chicken wings. I went to order for 4 pieces, but they delivered only 3. The chicken wings weren’t as good as the roasted pigeons. Aside from the lacking of cinnamon (not that I was expecting any), the honey glaze wasn’t as much as on the pigeons and the meat was a bit darkened. Very unappetizing.

Location: N3 02.277 E101 37.094

Fried Balitong

... fried balitong, something I've never had for a very very long time.

Roasted Pigeon

... roasted pigeon, a rarity in local food courts.

Rating: 7/10

Went to nearby food court with EL after an XM session. He said there’s nice roasted pigeon there. So we went to try and we ordered both roasted pigeon and fried balitong. Roasted pigeon was nice, the outer layer was sweet, glazed in honey. The meat was salted and seasoned with cinnamon powder as well. The fried balitong was nice too, reminds me of my childhood.

Location: N3 02.277 E101 37.094