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... my brother bought these sushi donuts from Big Apple.

Rating: 4/10

It tasted good on the first bite and the rest spelling s.w.e.e.t!

... satay stall by the road side.

... chicken satay bathed with chilli sauce.

Rating: 6.5/10

While we were strolling along the area, we saw a satay stall by the roadside. HL and I decided to give it a try. For MOP5 each, the satay sure tasted quite good. But it also translated to around RM2.50 each stick, which is almost triple those that I have from Kajang. The satay was well marinated and the sweetness from the seasoning were seeped into the meat. Though the seasoning used was rather different from those from Malaysia. HL decided to have a 2nd round of it later on.

... finally, I got my hand on a Portuguese tart.

... tastes a lot better than those selling here. At least it's sweeter on the egg custard and the skin was crispy and layered like croissant.

Rating: 7/10

Today is the last day of the trip. We didn’t know what to have for lunch in Macau, hence we decided to go for souvenirs first. While we were at St Paul Street, there were many bakeries along the street. We went to try almost every types of almond cookies in those shops. I decided to hold back on consuming too much as I still needed to try the original Portuguese Tart in Macau, as those in Malaysia were really bad.

Unknown which shop to try, I simply decided to pick 1 from the most crowded one. It’s the Koi Kee tart. The taste was really good. Unlike what I had in Malaysia, the egg custard was actually sweet. Sweet enough that it’s just nice. The crust was flaking and crispy. Like a thousand layer croissant. I wished I could pack these home if only they remained fresh.

My conclusion was, one would never die of hunger being in Macau.

... we stopped by for some snacks, fishballs!

... pick your own sauces.

Rating: 4/10

Mong Kok was indeed an interesting place. We found fish balls shop along the way. Something which we often see in HK movies and how the local residents tend to soak them in various sauces. Finally, I have my chance of being like them, to eat fish balls by the roadsides.

I must say, the fish balls tasted really bad by itself. It was hardly a fish ball or more like something solid and tasteless. It wasn’t springy at all. Though the curry sauce taste really good. I should have brought along my own fish balls from Malaysia and then soak them in their curry sauce.

... the place we stopped for "stewed milk" (燉奶).

... coffee flavour stewed milk.

... original flavour stewed milk.

... chocolate flavour stewed milk.

Rating: 6.5/10

HK was known for their “stewed milk” (燉奶) as seen from their serial dramas. It’s the 1 of my must-eat item for this trip. Though DC never knew where we could find it. It was fortunate for me for bumping into the shop while walking through the busy streets of Mong Kok, which DC was busy hanky panky-ing with his gf.

The stewed milk was frozen so that they were in solid form. They were like tofu pudding with flavour, with its smooth and silky texture. The taste were quite good, for the original flavour. While the variations weren’t that nice. But I don’t think it’s something that I can have 2nd serving because of the gluttony feeling of being too milky.

Wrigley’s 5

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... at first when I saw this, I thought it was 003 rubber.

... until I noticed that it was made by Wrigley.

Rating: 7/10

While I was buying drink from Watson’s, due to the heavy dehydration, I saw this chewing gum boxes placed at the cashier counter. At first I thought it was condoms due to the box design and its rather vague message. Until I saw the brand “Wrigley’s” on the box. Then I made sure that it wasn’t some non-edible rubber before buying it.

First impression was, it was really sweet. But the sweet taste really lasted quite long. It was more minty (spell: spicy) than the rest of the Doublemint or Supermint gums I’ve had. It’s like double or triple of those, but in the same volume or size. It was pretty nice to chew, though the price was a bit steep for this box. There were about 15 pieces of it, and it cost me HKD8.50 each box. Anyway, having 1 piece of this is equivalent to having 2 to 3 capsules of those xylitol gums.

I wished it was available here as I really want to taste it again. Before I left HK, I wanted to grab all the flavours on the last morning. Unfortunately, the rush causes me to forget about it.

... a little background on the founder of the place.

... this UFO will vibrates and blinks when your order is ready to be served.

... Snowflakes bestseller comes with grass jelly and taro balls.

... after pouring in the creamer.

Rating: 7/10

This is my 5th time visiting this place, but only this time I brought along my camera. The first time I came was brought by AC. He recommended me the taro balls (yam flavoured glutinous rice ball). He likes the chewy texture of it. So far, I’ve tried the Snowflake Bestseller, Soya ice set and Taro ball set. Soya ice set comes with shaved ice made with soya bean, while Taro ball set was soaked in sugar syrup, very sweet.

Anyway, I preferred best seller because it has the combinations of the 3 sets, which is grass jelly, taro balls and soya bean based ice. Then it was simmered with grass jelly syrup, which has herbs flavour in it. I preferred the grass jelly syrup cause it’s not too sweet.

EDIT: AT said the best seller is not soya based ice. So I guess it’s only combination of 2 sets.