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... shop front of the place recommended by CTSW.

... non halal, oink.

... a view of the menu.

...100 Plus as drink.

... cover of menu.

... marinated pork ribs.

... CTSW ordered the Sloppy Joe. It comes with a special dipping sauce.

... not sure if original meatloaf is like this, but this was quite nice, but very filling.

Rating: 7/10

This is my first time here despite it’s quite near to where I stay. Aside from that, I didn’t even know this place existed. CTSW whom has been here before, wasn’t being much of a help on what to have. He ordered something light, the Sloppy Joe, while he did mentioned that the meatloaf was nice. When I saw the pork ribs on the menu, I can’t help but ordered it so we could try more stuff.

His Sloppy Joe was not bad. The sauce was like bolognaise sauce used in pasta. Dip the bun, fries into the sauce, or laden the bun with sauce and fries, then eat like a burger.

The meatloaf was indeed quite nice. Despite being only 2-little piece, they were quite tasty and soft. Somehow, the mashed potato was overkilling.

The marinated pork ribs was quite nice. A little sweetened and they fell off the bones easily.

The food here was quite nice, but we were dead full. The price was reasonable. All these cost less than RM70. A good alternative if one has had too much Friday’s or Chili’s.


... finally, I got my hand on a Portuguese tart.

... tastes a lot better than those selling here. At least it's sweeter on the egg custard and the skin was crispy and layered like croissant.

Rating: 7/10

Today is the last day of the trip. We didn’t know what to have for lunch in Macau, hence we decided to go for souvenirs first. While we were at St Paul Street, there were many bakeries along the street. We went to try almost every types of almond cookies in those shops. I decided to hold back on consuming too much as I still needed to try the original Portuguese Tart in Macau, as those in Malaysia were really bad.

Unknown which shop to try, I simply decided to pick 1 from the most crowded one. It’s the Koi Kee tart. The taste was really good. Unlike what I had in Malaysia, the egg custard was actually sweet. Sweet enough that it’s just nice. The crust was flaking and crispy. Like a thousand layer croissant. I wished I could pack these home if only they remained fresh.

My conclusion was, one would never die of hunger being in Macau.

Wrigley’s 5

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... at first when I saw this, I thought it was 003 rubber.

... until I noticed that it was made by Wrigley.

Rating: 7/10

While I was buying drink from Watson’s, due to the heavy dehydration, I saw this chewing gum boxes placed at the cashier counter. At first I thought it was condoms due to the box design and its rather vague message. Until I saw the brand “Wrigley’s” on the box. Then I made sure that it wasn’t some non-edible rubber before buying it.

First impression was, it was really sweet. But the sweet taste really lasted quite long. It was more minty (spell: spicy) than the rest of the Doublemint or Supermint gums I’ve had. It’s like double or triple of those, but in the same volume or size. It was pretty nice to chew, though the price was a bit steep for this box. There were about 15 pieces of it, and it cost me HKD8.50 each box. Anyway, having 1 piece of this is equivalent to having 2 to 3 capsules of those xylitol gums.

I wished it was available here as I really want to taste it again. Before I left HK, I wanted to grab all the flavours on the last morning. Unfortunately, the rush causes me to forget about it.

Went to DoReMi for dinner with AC. This time he finally has the chance to try the fried flat noodle at the siu chao stall.

... honey sweet potato and normal sweet potato.

... both has yellowish inside with the honey one more yellowish.

Rating: 6/10

Coincidently, the fried chestnut and sweet potato little lorry was stopping right in front of DoReMi. I decided to try the sweet potatoes as I usually don’t eat these snacks. Since there’s an extra mouth to help eat them, I went ahead and bought a normal sweet potato and a honey sweet potato.

AC seems to like them as the sweet potato wasn’t dry, as he mentioned. As for me, I haven’t had them for ages. Pretty nice as the skin wasn’t too difficult to peel. Though most of the meat was sticking to the skin. The honey one was easier to peel. But it was no as moisture as the normal one. Though this was a little more sweet than the normal sweet potato. At the same time, I find it too sweet. So I’d rather go with the sweet potato next time.

... fried flat noodle with beef.

Rating: 7.5/10

The first time I had this, it was amazing. The steam was billowing up to my face and it has very good aroma. The fried flat noodle wasn’t too dry as well. Despite being dry fried, it was very moisture and rather oily. But it was nice. Nicer than the too dry fried flat noodle from Taman Paramount. Together with the jalapeno, it reminds me of the fried flat noodle from my hometown, which I missed very much.

This is probably the best fried flat noodle in town. Will keep my options opened for something better if I ever encounter any, while AC said, “just enjoy the best that you’ve found and don’t bother about hunting…”

... a little background on the founder of the place.

... this UFO will vibrates and blinks when your order is ready to be served.

... Snowflakes bestseller comes with grass jelly and taro balls.

... after pouring in the creamer.

Rating: 7/10

This is my 5th time visiting this place, but only this time I brought along my camera. The first time I came was brought by AC. He recommended me the taro balls (yam flavoured glutinous rice ball). He likes the chewy texture of it. So far, I’ve tried the Snowflake Bestseller, Soya ice set and Taro ball set. Soya ice set comes with shaved ice made with soya bean, while Taro ball set was soaked in sugar syrup, very sweet.

Anyway, I preferred best seller because it has the combinations of the 3 sets, which is grass jelly, taro balls and soya bean based ice. Then it was simmered with grass jelly syrup, which has herbs flavour in it. I preferred the grass jelly syrup cause it’s not too sweet.

EDIT: AT said the best seller is not soya based ice. So I guess it’s only combination of 2 sets.

Fried Balitong

... fried balitong, something I've never had for a very very long time.

Roasted Pigeon

... roasted pigeon, a rarity in local food courts.

Rating: 7/10

Went to nearby food court with EL after an XM session. He said there’s nice roasted pigeon there. So we went to try and we ordered both roasted pigeon and fried balitong. Roasted pigeon was nice, the outer layer was sweet, glazed in honey. The meat was salted and seasoned with cinnamon powder as well. The fried balitong was nice too, reminds me of my childhood.

Location: N3 02.277 E101 37.094

Rushed to Seremban early this morning for some breakfast in the wet market. According to AT’s eating magazine, there were some nice food stalls there worth trying.

... gotta have a black coffee to boost my day, starting so early in the morning.

... gotta have a black coffee to boost my day, starting so early in the morning.

... this was 1 of the items introduced in the eating magazine, vermicelli with squids.

... this was 1 of the items introduced in the eating magazine, vermicelli with squids.

Rating: 6.5/10

This vermicelli was quite different from what I usually have. Instead of clear soup, I was served with a brownish soup, which was quite salty in its nature. Then there were some cuttlefish strips and best of all, those sliced porks. The vermicelli itself was not very well prepared. It has the smell of raw vermicelli, which I don’t like. The sliced porks were very nice marinated. I guess I could just eat that all day long. Should have been called the marinated pork vermicelli instead.

... the specialty of the stall was dried beef noodle, instead of the soup one though.

... the specialty of the stall was dried beef noodle, instead of the soup one though.

Rating: 0/10

AT went to order a bowl of beef noodle. She mistakenly ordered the soup noodle, instead of the dried one, which was recommended by the magazine. I had a few sips of the soup, which was very plain and watery, unlike any beef noodle’s soup I’ve had. I heard the noodle was home made too. I supposed that was to attracts more people to try it out with the notion that it was healthier? Anyway, I give it a zero because a bowl of beef noodle from Teppanyaki would’ve tasted much better. Perhaps it was her trick of leaving something behind, so we could have something to yearn for on our next visit.

... it contains pork in it and special concoction of gravy.

... it contains pork in it and special concoction of gravy.

Rating: 7/10

I was quite tempted by the rojak’s photos in the magazine. AT said it was just a few stalls away from the stall selling vermicelli. Despite feeling a little full already, I went ahead to try it out. How often would I be visiting the wet market so early in the morning, let alone the one in Seremban’s? I was glad I did went ahead and be a glutton. This rojak (pasembur) was unlike any of those that I find in KV. It was served with pork (not the meat) in it and has five-spice powder in it, which made the gravy so special. Though it was quite spicy by comparison. Something worth a second try or takeaway.

... after those, we went around the stalls to go for Tow Kee's Hakka Mee.

... after those, we went around the stalls to go for Tow Kee's Hakka Mee.

Rating: 4/10

I’m not a big fan of Hakka Mee, but since it was highly recommended, we went ahead and gave it a try. Initial impression was, it was very salty. I felt a slight tingling on my tongue. I was guessing it was due to the used of alkaline in the preparation of the noodle or it has way too much salty. Somehow EL and AT can’t feel that, but they loved the soup on the beef noodle though. My comment for this noodle? It was nothing extraordinary as I could get similar stuff in Glenmarie.

That’s about wrap it up for our breakfast in Seremban. A day which I woke up so early and I still can’t believe it myself.

PS: will update the stall numbers when I got them from EL or AT.

Location: N2 43.840 E101 56.200