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... arrived at dinner place, finally.

... forgotten what fish we had. I was busy with my new phone.

... curry wild boar meat. I was still busy with my new phone.

... recommended pork cutlets with yam (胡桃扣肉). I was too busy with my new phone.

... some vege with plenty of leftovers. I wasn't really that busy with my new phone, but the vege was not nice at all.

... mushrooms with fishballs. Tasted not bad actually, especially the sauce. Finally not busy with phone, cause ...

Rating: 4/10

… my phone ran out of battery. 😛

Another secret was … (more…)


... my brother bought these sushi donuts from Big Apple.

Rating: 4/10

It tasted good on the first bite and the rest spelling s.w.e.e.t!

... fish head soup with vermicelli.

... look at the size of the bowl compared to the saucer of condiment.

... there were more bones than meat.

Rating: 4/10

PG’s cravings for fish noodle still remains, hence today he suggested to try the one in Salak South. The size of the noodle was huge, and first impression was that there were plenty of fish pieces on the bowl. Though the taste was mediocre, unfortunately the fish meat has quite heavy muddy taste. Aside from that, there were way too many bones in it.

... this fruits rojak was quite delicious. A rarity in Klang Valley.

Rating: 6.5/10

Fortunately, our dessert was quite good. I’ve never had such good tasting fruits rojak for a while, especially in KV area. The paste was not as thick as usual, but it has the kind of deep taste which can’t be found from most fruits rojak. I would want to have this again, but unfortunately it’s just too far from my place.

... steamed nuts, not as sweet and juicy as Tai Thong's nuts.

... sweet and sour fish fillet rice.

... Kung Pao Chicken Rice.

... the bill. Seems like the steamed nuts were free of charge.

Rating: 4/10

First time patronising this restaurant. Our set cost us only RM9/pax. Apparently, the steamed peanuts were complimentary. The taste were mediocre, but for such cheap price, you have a plate of rice with 2 types of vegetables and 1 meat as main course. Then you have a choice of hot or cold Chinese tea, bottomless. It’s really no complain if you are looking for a budget meal.

The sweet & sour sauce on fish fillet was acceptable, but the fish fillet was rather foul. I guess the fish was not as fresh as it could be. As for the Kung Pow chicken, it was nothing Kung Pow at all. Avoid the Kung Pow chicken set at all cost.

In the end, you’ll end up with a rather farty lunch.

... char cheong noodle.

... fish slice noodle soup.

... dumplings.

Rating: 4/10

First time having lunch here. Last time I came here was having breakfast and I tried the various flavours of the dumplings there. Today, I had something more filling. I ordered the char cheong noodle, which looks delicious, yet it wasn’t. The fish slice noodle was not bad though. Dumplings were nothing to shout about.

A place I’ll reserve when I ran out of stuff to eat and in desperate moment.

Location: N3 04.872 E101 33.605 (est)

... we stopped by for some snacks, fishballs!

... pick your own sauces.

Rating: 4/10

Mong Kok was indeed an interesting place. We found fish balls shop along the way. Something which we often see in HK movies and how the local residents tend to soak them in various sauces. Finally, I have my chance of being like them, to eat fish balls by the roadsides.

I must say, the fish balls tasted really bad by itself. It was hardly a fish ball or more like something solid and tasteless. It wasn’t springy at all. Though the curry sauce taste really good. I should have brought along my own fish balls from Malaysia and then soak them in their curry sauce.

... shared this roasted pork with BBQ sausage rice with HL. DC said the portion was very big and I was saving my stomach for HK's egg tart from day 1 of the trip.

Rating: 4/10

We stopped by here for a quick bite after leaving our bags at the inn. DC said the portion was big, hence I had to share it with HL. What I had in mind was that we were gonna eat all the way throughout HK, so it’s wise not to stuff ourselves and leave space for many other goodies we are about to meet. I was calling out for egg tarts the whole time while queuing up for the food.

The BBQ pork was so so and the sausage was a tad weird. Probably because I rarely have pork sausages. Fortunately it was laden with enough sauce, else the rice would be rather dry. Little did I know, this meal turns out to be the heaviest tasting meals I was gonna have throughout the whole trip in HK.