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... satay stall by the road side.

... chicken satay bathed with chilli sauce.

Rating: 6.5/10

While we were strolling along the area, we saw a satay stall by the roadside. HL and I decided to give it a try. For MOP5 each, the satay sure tasted quite good. But it also translated to around RM2.50 each stick, which is almost triple those that I have from Kajang. The satay was well marinated and the sweetness from the seasoning were seeped into the meat. Though the seasoning used was rather different from those from Malaysia. HL decided to have a 2nd round of it later on.


... asam laksa with sweet tasting soup.

Rating: 3/10

The only asam laksa soup that would taste sweet was when I had too much of prawn paste mixed into it. This, even when the prawn paste was still on the spoon, already tasted sweet. Which is a bit scary if you ask me. Probably the worst asam laksa I’ve had so far.

... the mocha came with butter shortbread, which tasted quite good.

... had a set of chicken with 2 sidelines. Changed the chicken to ayam percik instead, as recommended by ALGJ.

Rating: 6/10

The mocha was disappointing but the butter shortbread that was given was quite good. Quite nice when you dip it into the lousy mocha. But after you’ve finished the cookie, you have to find ways to finish the drink instead. Mine was effortless, cause TSL was being naughty, hence she has to finish up the drink instead of me. lol

I guess the food here wasn’t all that bad, though I’m not big fan of Ayamas. The chicken was tender and not too hard. Nicely marinated as the meat was salty as well. Despite that, my ayam percik thigh seems a lot a lot drier than ALGJ’s ayam percik’s breast meat. What’s with the QC in this place? At only RM8.90 with 2 side lines of coleslaw and fries, I guess I can’t complain so much as Nando’s almost double this price.

... grass jelly that came with the set.

... the soup contains glass noodle (冬粉).

... frankly speaking, I was in a dilemma to rate this nasi lemak.

Rating: 5.5/10

At first, we were heading to Bamboo Cafe. Before we reach our destination, there were many newly opened eateries in the area. So we stopped by 1 of them. Ria Cafe was similar to most kopitiam from the outside. I guess the menu was quite the same as well, where you can get your coffee and toasts. PCL had the Penang Fried Kuey Teow set, which I had my eyes on. Hence I went with the nasi lemak set instead. Our sets cost us RM10 each, which came with a drink, a soup, main course and dessert (fruits).

The nasi lemak, the rice was yellowish. Reminds me of Hainanese chicken rice. Not quite lemak as I expect. Somehow, the sambal was quite nice. The anchovies were fried till crispy. Probably 1 of the most crispy one I’ve had. PCL can’t stop picking on them, discretely, yet quite obvious. Though I didn’t finish up all the anchovies, as nasi lemak always remind me of my strict diet. Something which I’ve failed to observe over the time…

Location: N3 06.657 E101 34.990

... iced tea.

... found some leftover otak-otak, which is red in colour as opposed to orange-ish coloured otak-otak from Muar.

... nasi goreng paprik.

... my sister's Tom Yam noodle.

Rating: 3.5/10

After our dinner, we got hungry very soon cause there were quite some walking we had in the Cowboy Town. Went all the way to Alor Gajah for nasi lemak, unfortunately we can’t find any. Hence while on the way back to A’Famosa, we stopped by this Malay eatery by the roadside to have a quickie. I had the nasi goreng paprik, because I haven’t had that for so long.

The nasi goreng paprik was quite oily, though it doesn’t taste all bad. But the rice has weird taste in it. My sister said the rice grain wasn’t washed clean enough, hence the weird taste in it. I thought it was due to the sauce used in frying the rice. The otak-otak wasn’t all bad, but it was probably the most spicy otak-otak I’ve ever had. 2 sticks and I was blowing my tongue already. Talks about POWER. The iced tea was acceptable. I was expecting something very watery.

Location: N2 26.289 E102 11.281

... Kuma wanted to try the vegetarian steamed glutinous rice.

... Kuma also wanted to try the nasi lemak with ayam rendang.

... ALGJ ordered the curry laksa.

... tea and coffee mixed.

Rating: 6/10

It’s my first time trying the vegetarian steamed glutinous rice. It looks unappetizing and the rice was too soft and sticky. The only ingredient in it other than the glutinous rice was the vegetarian BBQ pork. Kuma was complaining about the lacking of chicken meat. The curry laksa was acceptable, but not the best I’ve had. Today’s cham peng was quite nice with nice creamy foam.

Location: N3 02.879 E101 35.055

Asam Laksa

... asam laksa in yellow noodle. My favourite choice.

Kari Laksa

... DL's seafood kari laksa.

Rating: 5/10

Unlike the asam laksa I had the previous time, the soup in my asam laksa today was very salty today. The taste was not bad, especially I had mine in yellow noodle. DL commented that his seafood kari laksa was very well worth it, because there were 5 prawns in it, for only RM12.90.

Location: N3 09.424 E101 36.590