About Food-Ho

I’m a food lover. I don’t guarantee that all the food that I’ve eaten and published would be the best nor do they suit your taste, but they were just what I have had, be it good or bad, they already went down into my digestion systems. Things might get repetitious and nauseous here. Please, prepare your pills. Do NOT vomit onto my blog.

Check the ratings though, they might serve as a little reference, if not none at all.

Born Appetite!

Getting started:
The oldest food post in this blog.

  1. janice says:

    hey hey…
    mr food ho…
    i dunno u will ‘betrayed’ me la…lolx
    y post me on yr comment….
    i will improved myself to serving better..!
    :p tata…take care aaa…. by janice

    • hor says:

      hi…Janice…u are really pretty.
      I saw u in Senjyu around 2008 August..
      Now i also cant forget ur smiling face and good service provided..
      I go back Senjyu at 2009 but u already not there..
      what a disappointed!!!!!

    • senjyujanice says:

      hi..janice..u are really pretty
      I saw u in senjyu August 2008, cant forget ur charming smile and good service provided.
      Unfortunately,u already not there when i came to senjyu in 2009.
      Hope all ur things going smooth…. by janice’s fan

  2. W says:

    Haha, sorry about that. I should have taken your photo and post it up, then Senjyu won’t be so quiet anymore. 😀

  3. janice says:

    if you wan me fire by my boss soon….
    den take ba…. ;(

  4. W says:

    Why would your boss wanna fire you? He/she should be happier. More patrons ma. 🙂

  5. janice says:

    long time no see.. u remember me ya??

  6. W says:

    Hi Janice,

    It’s good to hear from you again. 🙂

  7. sainam says:

    How would W forget about you, Janice? Your service sooo good!

  8. janice says:

    im nt wrking there lorrr… 😦

  9. W says:

    Meaning that I won’t be seeing you anymore on my next visit to Senjyu then? 😦

    Hope you have a smooth undertakings in your new job. 🙂

  10. janice says:


  11. janice says:

    where ya nw…? hw ya recently..

  12. W says:

    Me? I’m still around. 🙂

    Been very busy with work to update the blog though. 😦

  13. janice says:

    where ya working nw..?

    W: I don’t think I’d want to reveal that on my blog. Sorry. 🙂

  14. janice says:

    den u add me in ur msn ba,,
    so i can chat with you at there!

    W: Done! Hope to see you soon. 🙂

  15. janice says:

    hey.. one thing need ur help……

  16. edihcy says:

    mr food-ho,why u not updated ur blog anymore????

  17. Because he got gout !

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