... store front of the cafe.

... Kuma's mango juice.

... I ordered a cappuccino.

... sugar water cup which looks like a golf ball.

... ALGJ ordered a chicken chop.

... a basket of fried chicken wings.

... I ordered a Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti.

... Kuma's Carbonara Spaghetti.

Rating: 6.5/10

I was told that the spaghetti here was nice, especially aglio olio. This time I finally remember to come here to give it a try. Brought a long Kuma, ALGJ and TSL. The pasta variety was quite different from other place. Firstly, choose your type of flavour, such as bolognaise, carbonara, aglio olio and etc. Then choose the fillings, such as vegetarian, beef, seafood, salmon and etc.

I wasn’t quite interested on the salmon, cause it’s the most expensive. Kuma ordered the beef carbonara hence I picked the seafood aglio olio. It tasted like most aglio olio, with dried chilis in it. Though the seafood was quite fresh. It cost around RM23 per plate, which was quite reasonable. Though I still prefer the aglio olio taste of Italiannies’. Kuma had a little complain though, as she preferred the carbonara spaghetti from Asia Cafe instead.

ALGJ ordered chicken chop, though that was like the n-th plate of chicken chop she had for the week. The taste was not bad, a lot better than most chicken chops in town. Our basket of chicken wings was mediocre though. And my cappuccino came with a cup of sugar which looks like a golf ball.


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