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... found this shop on the net before I came for dinner.

... 3 items, cost me HKD51.

... Coke with lemon slices, as recommended by ALGJ.

... I've got no idea why I went for the peanut butter toast instead of the polo bun.

... HK is famous for its 干炒牛河 (stir fried flat noodle). See if it's as good as the one I usually have.

... this soup was complimentary.

... the soup was excellent despite being free. The best item during my meal. Ditch the rest!

Rating: 6/10

I found this shop online while pondering what to have for dinner. It was just nearby where I stay hence I decided to just walk over. It was about 500 metres away from my hostel. Unfortunately, the menu was in Chinese, and only Chinese. I was having hard time identifying the items. Fortunately, my shallow knowledge still manages to identify the fried flat noodle. Fried flat noodle was like a superstar in HK dramas and movies, because it’s a common food for the locals here. Hence I always have the impression that it must be very nice, definitely nicer than my country’s local version of fried flat noodle.

When it was served, the aroma was really good. Despite the lacked of taste (healthier HK lifestyle perhaps?), it was still considered good. Though I preferred the one from DoReMi more, which is far more sweeter and saltier. The aroma was comparable too. The toast was nothing to shout about. As for the Coke with lemon, which was highly recommended by ALGJ, it was seriously no difference from those I get in Malaysia. Big boohoo to ALGJ for bluffing.

Despite the mediocre food, fortunate enough the soup was superb. It’s the best stuff served to me on this very evening. The best part was, it’s FREE! The taste was just right, mildly sweetened too. Seeing that most food seems healthier in HK, I believe the flavours from the soup was genuinely boiled from the meat, instead of the magic of Ajinomoto.

4 thumbs up for the soup. If only I have the 5th thumb.


... finally, a Mos Burger outlet located inside a mall in Mong Kok.

... I was recommended the Octopus Burger, 1st item on the menu.

... the first MOS Burger I had was back in Singapore and it was unagi with rice. But that was very small. Fortunately, this was bigger than KFC's Colonel Burger

Rating: 6.5/10

HL was complaining that he hasn’t seen any MOS Burger in HK no our 3rd day here. While I was strolling alone in the busy street of Mong Kok, they all went ahead to somewhere else. When it was over lunch time, I decided to take a break in the nearby shopping mall, while chilling myself and dry my sweat with the aircond there. Unsure of what to have for lunch, suddenly I stumbled upon MOS Burger hidden in the mall a few floors above ground. Without hesitation, I went ahead to have my lunch there.

The menu was different from what I saw on my last visit to MOS Burger in Singapore. I guess there were probably new items being introduced. I wasn’t sure what I should pick, hence I asked for recommendations. The waitress at the counter recommended the 1st item on the menu, which was an octopus burger. Hence I went on ahead with it.

Despite being made into a patty, it still contains actual octopus flavour in it. I guess the patty was made purely from octopus meat, except for the outer layer which was mildly fried. The taste was pretty good and the size of the burger was bigger than what I expected. As my first MOS Burger was the unagi burger with rice, and the size was really tiny.

It was a worthwhile experience after all.

... my breakfast in McDonald's.

... pork patty in soup pasta.

Rating: 2/10

Pork patty was something new to me as this is the first time I tasted pork patty from McDonald’s. The patty was mildy peppered, though it has slightly pork smell in it, which was the kind of smell that I don’t like. The patty was served in a bowl full of pasta with soup.

My advice, NEVER EVER try this. It sucks!

... BBQ Bacon Burger which wasn't available in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the bacon was beef, not pork. Which made this place a halal fast-food restaurant.

... the inside of the burger, which has overflown BBQ sauce. Only 3 thin strips of bacon given.

Rating: 6.5/10

After our trip to Lantau Island, we went on straight to hill top via tram. There we visited Madame Tussauds’ wax museum. After that, we went to BK for dinner. Seeing that it’s in HK, we were so sure that the menu would be different from ours. The only thing was, we were all hoping there was at least 1 pork item on the menu. Unfortunately, it turns out to be pork free.

Anyway, I had the BBQ Bacon Burger, to deceived myself that I was actually having pork bacon. The BBQ sauce were too much, while the bacon were only few strips. I could barely taste the bacon in it. The meat patty tasted pretty much the same as usual BK’s burger. I order just an ala carte burger and it wasn’t cheap.

... stopped by for a dessert after much walking in the mall.

... LGJ got these for us.

... HL bought these for us.

... I got HL to buy me the mango pomelo dessert.

... this fried oysters was so damn small. From the photo, it seems quite big. Photos can be deceiving or they actually shrank the size of it.

... BBQ pork and roasted goose rice.

Rating: 6/10

Some of the jellies were nice, though others were a little weird. Somehow, I’ve never seen similar stuff over here. The one with red beans were a nice touch as I like red beans. But their red beans were quite tasteless. Only if they were a little sweetened. My mango pomelo dessert were nice, with heavy enough mango flavour in it, despite the bitter taste of the pomelo.

The rice however, wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. I’d thought that every roasted rice would be nice in HK, being the last of roasters. I didn’t opt for the roasted pork because EL ordered roasted pork and I managed to try a piece. As for the roasted goose, it was a nice touch because it’s really difficult to find roasted goose in where I’m from. They don’t serve roasted chicken as well, which I believe that’s a delicacy by the Hailamese.

... a typical eatery store by the roadside in Hong Kong.

... give it another chance, try the HK milk tea again.

... Nissin noodle with luncheon meat and sunny side up egg.

Rating: 5/10

Went to the back alley for a quickie breakfast before we go to Lantau Island. I ordered the milk tea to see if the taste would be more suitable for me. The taste was still the same, pretty consistent compared to the previous milk tea I had. The noodle was nissin noodle, very much like our instant noodle. This breakfast was a heavier flavoured meal I had in HK.