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... beef rice.

Rating: 5.5/10

DC said the Yoshinoya’s beef noodle was excellent here. Unfortunately, we ended up with only beef rice because it was already late and rice was all that’s left for us to eat. Anyway, it wasn’t all that bad. At least the bowl of rice was steaming hot. The beef was nicely cooked with little hint of beef smell and they are definitely not sinewy. Although the looks of it seem unappetizing.

I ended up with a very full stomach and it was already late. But we have plan of going for drinks. So I guess better go full stomached rather than empty and get drunk easily. Hope the alcohol wouldn’t affect much on my preservations of strict diet (though I’ve forgotten that I should practise this already, long ago.)

... 1 basket of siu loong paos for each of us except DC.

... DC said the siu loong pao served here was the best in whole HK.

Rating: 5/10

Yes, this place probably does serve the best siu loong pao in the while HK, as per what DC said. But he also failed to mention that Dragon-i’s used to serves the same tasting siu loong pao as well. And there I was expecting it to be better than Dragon-i, having paid a hefty price compared to our local version of siu loong pao. I guess one has to really go to Shanghai, China to really try out the genuinely good stuff.

... Mr. Brown's Arabica coffee.

Rating: 5.5/10

The walking was taking a toll on me, better stop by for a drink. Grabbed this bottle of mocha, which seemed the most convincing to me on the shelf of 7-11. Tasted pretty ok. Mildy sweetened and not bitter at all. HL said it was the must have in HK/Taiwan. I guess it’s because we don’t get it here in Malaysia. What we have were just Pokai (Pokka) coffee.

... DC gave us 2 options, Tsim Chui Kee or the shop beside. I wanted to try their 細蓉 (small) wanton noodle, hence we went to this.

... the so-called 細蓉 wanton noodle.

Rating: 5/10

Our first proper lunch was in Tsim Chui Kee. Though I’ve got no idea where it was located. I had the wanton noodle soup there as I wanted to try 細蓉 and snap some photos for KUMA to see. Unfortunately, their so-called 細蓉 was small sized wanton noodle, rather than what I watched on TVB HK’s serial drama, where the preparations method was rather unique.

Anyway, the taste was rather bland. Soup was light in taste. Hence I was walloping the condiments like made. Turning my wanton noodle into spicy wanton noodle, ala spicy panmee style. Somehow or rather, the condiment was very salty. The wanton has really big and crispy prawns in it, which was quite nice. The noodle was out of this world. I’ve never had such nice and crispy wanton noodles ever back in Malaysia. It’s a must have in HK, the wanton noodle. Just like Estabelecimento De Comidas Cheong Kei in Macau, probably the way they prepared the noodle was with huge ass bamboo stick.

Wrigley’s 5

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... at first when I saw this, I thought it was 003 rubber.

... until I noticed that it was made by Wrigley.

Rating: 7/10

While I was buying drink from Watson’s, due to the heavy dehydration, I saw this chewing gum boxes placed at the cashier counter. At first I thought it was condoms due to the box design and its rather vague message. Until I saw the brand “Wrigley’s” on the box. Then I made sure that it wasn’t some non-edible rubber before buying it.

First impression was, it was really sweet. But the sweet taste really lasted quite long. It was more minty (spell: spicy) than the rest of the Doublemint or Supermint gums I’ve had. It’s like double or triple of those, but in the same volume or size. It was pretty nice to chew, though the price was a bit steep for this box. There were about 15 pieces of it, and it cost me HKD8.50 each box. Anyway, having 1 piece of this is equivalent to having 2 to 3 capsules of those xylitol gums.

I wished it was available here as I really want to taste it again. Before I left HK, I wanted to grab all the flavours on the last morning. Unfortunately, the rush causes me to forget about it.

... shared this roasted pork with BBQ sausage rice with HL. DC said the portion was very big and I was saving my stomach for HK's egg tart from day 1 of the trip.

Rating: 4/10

We stopped by here for a quick bite after leaving our bags at the inn. DC said the portion was big, hence I had to share it with HL. What I had in mind was that we were gonna eat all the way throughout HK, so it’s wise not to stuff ourselves and leave space for many other goodies we are about to meet. I was calling out for egg tarts the whole time while queuing up for the food.

The BBQ pork was so so and the sausage was a tad weird. Probably because I rarely have pork sausages. Fortunately it was laden with enough sauce, else the rice would be rather dry. Little did I know, this meal turns out to be the heaviest tasting meals I was gonna have throughout the whole trip in HK.

We were leaving Macau very early in the morning to take the 1st ferry ride to Hong Kong. Hence we don’t have any time to hunt for breakfast around the area where we stay. It was until after we’ve secured our ferry tickets, we went to look for food. There was a food court which was already in business early in the morning. We were left with around 10mins before the ferry depart. No time for anything luxurious, so we got a pork bun each. Seeing that pork bun was something recommended by AC as a must have in Macau, I went on ahead with the suggestion.

... finally, the infamous pork bun I heard from everyone. Or maybe just one fella.

... profile view of it.

... cross-section of the pork bun.

Rating: 6/10

I started ripping it apart when we were on the ferry. 1st bite was onto the crispy and crunchy bun. I was amazed at how crunchy it was as I was only expecting soft bun like normal burger. Then the pork patty was quite nice, with heavy garlic fragrance. It help dispels the stinking smell from the pork and it has a tad of crispiness on it. Overall, the whole pork bun experience was really good, but it left me with stinking after taste, thanks to the enormous amount of garlic used.

The bun cost me MOP17, which was about RM8 over here. Some serious bun it was.