Federal Restaurant, Hong Kong

Posted: 2010-02-28 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Breakfast, Chinese, Eat, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian
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... arrived at our breakfast place, Federal Restaurant.

... yam ball with stuffing.

... I think these were siew mai.

... these fried saucer has a prawn in each of them.

... no idea what were these called, but there were variety of stuff in it.

... peach lookalike buns. It has lotus paste in it.

... finally, genuine HK's chee cheong fun. The sauce used was nicely matched with the food.

... extra prawn dumplings for us.

Rating: 5.5/10

As per our request to our tour guide, DC. Dim sum breakfast in HK is a must. Hence the 2nd day in HK, DC brought us to this chain restaurant, which he deemed as possibly the best dim sum in town, or city. Upon looking at the menu, I had the most puzzled face ever in human history. Aside from the chicken-intestines, the names of the dishes were in at least 4 – 5 letters words. Much like Chinese poetry. Even the Chinese educated guys like DC and EL have got no idea on what are those stuff. While LGJ was sitting quietly waiting for food to be served. Though this meal not gonna be free food is good food for him. Perhaps Taiwanese don’t read Hongkie’s Chinese?

Anyway, the food here weren’t that bad. But they aren’t spectacular either. Quite similar to most dim sum restaurant I can find in Malaysia, except maybe the meat used here were freshier while those in Malaysia’s lacked of consistency. The prawns, like earlier when we had wanton noodles, were still as equally crispy. I tried not to use the condiments as to fully savour the taste of the dim sum. Somehow, they still tasted rather bland for me. I guess I’ve been pampered with condiments my whole life. Wished I was bringing a bottle of Peri-Peri sauce with me that day.


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