Pork Bun, Macau

Posted: 2010-02-27 by W in 6.0 - 6.9, Breakfast, Chinese, Eat, Homemade, Maiden Experience, Non-vegetarian
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We were leaving Macau very early in the morning to take the 1st ferry ride to Hong Kong. Hence we don’t have any time to hunt for breakfast around the area where we stay. It was until after we’ve secured our ferry tickets, we went to look for food. There was a food court which was already in business early in the morning. We were left with around 10mins before the ferry depart. No time for anything luxurious, so we got a pork bun each. Seeing that pork bun was something recommended by AC as a must have in Macau, I went on ahead with the suggestion.

... finally, the infamous pork bun I heard from everyone. Or maybe just one fella.

... profile view of it.

... cross-section of the pork bun.

Rating: 6/10

I started ripping it apart when we were on the ferry. 1st bite was onto the crispy and crunchy bun. I was amazed at how crunchy it was as I was only expecting soft bun like normal burger. Then the pork patty was quite nice, with heavy garlic fragrance. It help dispels the stinking smell from the pork and it has a tad of crispiness on it. Overall, the whole pork bun experience was really good, but it left me with stinking after taste, thanks to the enormous amount of garlic used.

The bun cost me MOP17, which was about RM8 over here. Some serious bun it was.

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