Chili’s Bar & Grill, 1 Utama New Wing

Posted: 2010-02-02 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Drink, Eat, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Pork Free, Western
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Today EL asked for shopping so that he could buy his CNY clothes. By the time we reach 1Utama, it was already lunch time. While we were unable to decide on what to eat, I suggested Chili’s on a whim. Manatau, EL never had Chili’s before, thus we went on ahead.

Since it was EL’s first time, I suggested to him to try their lamb grill, which was really good. He was eyeing on the ribeye steak instead. But the price for it probably put him off. Besides, I wasn’t hungry at the moment as I had breakfast earlier. So I told him let’s order a main course and something else lighter. Hence the Cajun Club Sandwich came into view.

... I was surprised to find Esprit drinks on the menu. Unfortunately they don't have Passion Fruit. Though it cost less than RM8 excl tax and service charge.

... seeing that we were sharing the main course, I suggested that we order a Cajun Club Sandwich as well.

... the grilled lamb seemed more like a quarter done than half.


Rating: 5.5/10

Our medium rare grilled lamb was rather raw. Though the outside was cooked, but big portion of the meat slab was raw right in the centre. Perhaps I should have opted for 3-quarter done. Somehow, I do recall my medium rare lamb shoulder was perfect. Anyway, despite being raw on the inside, the lamb was quite tasty. Thought it wasn’t as juicy as a ribeye. At the same time, it was quite sinewy. The menu stated that it would be served with black pepper gravy. Somehow, I don’t see any gravy on the plate. Anyway, we can’t finish the slab of meat, which was quite big. Perhaps I should just stick to lamb shoulder next time. The mash potato was excellent. DC gonna love it!

Our sandwich was acceptable. The cheese wasn’t the kind of cheddar slice cheese that you can get from supermarket. It was shaved from a big chunk of cheese slab. The fries were damn nice. Probably the best fries I’ve had in the year.

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