Chinese Muslim @ Cili Padi Food Court, Carrefour Subang Jaya

Posted: 2010-01-26 by W in 4.0 - 4.9, Chinese, Dinner, Eat, Halal, Maiden Experience, Non-vegetarian
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The first time I tried this food was at the shop itself in USJ9. It was (highly) recommended by EL and AT. Instead of having beef noodle, I had the mutton soup noodle instead. EL recommend me to try the Xin Jiang’s style noodle, but it was cost RM10. I was reluctant at first. Later I found out that there were outlets in many other places, one of them being in Carrefour Subang Jaya.

Hence I recommended this to Kuma tonight, after our little shopping spree in Carrefour.

... Xin Jiang's style beef noodle. Soaked in gravy.

... Kuma's beef noodle soup.

Rating: 4.5/10

The gravy has a layer of oil on it, which sorta killed my appetite. I was reluctant on the taste of the gravy at first. Somehow, I find that it tasted like paprik’s gravy, except for the colour of it. The noodle was handmade, it has no hint of alkaline in it. Though I preferred the noodle from the shop, which was not as soft as the one here. The beef cutlets were very sinewy. I expected them to be much better. Along the way of eating, Kuma was complaining that her soup was very oily.

Perhaps I’ll give Xin Jiang’s style noodle another try at the shop. It might have been done much better.

PS: The whole food court was smelling rather foul. It was 1 of the reasons my appetite was killed.

  1. AT says:

    How come the Xin Jiang’s style beef noodle’s gravy like a flood???
    I tried at their Shah Alam tesco stall not like this 1 .

    • W says:

      Next time we go try at the shop 1 lor, pay extra. 😀

      I also find it weird cause you told me it’s “dried” type, but mine so flooded. Haha.

  2. EL says:

    The Xin Jiang’s noodle is not as “flood” as this la
    AT tried last time @ USJ9 one not like this ler…
    maybe not the “boss” who cooked
    those Malay worker do not have the “kung fu” yet, although they are all muslim… those chinese muslim from china really got “kung fu” one…

  3. AT says:

    Organise the 收工宴 this week or next week there, so we can try a lots of their special 😀

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