Pizza Uno, Taipan Triangle

Posted: 2009-12-31 by W in 6.0 - 6.9, Dinner, Drink, Eat, GPS, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Pork Free, Western
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... raspberry & cranberry sparkling fruit juice.

... aglio olio spaghetti with grilled prawns.

... organic chicken which cost RM78 and it wasn't even a turkey!

... the stuffing made with potato, shredded, which tasted like rice.

... pizza with hams and smoked chicken slices.

Rating: 6/10

EL invited me over for the final dinner in 2009. I suggested Bumbu Bali at first then he said he would rather have Uno Pizza instead. Hence we met in Uno Pizza for dinner immediately. The menu was streamlined because the ala carte menu was not available for festive seasons.

The sparkling juice I had cost RM9. I saw there was passion fruit juice, which is not sparkling. Unfortunately, they don’t have the sparkling one like Esprit. The aglio olio spaghetti was acceptable with mild spiciness. But it was a tad too oily to my liking. The grilled prawns was nice though, though the prawn could’ve been fresher. There were 3 huge prawns just right for the 3 of us. It cost RM30 and I guess each prawn cost close to RM10 each? lol

The organic chicken was overrated. Though it was nice, least of fat but it cost RM78, which is rather too much. It comes with a sauce. The sauce was so nice that it made the chicken nice too. If not for the sauce, I guess the chicken would just be rather normal. The stuffing were rather special though as it tasted like rice.

Finally we had a pizza as EL was saying the more he ate, the hungrier he got. We ordered the Tropicana pizza which has pineapples cutlets which were rather sweet, ham and smoked chicken. The pizza was ok, but not that nice though.

Location: N3 03.009 E101 35.046 (est)


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